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Hadang Jungheung S-CLASS Centum View 10449built2022(1)
Hadang Jungheung S-CLASS Centum View 10347built2022(1)
Hadang Jungheung S-CLASS Centum View 10147built2022(1)
Hadang Jungheung S-CLASS Centum View 10245built2022(1)
Peace Plaza Emerald Queen42built2019(1)
Namgyo Twinstar 10231built2014(1)
Namgyo Twinstar 10131built2014(1)
Peace Plaza Moa Elgaa Vista28under construction
Zuhause Sky27built2021(1)
Namgyo Crezium Edupark25built2020(1)
Sangdong Honor Palace 10319built2020
Sangdong Honor Palace 10119built2020
Yangwoo Beach Palace18built2007(1)
Sangdong Honor Palace 10218built2020
Central Palichae20built2017
KB Insurance Mokpo Building12built1998(1)
Sarang Church Education Center11built2021
KT Mokpo Building12built2003