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I have a very strong hunch that it will be a Le Germain hotel. Heard from the inside that the alt has surpassed expectations and the family was thrilled in working with longboat and in Winnipeg in general. Apparently 25% capacity is very good for the first 6 months a hotel is open, and alt was averaging 35% after 3 months.
I would be surprised if Le Germain is not on the final short list for the TNS hotel. Basically you have someone willing to build a hotel and you just need to put your name on it and take a cut for the management side as you run the operations. I think the SPG group of brands is also going to be in the final short list due to the NHL's preference for having visiting teams stay there. If True North can swing a deal that has every visiting NHL and AHL team booking room nights in their affiliated property that is a lot of secondary dollars coming into their pockets instead of a competitor's.

In terms of the big accounting firms, I think part of the MNP relocation was that they added in a smaller, local IT consulting company as part of the move. They needed a space to put all their employees in a single location and it might not have been possible at their old location. Along those same lines though if you are a law firm or an accounting firm and the Chipman companies are one of your bigger accounts and they come calling on you to move into their fancy new office complex to be closer to their other operations I think it would be given some pretty serious consideration. The unspoken part of that request would of course be that if the law/accounting firm was not willing to relocate as "requested" that those accounts would be shopping for a new representative that was willing to make the move.
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