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Fereshteh Pasargad Hotel29under construction(1)
Tehran International Tower56built2007(4)
Nadaja Marjan42under construction
Telecommunication Twin Towers30under construction(1)
AtiCenter Administrative Tower40on hold
Kapsad Housing Phase 138built1978
Borj-e Sefid22built1994(1)
Asseman Tower37built2002(1)
B3 Tower30built2007
Third Millennium Tower36under construction(5)
Imperial Medical Center36built1974
Sepehr Tower33built1991(1)
AtiCenter Residential Tower 230on hold
AtiCenter Residential Tower 130on hold
Farmaneih Residential Commercial Tower28built
Tehran Twin Towers, Tower 128built2008(1)
Tehran Twin Tower, Tower 228built2006(1)
Golnar Tower27built(1)
Shahin Dezh IV26built2003
Shahin Dezh III26built2003
Shahin Dezh II26built2003
Shahin Dezh I26built2003
Behshahr Tower22built2002(1)
Kohe Nore Tower25built2000(1)
Apadana Tower 321built1970(1)
Azadi Grand Hotel26built1978(1)
Seda-va-sima Tower24built2001(1)
Bonyad-e-Tarikh Administrative Tower Block24built1999
Iran Zamin Towers23built2006
Central Bank of Iran20built2005(1)
Saman 122built1975(1)
Foreign Trade Bank of Iran20built1978
Eskan Triple Towers23built1977(1)
Saman 221built1970(1)
Bokharest Tower16built(1)
Esteghlal Grand Hotel16built
Tehran Stock Exchange19built1968(1)
Force Ministry Building14built2004(1)
Bank of Keshavarzi15built1977(4)
International Neuroscience Institute20under construction(1)
Qolhak Commercial Tower14built2008
Melli Complex17built(2)
Hale Tower14built2005
Public Documents Treasury11built(1)
KhanShaghaghi Tower10built1951(1)
Edifice of the Sun5built1867(1)
Pejman Tower20built1996
Pavyard Apartment Complex13built1996
Valiasr Towerbuilt