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KALAMAZOO / PORTAGE | Development Thread

This thread is for all general development in the Kalamazoo-Portage-Battle Creek areas. The project rundowns will be updated soon!

Image: Downtown Kalamazoo, as viewed from Arcadia Creek Festival Place
Image Source: Wikipedia

Brief Background:

Kalamazoo is a unique city in Southwest Michigan. It is situated equidistant between Chicago and Detroit (less than 150 miles from each). The city holds its own as a hub for arts, culture, industry, and education, not to mention the many breweries and dining establishments frequented by locals and visitors. Likely the most famous of these is Bell’s Brewery and Eccentric Café. Kalamazoo is characterized by more than 20 distinct neighborhoods, many with active neighborhood associations. The city is remarkably diverse for a place of its size. It was settled around 1829 by westward-migrating white settlers. It was later incorporated as a village in 1843, and it eventually became a city in 1884. Before white settlement, the land was home to the Potawatomi Nation. Prior to that, Natives of the Hopewell civilization called the land home.

Image: Kalamazoo Satellite View
Image Source: Google Maps (April 01, 2017)

Image: Kalamazoo Neighborhoods Map
Image Source:Wikipedia


As of the 2016 census numbers, the City of Kalamazoo has a population of around 76,000, and it is the largest city in Southwest Michigan. When combined with the neighboring city of Portage located immediately to its south, which has a population of about 48,500, the Kalamazoo-Portage Metropolitan Statistical Area anchors a population of about 335,000 persons. Add to this the population center of nearby Battle Creek, and the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek-Portage CSA ranks / ties for third in the state of Michigan, coming in at around 524,000 (source: Wikipedia). Both Kalamazoo and Portage are growing slowly but steadily, and every municipality in the county experienced growth on some level between 2010 and 2016:


The area has a strong manufacturing history. Some historic industries included paper, stoves, automobiles, musical instruments, cigars, fishing gear (Shakespeare), and celery. Kalamazoo is where Gibson Guitars was founded, and it is where the Checker Cab was manufactured by Checker Motors Company. Today, the Kalamazoo-Portage area manufacturing scene has evolved to more high-tech and healthcare-related specialties, and it is also still host to a lot of plant nurseries and greenhouses. It is home to Fortune 500 company Stryker Corporation, a medical technologies leader. Other prominent businesses invested in the area include:

• Fabri-Kal (thermoformed packaging)
• Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet designs (outdoor kitchen equipment)
• Parker Hannifin (hydraulic components)
• Pfizer Corporation (ranks among the world’s largest Pharmaceutical businesses)
• Zoetis (world's largest producer of animal medicines)
• Eaton Corporation (Power Management / Distribution)
• Bell’s Brewery (Beer Brewing / Distribution)

Image: Gibson Inc. Interior, 1936
Image Source: KPL

Arts / Culture:

There are not many cities the size of Kalamazoo that can boast such a diversity of culture. The area has many museums, performance venues, organizations, and events dedicated to the arts. Perhaps most well-known is the Gilmore International Keyboard Festival, hosted in the city each year by the Irving S. Gilmore Foundation. This weeks-long event attracts talent and visitors from around the world. The Kalamazoo Civic Theater has been active as a community theater ensemble since 1929. Also not to be overlooked is the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra, the third largest symphony orchestra in the state, with a nearly 100-year history.

Image: Bell's Eccentric Café Interior
Image Source:Crain's Detroit


Kalamazoo is home to two large hospitals - Bronson Healthcare and Borgess
Health. Both have roots dating to the nineteenth century, and both hold a large influence on development in the area. The city is also home to the Kalamazoo Regional Psychiatric Hospital, the largest mental health institution in the state, originally housed in a Kirkbride-planned building.

Image: Bronson Atrium by night
Image Source: CSM Group

Higher Education:

Kalamazoo is home to three large institutions of higher education: Western Michigan University, a public research university founded in 1903 with a student body around 24,000; Kalamazoo College, a private liberal arts college founded in 1833, with a much smaller student body of around 1,400; and Kalamazoo Valley Community College, a 2-year community college system founded in 1966 and serving a student body of around 10,000. All three of these schools have a lot to do with the economic growth and diversity in the city.

Development - Historic:

Development-wise, Kalamazoo has had its fair share in the history of larger development trends. The city is home to what can be considered the worlds’ first modern, outdoor shopping mall, designed by Victor Gruen in the 1950s. Although it has evolved, it is still very much a part of the thriving downtown business area today.

Image: The Kalamazoo Mall, circa 1960s
Image Source: MI Genweb

The city has been a leader in historic preservation and adaptive reuse. It has one of the most active Historic Preservation Commissions in the state, and it is the smallest city in the state that manages to maintain this full-time department, dedicated to promoting historic preservation. Because of this, Kalamazoo boasts a variety of well-preserved structures from every architectural style from the 1830s on, especially Art Deco. That said, Kalamazoo was also witness to 'urban renewal' efforts beginning in the 1960s, like so many other cities. The Kalamazoo Center project meant demolition for historic structures that didn't fit the 'modern' identity that developers were striving to achieve.

Image: Kalamazoo Center, renovated and known now as The Radisson Plaza Hotel, was at the center of Kalamazoo's urban renewal efforts.
Image Source: Byce Associates

Kalamazoo also played host to several historically significant planned communities, two of which were spearheaded by citizens that enlisted the design efforts of Frank Lloyd Wright. These two Usonian communities, one in the Kalamazoo Winchell neighborhood (Parkwyn Village) and the other near Galesburg (The Acres / Galesburg Country Homes), are to this day some of the few planned communities designed by Wright that were actually built and continue to thrive.

Image: An early proposal for the Parkwyn Village community, indicating Wright's design for circular lots (which was ultimately not accepted by the FHA).
Image Source: Parkwyn Village Association

Development - Today:

So much exciting development is happening today in the greater Kalamazoo area, and it is certainly worthy of having its own development thread. Below is a list of some current projects and development-related news for both Kalamazoo and Portage, Michigan. Since this is a new thread, information for significant developments that have been recently completed is also provided, to give a better picture of just how much change there has been in recent times. Updates will be made periodically; projects listed below are meant to be a good start – but if there are projects you know of that are missing from this thread, please let the group know!

All original image sources credited.

Kalamazoo - Current Projects Under Construction:a

Westgate - Phase 1

Construction Cost: $100 Million
Location: Maple Hill Drive (North of West Main St, East of US 131)
Involved Parties: AVB, Inc. (Developer)
Status: Under Construction
Summary: A large, 140-acre development, to include several big box store sites, four restaurant sites (likely national-chain), and three hotel sites, two of which have been claimed by a Holiday Inn & Suites and a Holiday Inn Express.

Image: Developer's Plan
Image Source:MLive

The Corner@Drake

Construction Cost:$70 Million
Location: Northwest corner of Stadium Drive and Drake Road
Involved Parties: Costco, Field & Stream (Anchor Tenants), Consumers Credit Union, AVB, Inc. (CM)
Status: Under Construction, Multiple Phases Complete
Summary: A large shopping plaza, anchored by Costco and Field & Stream. Outlying buildings are under construction currently, for leasable retail and restaurant spaces.

Image: An early rendering of the entire development
Image Source: AVB, Inc

Image: Developer Plan
Image Source: AVB, Inc

Image: Drake Road Tap House, under construction
Image Source: MLive

The Exchange Building
Dedicated Thread Link

Construction Cost: $53 Million
Location: 151 W. Michigan Ave (SE corner of W. Michigan and Rose)
Involved Parties: PlazaCorp, Phoenix Properties, Chemical Bank, Byce Engineering & Architecture, Orion Construction
Status: Under Construction
Summary: A 15-story, 340,000 SF mixed-use tower that broke ground this Spring. Completion expected in 2018.

Image Source: MLive

Consumers Credit Union Headquarters

Construction Cost: Unknown / Withheld ($50 Million?)
Location: 7200 Elm Valley Drive
Involved Parties: HOK (Design Architect), Bosch Architecture (Local Consulting Firm), AVB, Inc. (CM), Consumers Credit Union
Status: Under Construction - December 2017 completion
Summary: New corporate headqua­­­rters on a 22-acre site with natural setting. The 89,000 SF, three-story building represents a significant expansion and upgrade from current facilities on Stadium Drive. Also included is a new 108,00 SF parking deck.

Image: Construction progress, June 2017
Image Source: My own

EPA Kalamazoo River 'Area 2' Superfund Cleanup

Construction Cost: $46 Million
Location: 2 miles of Kalamazoo River, between Plainwell and Otsego City Dam
Involved Parties: EPA, Georgia Pacific, Allied Paper Inc. Trustees, other Various Paper Manufacturers
Status: Under Construction
Summary: The current phase of river cleanup involves a five-year, $46 million plan to decontaminate a portion of the Kalamazoo River that runs between Plainwell and Otsego City Dam. This is part of a larger designated superfund site that was polluted by paper manufacturing for nearly a century, called "The Allied Paper Inc / Portage Creek / Kalamazoo River Superfund Site". The site includes 80 miles of the river, plus surrounding creeks, landfills, paper factory properties,, etc. It is divided into six areas and it spans across two counties. It has been on the national priority list since 1990. The project may also include removal of the Otsego City Dam.

Image: EPA map of Area 2
Image Source: WMUK

Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services Department

Construction Cost: $15.7 Million
Location: 400 Bryant St
Involved Parties: Kalamazoo County, PlazaCorp (Developer / Property Owner)
Status: Under Construction
Summary: In June 2017, the County Health Department confirmed its plans to relocate its primary facilities to the former Illinois Envelope Company Building, located within the Allied Paper Superfund Site. The existing 3-story masonry building is listed on the National Register, and is approximately 45,500 SF. It is expected to be fully renovated by February, 2018. The County will utilize the building on long-term lease from PlazaCorp.

Image Source: Wikipedia

The Foundry - Phase 1

Construction Cost: $10 million
Location: 600 E. Michigan Ave.
Involved Parties: Treystar (Developer), CSM Group (CM)
Status: Construction on Phase 1 is wrapping up - partial occupancy, restaurant work is ongoing.
Summary: Phase 1 is a 35,000 SF development on a brownfield redevelopment site, to include a 6,000 SF restaurant and office space for up to 200 people. Project also includes a partial extension of Harrison Street south, past Michigan Avenue, to eventually connect to S. Pitcher Street.

Image: Artist's Conceptual Rendering, The Foundry, Phase 1

Image: Original building, which is being remodeled to become a new restaurant.
Image Source: My own

The Foundry, Phase 2 / Harrison Road Extension

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: SE of E. Michigan Ave. / Harrison Rd Extension
Involved Parties: Treystar (Developer), CSM Group (CM)
Status: Pre-Construction (Site Clearing)
Summary: 8 acre brownfield redevelopment in east side / River's Edge district. New single-story office and residential building between 45,000 and 60,000 SF. Up to 10,000 SF may be added on a second level for additional residential uses.

The Shoppes on Westnedge

Construction Cost: $9.4 Million
Location: Former Hardings Market, Howard Street and S. Westnedge
Involved Parties: City of Kalamazoo, Park Street Market
Status: Under Construction
Summary: With the assistance of funding from the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, a new grocery store is planned to open in 2019 at the former location of a Hardings Market. Up to four additional stores and a space for a farmers market and food trucks are also in the planning stages.

Image: Construction progress as of 6/18/17
Image Source: My own photo

North Woods Village Memory Care

Construction Cost: $8 million
Location: 6203 Stadium Drive (Oshtemo Township)
Involved Parties: True North Group, LLC. (owner), Lake City Bank (financer)
Status: Under Construction
Summary: 41,000 SF facility, to house up to 61 Alzheimer's residents. The first in the state for Indiana-based True North Group, this project is being built on the 7.5 acre site that was previously home to Sherwood Place Senior Care. Completion estimated Fall 2018.

Image Source: Mlive

YMCA Greater Kalamazoo Expansions & Renovations

Construction Cost: $6 million
Location: 1001 Maple Street, 2900 W Centre Ave (Portage)
Involved Parties: YMCA Greater Kalamazoo, AVB (CM), Tower Pinkster (Architect)
Status: Phase 2 Complete, Phase 3 Under Construction
Summary: Multi-phase project at the YMCA's Greater Kalamazoo facilities - "Building for Generations Capital Campaign." Phase 1 involved updated, gender-neutral locker rooms at the Portage location, and opened in March 2016. Phase 2 and 3 are more extensive, and at the Maple Street location. Phase 2 is complete and included a 7,300 SF addition with a multi-purpose room, youth facility, elevator, kitchenette, offices, and storage. Phase 3 has broken ground, and involves a 6,000 SF addition for a new ADA warm water pool. There is also 15,000 SF of interior renovations across the phases. It will replace an existing, smaller pool. Construction is expected to wrap up in Spring 2018.

Image: Phase 2 completed, November 2017
Image Source: My own

Image: Phase 3 Pool Rendering
Image Source: Tower Pinkster

New RX Optical Laboratories Inc. New Corporate Headquarters Building

Construction Cost: $6 million
Location: 1700 S. Park St
Involved Parties: RX Optical
Status: Under Construction
Summary: A new 22,000 SF administrative space to house the 69-year-old Kalamazoo-based company, which has over 50 locations in Michigan and Indiana.

Image: Construction progress, July 2017
Image Source: My own

Peregrine 100 - Phase 2

Construction Cost: $5 Million
Location: Corner of W. Michigan Ave. and S. Burdick St.
Involved Parties: Peregrine Realty (Tom Huff, Owner)
Status: Under Construction
Summary: Phase 2 will include more apartment units and development of the vacant, historic 8,000 SF former bank space, which at one time was the home of First National Bank of Kalamazoo.

Image Source: My own photo

Delta Hotel by Marriott - Conversion

Construction Cost: $4 Million
Location: US-131 and Stadium Drive
Involved Parties: Kalamazoo Hotel Group LLC (Owner), Delta Hotels by Marriott (Property Management)
Status: Under Construction
Summary: Renovation of an existing Holiday Inn hotel and rehabilitation of the adjacent, 24,000 SF former Holiday Lanes bowling alley into a conference center.

Image: The existing hotel, with empty bowling alley towards the top.
Image Source: Google Maps

Gallagher's / The Shoppes at Stadium Village

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 4201 Stadium Drive
Involved Parties: Gallagher's Eatery & Pub, Callender Commercial (Developer),
Status: Under Construction
Summary: Redevelopment of a long-standing local eatery into new mixed retail and restaurant space. 10,000 SF of remodeling plus an 11,000 SF new building on the property. A portion of the original building will be retained by Gallagher's.

Image Source: MLive

Kalamazoo River Valley Trail Connections / Extensions

Construction Cost: $2 Million?
Location: Varies
Involved Parties: City of Kalamazoo, Portage City
Status: Under Construction (ongoing connections)
Summary: Ongoing work to connect portions of the KRVT to a larger network of non-motorized trails. Recent work includes the completion of a non-motorized route through downtown Kalamazoo. On track are more connections to link to Portage, Battle Creek and beyond - about 200 miles total trails through southwest Michigan.

Image: New section of the KRVT along Portage Creek -the first in a series of planned connections to the Portage non-motorized network.
Image Source: Second Wave Media

Image: Route of the downtown trail segment, completed Fall 2017
Image Source: Patronicity

381 / 383 South Pitcher Street

Construction Cost: $2 Million?
Location: 381 / 383 South Pitcher Street
Involved Parties: PS 383 LLC (Developer)
Status: Under Construction
Summary: PS 383 LLC (an affiliate of PlazaCorp) purchased the extensively contaminated brownfield site in January 2016. Built in 1887, the site was the former location of a Checker Cab Manufacturing plant, and later severed several printing companies and other heavy manufacturing uses. The developer is now paying to decontaminate it and remodel it for leasing to several tenants. The project is expected to include a showroom for performance vehicles and will generate 30 new full-time jobs.

Imge: Construction progress October 2017
Image Source: My own

Congregation of Saint Joseph - New Nazareth Center

Construction Cost: Unknown ($2 Million?)
Location: 3709 Nazareth Road
Involved Parties: Congregation of Saint Joseph
Status: Under Construction
Summary: The Kalamazoo Congregation of Saint Joseph (a group of Catholic nuns) is constructing a new 124,000 SF, 2-story center to house their aging and diminishing population. It is located behind their current mother house, of the which the future remains uncertain. The campus that houses the sisters was originally the home of Nazareth College, which closed in 1992.

Image: Construction progress, August 2017

Image: The existing mother house
Images Source: My own photos

216 / 220 Michigan Ave

Construction Cost: $500,000 to $1 Million
Location: 216 / 220 Michigan Ave
Involved Parties: 216 / 220 WM LLC, Orion Construction (Developer)
Status: Under Construction
Summary: Conversion of two historic properties into ground-floor retail, second floor office space, and third floor apartments. The red and white brick buildings were built in 1879. A addition is being constructed on the rear that will contain an elevator.

Images Source: My own

Trinity Temple Seventh Day Adventist Church Mixed Use Conversion

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 117 W. North St.
Involved Parties: Nelson Nave, AIA (Architect), Catalina Holdings LLC (Developer)
Status: Under Construction
Summary: A vacant church on the North Side will be converted into three apartments and office space for a dental practice. The church was constructed in 1924.

Image Source: MLive

Latitude 42 - Oshtemo Township

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: US 131 and West Main
Involved Parties: Progressive AE (Architect), Latitude 42
Status: Under Construction - scheduled late Fall 2018
Summary: A popular brewpub that opened its doors a few years ago in Portage is constructing a second location in Oshtemo Township, just west of Kalamazoo city limits. Expected completion is October/early November 2017. 

Image Source: Mlive (Courtesy of Oshtemo Township)

Wightman Associates, Inc. - New Kalamazoo Office

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: Downtown / north side
Involved Parties: Wightman & Associaates, Inc. (Architect)
Status: Under Construction
Summary: The Architecture & Engineering firm of Wightman & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1949. It is currently in the process of relocating its Portage office to downtown Kalamazoo.The project involves a complete renovation of the former One-Way Products building on the north side / river's edge district. With the move, they will more than triple the SF of what they had in their current Portage office space.

Images Source: Second Wave Media / WAI

Ronin Artisan Ales

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 505 E. Kalamazoo Ave
Involved Parties: Justin Guisinger and Shane Van Liere (Owners / Founders)
Status: Under Construction - opening date has been delayed
Summary: A new microbrewery, originally planned to be open by October 2017 (has been delayed) in a vacant section of a building also occupied by Black Owl Cafe, The Final Clue and Symphony Financial Services.

Image Source: MLive

Kalamazoo – Proposed Projects:

Arcadia Commons West

Construction Cost: At least $150 - $200 million, including $80 million County Courthouse Building
Location: Downtown Kalamazoo West End, Four Blocks @ Cooley / Eleanor Sts.
Involved Parties: Kalamazoo County, City of Kalamazoo, Western Michigan University, PlazaCorp (Developer)
Status: Proposed
Summary: A redevelopment plan for four long-vacant blocks to catalyze development in the west end of downtown. Work will include a new courthouse building, private commercial development, and Western Michigan University development.

Image: Map of proposed development
Image Source: Wood TV

WMU Business Technology and Research Park (BTR Park) - Phase 2

Construction Cost: Unknown (likely tens of millions)
Location: South of Parkview along U.S. 131 (Oshtemo Township)
Involved Parties: WMU, O’Boyle, Cowell, Blalock & Associates, Inc., Fishbeck Thompson Carr & Huber Inc., others TBD
Status: Proposed (Spring 2018 groundbreaking)
Summary: This 50+ acre parcel is one of the largest undeveloped pieces of land in the area, and is located adjacent to the Asylum Lake Nature Preserve, itself the site of former Psych Hospital activities and structures. The site has an interesting history, having served as former orchards that were maintained by former residents of the Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital. Long-overgrown, WMU plans to expand its highly successful (and fully-built-out) BTR Park into this area.

Image: Proposed site plan
Image Source: MLive

Harrison St / River's Edge Brownfield Redevelopments

Construction Cost: Unknown (likely tens of millions)
Location: Various parcels in the River's Edge District
Involved Parties: City of Kalamazoo, NoMI (Developer), various other developers
Status: Proposed / RFPs issued
Summary: Several brownfield parcels up for redevelopment today and being promoted by the City, including:
  • 419 Harrison St (empty lot behind Checkers)
  • 525 E. Ransom St (a mostly empty lot, northwest corner of Harrison St, Gull Rd and Ransom St, across from MacKenzie's Bakery)
  • 617 Harrison St (empty lot half a block north of 525 E Ransom)
  • 655 Gull Rd (highly trafficked corner lot where North St meets Gull Rd)
  • A nearly 5-acre parcel east of Harrison and South of Gull Rd (former site of Kalamazoo Tank & Silo Co., RFP for this lot was issued July 17 and the deadline was Sept. 28).

Base Image (Map) Source: Google Maps

Allied Paper Superfund Cleanup and Redevelopment

Construction Cost: Unknown (likely tens of millions)
Location: Area bounded by Alcott, Reed, Portage, and Burdick
Involved Parties: City of Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, EPA
Status: Proposed
Summary: In Fall of 2016, the EPA approved a (controversial) cleanup plan for the former Bryant / Allied Paper Mill site, referred to as "The Hybrid". Under this plan, PCB contaminants in a landfill will all be moved to one area of the site, away from Portage Creek, and then capped. The plan is that this will free up about 20 acres of cleared land for new development. Several earlier proposals calling for complete removal of all contaminants was deemed too costly to do, at a price tag of around $180 million.

Image Source: City of Kalamazoo

New 20 Story, Mixed-Use High-rise

Construction Cost: Unknown ($30 million est. 2013)
Location: Between South St and Bates Alley, 200 Block of Michigan Ave (City-owned Parking lot #1)
Involved Parties: Reedy Group (Developer)
Status: Proposed / Visionary
Summary: First proposed in 2013, this 20-story glass high-rise would be a significant game-changer for Kalamazoo's small skyline. Ryan Reedy's development group owns and manages the self-branded "Entertainment District" across Edwards street from the proposed development, in the 300 block of Michigan Ave. (shown at left in below rendering). If built, this mixed-use tower could contain 6 floors of office space, 6 floors of hotel space, 6 floors of residential, and 2 floors of banquet / event space.

WMU "The Valley" Dormitory Replacements

Construction Cost: Unknown (likely tens of millions)
Location: WMU Main Campus, "The Valley" Neighborhood
Involved Parties: WMU
Status: On Hold
Summary: Originally scheduled to begin demolition in early 2018, now indefinitely on hold. The University announced its plan in September 2017 to replace all of the first-year student dormitories in 'The Valley Neighborhood' with new dorms. The area is presently comprised of three large complexes, known as Valley I, Valley II, and Valley III. Each of these complexes currently houses approximately 1,000 students, with four connected halls per complex (12 halls total). The dorms were built in the 1960s, and are pretty typical of that time (and quite sparse by today's standards), consisting of small suites where two student rooms share a connecting bathroom.

Image Source: Google Maps

Rose Street Market / Boutique Hotel

Construction Cost: Unknown ($10 - $20 million?)
Location: 303 N Rose St
Involved Parties: PlazaCorp (Developer)
Status: Proposed
Summary: Planned conversion of the former Rose Street Market Banquet Center (originally the Masonic Hall) into a new Boutique Hotel, including a new addition.

Image Source: My own photo

Harrison Circle

Construction Cost: $15 million (in 2015)
Location: 525 E. Ransom St, River's Edge District
Involved Parties: NoMI (Developer)
Status: Proposed
Summary: One of the brownfield sites in the River's Edge district that the City is trying to get redeveloped. The original proposal for Harrison Circle fell through in 2015. That was to be a $15 million, five-story development, including 40,000 SF of business and 30,000 SF for 100 apartment units. Two primary reasons cited for its demise were the delay in constructing the roundabout and two prospective tenants pulling out. Now that the roundabout is complete, we may see a revival of this proposal soon.

Image Source: MLive

Newell Rubbermaid - Kalamazoo BTR Park Expansions

Construction Cost: $7.3 Million
Location: WMU BTR Park
Involved Parties: WMU, Newell Brands, Perkins + Will?
Status: Proposed
Summary: Newell plans to expand its design capabilities in Kalamazoo to accommodate newly acquired additional product lines. The current product design and testing facility will be expanded with a $7.3 million, +/- 22,000 SF investment that is expected to create around 80 new design jobs.

Image: Interior view of the current 40,000 SF design center, deigned by Perkins + Will.
Image Source:

116 W Cedar St. (Former Fire Station) Redevelopment

Construction Cost: Unknown ($5 - 10 Million?)
Location: 116 W Cedar St.
Involved Parties: City of Kalamazoo
Status: RFQ Issued to developers
Summary: In September 2017, City officials issued an RFQ to developers interested in rehabbing this vacant fire station into a mixed-use community asset. According to the RFQ, preferred development for this site would rehabilitate and creatively reuse the existing public safety building with an active commercial use on the main floor. Additional floors or expanding the footprint of the building, especially to provide downtown housing options is a possibility. The RFQ includes the following proposed schedule:
  • RFQ posted: September 20, 2017
  • Deadline for proposals: December 1, 2017
  • Evaluation period: December 1 – December 14, 2017
  • Finalist team notified: December 15, 2017
  • Finalist presentation to evaluation committee: January 2018
  • Finalize terms of a redevelopment and purchase agreement: February 2018

Image: Current View from Cedar St

Image: City Planners' proposed massing
Images Source:

WMU Student Center / Waldo Library Expansion

Construction Cost: Unknown ($5 - 10 Million?)
Location: Western Michigan University Main Campus
Involved Parties: Perkins + Will (Architect), WMU
Status: Proposed / In Design
Summary: Demolition of a portion of McCracken Hall occurred in 2017 to make room for a new student center, that will potentially include an expansion to the Waldo Library as well. The project is in planning stages, with the goal of creating a new integrated learning and activity hub on campus. Plans were originally supposed to be publically displayed towards the end of June 2017. No additional info yet.

Image Source: Google Maps

Kalamazoo Human Society - New Crucial Care and Resource Center for Animals

Construction Cost: $5 Million
Location: River Street & I-94 Business Loop (Comstock Township)
Involved Parties: Kalamazoo Humane Society, Kingscott Associates, Inc. (Architect)
Status: Proposed / In Design
Summary: This proposed center would replace the local Humane Society's current home with a much larger facility, equipped to handle more animals and growing services. The move would give the society a 15-acre site for future expansion, compared to the current 1/4-acre site.

Image Source: KAI

Heritage / Gibson Guitar Factory

Construction Cost: Unknown ($2 - 3 Million?)
Location: 225 Parsons Street
Involved Parties: Heritage Guitar
Status: Proposed / In Design
Summary: No public details yet. Work will possibly include conversion of the original factory space into a brewpub and guitar museum, as well as an outdoor beer garden, on kalamazoo's north side.

Image Source: My own photo

302 Academy Street

Construction Cost: Unknown ($2 - 3 Million?)
Location: 302 Academy Street
Involved Parties: Byce & Associates (Architects / Engineers)
Status: Proposed / Conceptual
Summary: If built, this project would convert a vacant church structure and provide a new 5-story addition for new residential lofts and office space that would face Bronson Park. The existing historic church structure that dates to the 1800s would be preserved.

Image Source: Byce & Associates

Advia Credit Union Administration Building

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 6404 West Main (Oshtemo Township)
Involved Parties: Advia Credit Union, Oshtemo Township, Byce & Associates (Architect)
Status: Proposed (in local approvals process)
Summary: A planned 150,000 SF, 3-tory administration building for the growing Advia Credit Union. The 37-acre development site would require conditional rezoning from residential to commercial use.

Image: Schematic development plan
Image Source: MiBiz

Kalamazoo Farmers Market Expansion

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 1204 Bank Street
Involved Parties: City of Kalamazoo
Status: Proposed
Summary: The Kalamazoo Farmer's Market pavilion could be expanding, via the City's purchase of condemned property near the current market. This is part of a three-year plan that also includes realigning Bank Street, which leads into the market, to better accommodate the increased car traffic. The popularity of the market has grown to the point that vendors are frequently turned away due to lack of space.

The Stamped Robin

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 128 Portage Street
Involved Parties: Emily Deering and Matt Caruso (Owners)
Status: Proposed / In Permitting
Summary: This new venue will offer rotating specialty cocktails and wine selections, along with lighter food options. It is expected to seat 55 to 85 patrons, including outdoor seating on a small patio.

Image: Future location of The Stamped Robin, far left of the three story building, close to the parking deck
Image Source: My own photo

Kalamazoo – Recently Completed Projects:

East End / River's Edge Roundabout

Construction Cost: $1.9 Million
Location: Intersection of Gull, Harrison and Ransom streets
Involved Parties: Wightman & Associates (Engineer), City of Kalamazoo
Status: Completed November, 2017
Summary: In May 2017, the City Commission approved plans to construct a roundabout at this busy intersection on the east end of downtown, with the goal of improving vehicular flow while decreasing pedestrian and cyclist-related dangers.

Image Source: MLive / Wightman & Associates

AMC Kalamazoo 10 / Former Alamo Drafthouse

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 180 Portage St.
Involved Parties: AMC Theatres
Status: Completed November, 2017
Summary: National theatre operator AMC took over the former Alamo Drafthouse Cinema after its closure in April 2017. Included in the change of operators was a complete interior remodel and exterior updates. Grand opening was November 2, 2017.

Image Source: My own, shortly before opening

Old National Bank Regional Banking Center

Construction Cost: Unknown ($1 - 2 Million?)
Location: 5003 Century Ave. (The Corner @ Drake Development)
Involved Parties: Old National Bank, AVB, Inc. (Developer)
Status: Completed October, 2017
Summary: New 2-story, 20,000 SF headquarters and branch for Old National Bank. Consolidates two older branch locations.

Image Source: MLive

Trader Joe's

Construction Cost: Unknown ($1 - 2 Million?)
Location: The Corner @ Drake Development
Involved Parties: Trader Joe's, AVB, Inc. (Developer), Tower Pinkster (Architect)
Status: Completed October, 2017
Summary: Kalamazoo's first Trader Joe's officially opened on October 12, 2017, in The Corner @ Drake development. The 13,000 SF natural foods grocery is the eighth Trader Joe's in Michigan and the second in western Michigan.

Image Source: WWMT (Courtesy Trader Joe's)

Peregrine 100 - Phase 1

Construction Cost: $5 Million
Location: Corner of W. Michigan Ave. and S. Burdick St.
Involved Parties: Peregrine Realty (Tom Huff, Owner)
Status: Completed Fall, 2017
Summary: Residential and commercial mixed-use development in the old National Bank and Trust Building (PNC Bank more recently). Phase 1 includes 12 luxury residential units, Phase 2 will include more units and development of the vacant, historic 8,000 SF former bank space, which at one time was the home of First National Bank of Kalamazoo. Amenities to include indoor parking, rooftop terrace, and some units with 40 ft high ceilings.

Image Source: My own photo

Kalamazoo Commons Apartment Conversion

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 165-219 E South St.
Involved Parties: Ramp 3 LLC, Meyer C. Weiner Co.
Status: Completed Fall, 2017
Summary: Conversion of 17,000 SF of retail space into (8) 1-3 bedroom apartments. Related construction included the complete reconstruction of adjacent Farmers Alley with new sidewalks, parking, lights, and landscaping.

Image: Kalamazoo Commons, with Farmers Alley
Image Source: My own

Aldi - West Main

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 5317 W. Main St.
Involved Parties: Aldi
Status Completed August, 2017
Summary: The new Aldi on West Main officially opened on August 17, 2017. It was formerly located just two storefronts away, The new Aldi's is a build-out of a former Office Depot store, and at 21,000 SF, is about 4,000 SF larger than its former location. This change marks just one of many improvements the discount grocer has been making in the area. Most of its west Michigan locations have been receiving renovations or expansions in the past few years.

Image: The new Aldi, under construction
Images Source: MLive | Mark Bugnaski

Cafe 36

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 2965 Oakland Dr.
Involved Parties: Sawall Health Foods
Status Completed August, 2017
Summary: New café on the second floor of Sawall Health Foods, in Oakwood Plaza, offering a full dining menu. Sawall's heralds itself as the Nation's oldest operating health foods store, having opened in 1936 (hence the name for the café).

Image Source: MLive | Al Jones

Artisan Sandwich Co.

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 348 S. Kalamazoo Mall
Involved Parties: Artisan Sandwich Co.
Status Completed late July, 2017
Summary: New deli-style eatery with fully organic menu and made-to-order sandwiches. 980 SF space that was previously occupied by Exquisite Hair Designs, which relocated.

Image Source: Al Jones | MLive

Water Street Coffee - Sprinkle Road

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: near the Sprinkle Rd / I-94 Interchange
Involved Parties: Water Street Coffee
Status Completed July, 2017
Summary: Water Street Coffee Joint's fifth location, on the busy South Sprinkle Road. Drive-through service only; a positive addition to a highly trafficked area, and a sign of an increased pace of development near the Sprinkle Rd / I-94 area.

Image Source:

Borgess Behavioral Crisis Center

Construction Cost: $1.5 Million
Location: 1521 Gull Road
Involved Parties: Borgess Health
Status: Completed June, 2017
Summary: A 2,500 SF, 8 bedroom suite, designed to accommodate E.R. patients with mental or behavioral problems. To be located adjacent to the existing Trauma & Emergency Center.

Image Source: MLive | Courtesy Borgess Health

Sprinkle Road Tap House

Construction Cost: $750,000 - $1 Million
Location: 5001 Circle Park Drive
Involved Parties: Millennium Restaurant Group
Status: Completed May, 2017
Summary: This 4,500 SF full-service restaurant and bar will be the third of its kind for Millennium Restaurant Group's family of local Tap House venues. The restaurant is attached to the recently completed Zeigler's Motor Sports on Sprinkle Road.

Image Source: MLive | Courtesy Millennium Restaurant Group

Pho on the Block (P.O.T.B.)

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 1301 Portage St.
Involved Parties: POTB
Status: Completed May, 2017
Summary: A modern Vietnamese fusion restaurant, constructed with the help of a community grant. Located in a restored block of the Washington Square area of the Edison neighborhood, south of downtown.

Image Source: Mark Bugnaski | MLive

Firehouse Subs

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 1750 South Drake Road
Involved Parties: Firehouse Subs, AVB (Developer)
Status: Completed May, 2017
Summary: The first Firehouse Subs in the Kalamazoo area, part of "The Corner @ Drake" development. The chain was founded by firefighters and is based out of Jacksonville, Florida.

Image Source: WKFR

Kalamazoo Mall Plaza Conversion

Construction Cost: $3 Million
Location: 157 S Kalamazoo Mall
Involved Parties: The Vernon Group LLC (Property Manager)
Status: Completed Spring, 2017
Summary: Conversion of a 4-story structure to mixed use with 22 high-end loft apartments. The renovation retains two retail shops on the ground floor facing the mall. Private parking is provided in the basement and a portion of the first floor, and commercial space also remains in a portion of the basement and the second floor. New balconies were added facing the mall.

Image Source: My own photo

New Family Health Center Clinic

Construction Cost: $15 million
Location: Alcott St. - Edison Neighborhood
Involved Parties: Family Health Center, CSM Group (CM), Eckert Wordell (Architect)
Status: Completed April 2017
Summary: A new 50,000 SF health care clinic geared towards providing health services to residents on the city's south side. The Family Health Center partnered with the City of Kalamazoo to build the clinic on a brownfield redevelopment site at the location of the former Allied Paper Company.

Image Source: MLive / Rick Chambers & Associates, LLC

Bronson Labs / Former Kalamazoo Gazette Building

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 401 S. Burdick St.
Involved Parties: Bronson Healthcare Group, CSM Group (CM)
Status: Demolition completed April 2017
Summary: Demolition of more than half of the 131,000 SF+ structure that was formerly the home of the Kalamazoo Gazette to make way for a new lab building. The property was bought by Bronson Healthcare Group in 2015 with goals to increase its downtown Kalamazoo footprint. The original portion of the structure was built in 1925 and was designed by renowned architect Albert Kahn. This portion is being preserved. New construction will include lab space and other functions.

Image: The cleared site - July 2017
Image Source: My own photo

Kelvin & Company

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 232 E Michigan Ave
Involved Parties: Kelvin & Company
Status: Completed Spring, 2017
Summary: Kalamazoo's first fast-service BBQ restaurant, featuring Urban BBQ & Casual Meats.

Image Source: Google Maps

Walnut & Park Coffee Shop

Construction Cost: $500,000
Location: 322 W. Walnut St.
Involved Parties: Kalamazoo KPEP
Status: Completed March, 2017
Summary: A new 1,300 SF coffee shop and cafe; part of the Kalamazoo Probation Enhancement Program that will offer solid employment for men and women who are participants in KPEP's culinary arts program.

Image: Walnut & Park Coffee Shop Exterior
Image Source: MLive

Zeigler Motorsports Dealership & Entertainment Facility

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 5001 Park Circle Drive
Involved Parties: Zeigler Motorsports, Millennium Restaurant Group
Status: Completed March, 2017
Summary: A new 50-acre facility, featuring a 30-ft mountain and waterfall, birch trees, a 300 sq-ft. video wall, 36 motorcycles suspended from the ceiling, and a Tap House Restaurant & Bar, further solidifying Zeigler's standing as one of the largest motorsports dealers in the nation.

Image: New Zeigler Motorsports Showroom
Image Source: PR Web

Fuze Kitchen & Bar

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 214 E Michigan Ave
Involved Parties: Fuze Kitchen & Bar
Status: Completed Winter 2016 / 2017
Summary: A new dining venue in downtown Kalamazoo that features an open kitchen and bar, evolving seasonal menus, fresh ingredients, and a funky atmosphere. Fuze took the place of the former Main Street Grill.

Image Source:

Nova Virtual Reality Arcade

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 806 S Westnedge Ave (Vine Neighborhood)
Involved Parties: Nova VR
Status: Completed December, 2016

Summary: Interior fit-out of an existing structure to house a new virtual reality arcade in the eclectic Vine Neighborhood.

Image: Exterior View, along S. Westnedge
Image Source: MLive

Kalamazoo County Criminal Justice Complex / Family Court Building

Construction Cost: $24 million
Location: 1536 Gull Road
Involved Parties: Kalamazoo County, HOK / Tower Pinkster (Architect), AVB (CM)
Status: Completed Winter, 2016
Summary: A new three-story, 82,000 SF Criminal Justice Complex built to consolidate all family court functions for the entire county.

Image: Criminal Justice Complex, Exterior
Image Source: AVB, Inc

Family & Children Services Expansion

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 1608 Lake St.
Involved Parties: Family & Children Services, Kingscott Associates (Architect), Miller-Davis (CM)
Status: Completed November, 2016
Summary: Two-story, 14,000 SF addition to Family & Children Services' Kalamazoo facility, marking the largest building project in the organization's 100+ year history. Family & Children Services provides services in youth development and counseling for children and families. The new addition is dedicated to services that support foster children and their foster families.

Image: Family & Children Services - Exterior - Front
Image Source: KAI

Kalamazoo College Fitness and Wellness Center

Construction Cost: $8.7 Million
Location: Corner of Catherine and Academy Sts.
Involved Parties: Kalamazoo College, TMP Architecture, Owen-Ames-Kimball (CM)
Status: Completed October 2016
Summary: Two-story, 33,000 SF facility that was a renovation / addition to an existing building - dedicated to campus health and wellness.

Image: Front Entrance
Image Source: OAK

KVCC Culinary Arts and Allied Health Building

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 418 E Walnut St
Involved Parties: Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Bronson Healthcare Group, DEQ, EPA, Tower Pinkster (Architect), CSM Group (CM)
Status: Completed Fall, 2016
Summary: Part of the KVCC / Bronson Healthy Living Campus Development. A 75,000 SF building to house Kalamazoo Valley Community College’s new Food and Health Studies programs.

Image: Exterior View of the new building
Image Source: Tower Pinkster /

KVCC Food Innovation Building

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 418 E Walnut St
Involved Parties: Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Bronson Healthcare Group, DEQ, EPA, Tower Pinkster (Architect), CSM Group (CM)
Status: Completed Fall, 2016
Summary: One of three buildings within the new Bronson Healthy Living Campus development in downtown Kalamazoo, the new 16,500 SF Food Innovation Building responds to the rising trend of simulation within the academic environment and promotes wellness while increasing community access to healthy food and nutrition.

Image: KVCC Food Innovation Building exterior
Image Source: Tower Pinkster

Bell's Brewery Expansion

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: Comstock
Involved Parties: Bell's Brewery Inc, Byce & Associates (Architects / Engineers), Walbridge (CM)
Status: Completed Fall, 2016
Summary: Multiple phased projects to expand facilities. The most recent project included a $50 million, 200,000 SF facility expansion to add a new packaging / bottling hall, a warehouse logistics center, a point-of-sale warehouse, new offices and employee areas, an 800 barrel fermentation addition, and a Two Hearted fermentation addition . The expansion allowed production to increase from 800,000 barrels per year to 1,000,000 barrels.

Image: Exterior View
Image Source: Byce

The Depot

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 300 E Water Street
Involved Parties: PlazaCorp, Hopcat, Cherry Tree Financial, Maru Sushi
Status: Completed Fall, 2016
Summary: Project involved the restoration of a 1920's-era train depot to create over 13,000 SF of space for a financial institution and two restaurants, including the 11th HopCat location with over 100 beers on tap.

Image: The Depot, Exterior

Milwood Elementary School Renovations / Additions

Construction Cost: $5.5 Million
Location: 3400 Lovers Lane
Involved Parties: Kalamazoo Public Schools, Tower Pinkster (Architect), CSM Group (CM)
Status: Completed Fall, 2016
Summary: Updates and addition to Milwood Elementary, including 39,365 SF in renovations and 26,700 SF in additions.

Image: Milwood Elementary School, exterior
Image Source: Tower Pinkster

Western Michigan University Valley Dining Center

Construction Cost: $36 Million
Location: 4717 Campus Drive (Main Campus)
Involved Parties: Western Michigan University, Bakergroup / SGJJR Architects
Status: Completed Fall, 2016
Summary: 61,000 SF facility featuring 9 micro restaurants with seating capacity for 1,000.

Image Source: MLive

Consumers Energy Solar Gardens, WMU Business Technology & Research Park

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 4601 Campus Drive (Parkview Campus)
Involved Parties: Western Michigan University, Consumers Energy
Status: Completed August, 2016
Summary: 8.5 acres, 1-megawatt solar power plant at Western's BTR Park. This marks Consumers' second large-scale solar project in Michigan, the first being a 3-megawatt plant at Grand Valley State University that opened in April.

Image Source: MLive

Walbridge Common Apartments

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 714 Walbridge St. (River's Edge Neighborhood)
Involved Parties: NoMi (Developers)
Status: Completed Summer, 2016
Summary: 48 apartments and a restaurant in a renovated, 34,000 SF warehouse built in 1924, located in the northeast Kalamazoo River’s Edge District.

Image Source: River's Edge District

Western Michigan University WMed Innovation Center

Construction Cost: $12.5 Million
Location: 4717 Campus Drive (Parkview Campus)
Involved Parties: Western Michigan University, URS Corp. (Architect), AVB, Inc. (CM)
Status: Completed 2016
Summary: Located on Western's Parkview Campus, this 69,000 SF building is designed to be an incubator for ventures in life science, technology, and engineering. Estimated construction cost was $12.5 million.

Image: Exterior view
Image Source: AVB, Inc.

Consumers Credit Union - Corner @ Drake

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: Corner of Stadium & Drake (Corner @ Drake Development)
Involved Parties: Consumers Credit Union, AVB, Inc. (CM)
Status: Completed March 2016
Summary: New 2-story 6,000 SF branch.

Image: Consumers Credit Union, opened March 2016
Image Source: MLive

Western Michigan University - Heritage Hall Alumni Center / Former East Hall Renovation

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: WMU East Campus, Prospect Hill
Involved Parties: Western Michigan University, Tower Pinkster (Architect), Hopkins Burns Design Studio, Ann Arbor (Preservation Architect)
Status: Completed Fall, 2015
Summary: This structure, one of the original of the university, was designed by John Charles Olmsted and Fredrick Law Olmsted Jr. (sons of famous landscape architect Fredrick Law Olmsted Sr) and constructed in 1903. The repurposing of the building into an Alumni Center involved partial demolition of two wing additions, as well as demolition of several surrounding structures, also original to the campus (West Hall, Speech and Hearing Building, and North Hall). bout 34,000 SF of the structure was retained.

Image Source: Tower Pinkster

2700 West - Student Housing

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location 2700 W Michigan Ave.
Involved Parties: Byce & Associates (Architect / Engineer), Cornerstone Construction Management (CM), Main Street Properties (Property Manager)
Status: Completed August, 2015
Summary: A 4 story, 62,000 SF, student-oriented apartment complex with ground floor retail. Features 35 apartment units and intends to establish a sense of place by creating a street wall presence.

Image Source: Byce & Associates

Principle Food & Drink

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 230 S Kalamazoo Mall
Involved Parties: Principle Food & Drink
Status: Completed August, 2015
Summary: Founded to promote ingredients from the local farm community with craft cocktails in a comfortable space downtown.

Image Source:

Landscape Forms - Powder Coat Finishing Facility

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: Midlink Office Park
Involved Parties: Landscape Forms, Eckert Wordell (Architect)
Status: Completed 2015
Summary: 166,000 SF renovation to create a new powder coat finishing facility, offices, and employee space for this industry leader in site furnishings and outdoor LED lighting.

Image: Employee Break Area
Image Source: Eckert Wordell

Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: Bronson Healthy Living Campus
Involved Parties: City of Kalamazoo, Bronson Healthcare Group, Eckert Wordell (Architect)
Status: Completed 2015
Summary: 17,000 SF facility, part of the new Bronson Healthy Living Campus, where guiding principles address issues of nutrition, mental and physical health, sustainability, and social concerns.

Image Source: Eckert Wordell

Montessori School of the Kalamazoo Area

Construction Cost: $1 Million
Location: 750 Howard St
Involved Parties: Diekema Hamman (Architect), AVB, Inc. (CM),
Status: Completed September, 2014
Summary: Renovation & addition to the existing Montessori school in Kalamazoo.

Image Source: Diekema Hamman

Norbridge Building

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 510 E. Butler Ct. (River's Edge Neighborhood)
Involved Parties: NoMi (Developer)
Status: Completed 2014
Summary: Norbridge was completed in 2014 as a multi-use building featuring one 8,000 square foot office space and five loft style apartments. Part of the larger reinvestment occurring in the east end.

Image Source: River's Edge District

Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine

Construction Cost: $57.5 Million
Location: 300 Portage St
Involved Parties: Western Michigan University, The S/L/A/M Collaborative (Architect), Walbridge (CM)
Status: Completed 2014
Summary: Renovation and addition to a former pharmaceutical research building downtown, 350,000 SF project to create a new home for WMU's School of Medicine.

Image: Exterior, Night
Image Source: Architect Magazine

Peregrine Plaza

Construction Cost: Unkown
Location: 336 S Kalamazoo Mall (Corner of E South St & South Burdick St)
Involved Parties: Peregrine Properties, MLive, Various Tenants
Status: Completed 2014
Summary: A mixed use renovation & development to bring commercial space and 14 residential units to the heart of downtown. The first floor is the new home of the Kalamazoo Gazette / MLive, along with an art gallery, a yoga center, and other retail establishments.

Image: Pergrine Plaza Exterior
Image Source: Peregrine Company

Washington Writers' Academy

Construction Cost: $10.7 Million
Location: 1919 Portage Rd
Involved Parties: Kalamazoo Public Schools, Tower Pinkster (Architect), CSM Group (CM)
Status: Completed 2014
Summary: Construction of a new K-5 school building that integrates parts of the historic original structure into the new design.

Image: Exterior View
Image Source: CSM Group

Orrin B. Hayes Mercedes Benz Dealership

Construction Cost: $1.2 Million
Location: 543 W Michigan Ave
Involved Parties: Orrin B. Hayes, AVB, Inc. (CM)
Status: Completed 2014
Summary: A new 5,000 SF showroom anchors this project, which included extensive renovations to an existing building.

Image: New Showroom, exterior
Image Source: AVB, Inc,

Arcadia Brewing Company / Arcadia Ales

Construction Cost: $3.2 Million
Location: 701 E Michigan Ave
Involved Parties: Arcadia Brewing Company, AVB, Inc. (CM)
Status: Completed Spring 2014
Summary: Arcadia Ales opened a new 30,000 SF facility capable of producing up to 21,000 barrels a year in 2014. The facility features a full commercial kitchen and open concept restaurant and bar with outdoor seating. It is adjacent to the Kalamazoo River; kayakers can take their kayak right up to the river's edge, and dogs are welcome in the outdoor seating area.

Image; Exterior by night
Image Source: AVB, Inc.

Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership

Construction Cost: $5 Million
Location: Academy St, Kalamazoo College
Involved Parties: Kalamazoo College, Miller-Davis (CM), Studio Gang (Architect)
Status: Completed 2014
Summary: This 10,000 SF hub for advancing social justice packs a lot of design into a small area. The Center was developed to promote and sustain leaders in the fields of human rights and social justice, and features 'wood masonry' technology to create a low-tech, high-performance exterior façade.

Image Source: Studio Gang

HARK Orchids, L.P. New Company Headquarters

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 5301 Park Circle Dr.
Involved Parties: Hark Orchids, L.P., CSM Group (CM)
Status: Completed July, 2013
Summary: A new 35,000 SF headquarters in the Midlink Business Park for Hark Orchids, a company established in 1904 that deals in the hybridization, cultivation, and propagation of orchids.

Image: HARK Orchids Exterior
Image Source: CSM Group

Radisson Plaza Hotel Renovations

Construction Cost: Unknown
Location: 100 W. Michigan Ave.
Involved Parties: Radisson, Eckert-Wordell (Architect)
Status: Completed 2012
Summary: Project included a full redesign of the lobby and registration areas, as well as renovations to guest rooms and event areas for downtown's premier hotel.

Image: Radisson Registration Lobby
Image Source: Eckert Wordell

Family Health Center of Kalamazoo - Expanded Flagship Location

Construction Cost: $8.3 Million
Location: Patterson St - Northside Neighborhood
Involved Parties: Bronson Healthcare, CSM Group (CM)
Status: Completed 2012
Summary: A 41,000 SF expansion of its existing facility, this project allowed FHC to double the number of patients it treats each year.

Image: Exterior by night
Image Source: CSM Group

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