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Xerox Tower30built1968(3)
Bausch & Lomb Place20built1995(2)
Chase Tower27built1973(2)
Eastman Kodak19built1913(2)
First Federal Plaza21built1976(2)
One HSBC Plaza21built1970(2)
Hyatt Regency25built1990(1)
Times Square Building14built1930(1)
The Tower at Midtown17built1962(1)
Crossroads Building15built1969(1)
Temple Building14built1925(1)
Seneca Towers22built1968(1)
Eastman School of Music Student Living Center14built1990(1)
Sibley Centre12built1926(2)
Clinton Square Building14built1990(1)
Hudson-Ridge Tower16built(1)
Charlotte Lake River Homes16built
Alliance Building15built1926(1)
Rush Rhees Library20built1930(1)
RG&E Building13built1925(1)
Fifty Chestnut Plaza12built1928(2)
Bank of America Building11built1962(2)
Powers Building13built1891
Wilder Building11built1888(2)
Lake Tower Apartments15built(1)
Granite Building12built1893(2)
Four Corners Building10built1966(2)
Kodak Research Laboratories Tower14built(1)
Union Trust Building10built1904(2)
Reynolds Arcade11built1932(1)