Shanghai is China's most populous city and its most important center for commerce and art.

Located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, Shanghai was a relatively unimportant city until the mid of the 19th century when it was opened to foreign trade.

Since the early 1990s Shanghai has experienced an unprecedented building boom that completely transformed the city. Although there are no official numbers it is generally assumed that Shanghai has more highrise buildings than any other city in the world. It's ever-growing subway system also became the world's longest in early 2010.

In recent years the city has also made a name for itself by hosting a lot of huge events, most noteably the EXPO 2010.

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Grand Gateway Garden 234built1999
Grand Gateway Garden 134built1999
Concord World Phase 1 Tower 234built1997
Concord World Phase 1 Tower 134built1997
Champs Elysees 834built
Champs Elysees 734built
Champs Elysees 634built
Champs Elysees 534built
Champs Elysees 434built
Champs Elysees 334built
Champs Elysees 234built
Champs Elysees 134built
Zhonghui Apartment 432built
Zhonghui Apartment 332built
Zhonghui Apartment 232built
Zhonghui Apartment 132built
Yongye Apartment 632built
Yongye Apartment 532built
Yongye Apartment 332built
Yongye Apartment 232built
Yongye Apartment 1232built
Yongye Apartment 1132built
Yongye Apartment 132built
Yinzhou Building32built1997
Sinan Xinyuan 232built
Sinan Xinyuan 132built
Concord International Hotel & Suite32built
Zhonglian Building30built
The One30built2011
Suntime International Mansion30built1998
Shimao Lakeside 430built
Shimao Lakeside 330built
Shimao Lakeside 230built
Shimao Lakeside 130built
Shanghai Tan Xinchangcheng 530built
Shanghai Tan Xinchangcheng 430built
Shanghai Tan Xinchangcheng 330built
Shanghai Tan Xinchangcheng 230built
Shanghai Tan Xinchangcheng 130built
Shanghai Lucky Hotel30built
Pudong Shangri-La Hotel30built1998(1)
New Century International Apartments30built
Jin An Plaza30built2000
He Bin Hao Yuan 230built
He Bin Hao Yuan 130built
Grand Mercure Hotel30built
Fuquan Apartment 230built
Fuquan Apartment 130built
First Block 630built
First Block 530built
First Block 430built
Courtyard Shanghai Puxi30built2010(1)
COSCO Two Bay City 930built
COSCO Two Bay City 830built
COSCO Two Bay City 730built
COSCO Two Bay City 630built
COSCO Two Bay City 530built
COSCO Two Bay City 430built
COSCO Two Bay City 3430built
COSCO Two Bay City 3330built
COSCO Two Bay City 3230built
COSCO Two Bay City 3130built
COSCO Two Bay City 3030built
COSCO Two Bay City 330built
COSCO Two Bay City 2930built
COSCO Two Bay City 2830built
COSCO Two Bay City 2730built
COSCO Two Bay City 2630built
COSCO Two Bay City 2530built
COSCO Two Bay City 2430built
COSCO Two Bay City 2330built
COSCO Two Bay City 2230built
COSCO Two Bay City 2130built
COSCO Two Bay City 2030built
COSCO Two Bay City 230built
COSCO Two Bay City 1930built
COSCO Two Bay City 1830built
COSCO Two Bay City 1730built
COSCO Two Bay City 1630built
COSCO Two Bay City 1530built
COSCO Two Bay City 1430built
COSCO Two Bay City 1330built
COSCO Two Bay City 1230built
COSCO Two Bay City 1130built
COSCO Two Bay City 1030built
COSCO Two Bay City 130built
Central Hotel30built2000
Yun Hai Garden 229built
Yun Hai Garden 129built
Zhongyou Building 228built
Zhongyou Building 128built
Zhi Jun Building28built
Yong Hua Mansion28built1996
Yin Qiao Building28built
Swissotel Grand Shanghai28built
Sunshine World28built1998
ShenMao Building28built2004
Shangdong Qilu Industry Mansion28built1996
Rongcheng Mansion West Tower28built
Rongcheng Mansion East Tower28built
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