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Tallinn is the capital and largest city of Estonia. It occupies a surface of 159.2 km2 (61.5 sq mi) in which 405,867 inhabitants live. It is situated on the northern coast of the country, on the banks of the Gulf of Finland, 80 km (50 mi) south of Helsinki.

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Sitsi Tower65vision
Maakri 19/Lennuki 22, 2440cancelled(1)
Liivalaia 34/36 I35cancelled
Swissôtel Tallinn28built2007(4)
Tartu mnt 1535cancelled(1)
Tartu mnt 2530stale proposal
Maakri Torn30proposed
Maakri 19/2130cancelled
Radisson Blu Hotel25built2001(4)
SEB Eesti Ühispank24built1999(5)
Estonian Business School25proposed
Maakri 28/3024stale proposal
Reval Hotel Olümpia28built1980(3)
Liivalaia 34/36 II23stale proposal
City Plaza23built2004(3)
Sokos Hotel Viru23built1972(1)
Maakri 3419stale proposal
Maakri Maja20built2003(1)
Art Plaza16proposed(1)
Estonian Trade Centre18fantasy(1)
Liivalaia 34/36 III15proposed
Osten Tor16built2006(1)
Pirita Road 26F16built2003(1)
Al Mare II16proposed
Al Mare I16built2009(1)
Fahle Maja14built2006(1)
Nordea Maja14built2009(1)
Novira Plaza15under construction
Kentmanni 615built2014
Postimehe Maja14built2000(1)
Ministeeriumite Ühishoone14proposed
Paldiski mnt 14717built
Delta Plaza14built2008
Sõpruse pst 22217built1991(1)
Pinna 1917built1982(1)
Koorti 1817built1992(1)
Kalevipoja 1017built1989(1)
Hotel Viru II17stale proposal(1)
Kentmanni II15built2009
Böckleri Maja15stale proposal
Virbi 717built1985
Vikerlase 2417built1986
Ümera 6017built1987
Ümera 5417built1987
Sinimäe 717built1990
Sinimäe 517built1988
Sinimäe 317built1990
Sinimäe 1117built1991
Paldiski mnt 15317built1982
Paldiski mnt 14917built1982
Õismäe tee 9017built1979
Õismäe tee 6817built1978
Õismäe tee 4817built1979
Õismäe tee 17317built1981
Õismäe tee 13417built1980
Õismäe tee 11217built1980
Õismäe tee 1017built1979
Kivila 3a17built1987
Kivila 317built1985
Kivila 117built1985
Ehitajate tee 11517built1983
Ehitajate tee 11317built1984
Ehitajate tee 11117built1984
Virbi 1216built2007
Tammsaare tee 13916built1981
Euroxi Maja13built2002(1)
Virbi 415built1989
Tuulemaa 2013proposed
PERH Mustamäe Korpus13built1979
Lasnamäe tn.8 Tower III13proposed
Lasnamäe tn.8 Tower II13proposed
Lasnamäe tn.8 Tower I13proposed
Hilton Hotel & Resort13under construction
Koorti 12-1615built1987
Lasnamäe 2415built1979
Lasnamäe 2215built1982
Lasnamäe 2015built1975
Lasnamäe 1815built1976
Järveotsa tee 35a15built1985
Järveotsa tee 17a15built1985
Järveotsa tee 115built1983
Ehitajate tee 1315built1982
Ehitajate tee 1115built1986
Akadeemia tee 215built1980
Rocca Loodetorn13built2003(2)
Rocca Kagutorn13built2003(2)
Ministry of Finance14built1978(2)
Tammsaare tee 9014built1984
Tammsaare tee 8814built1984
Tammsaare tee 141a14built1993
Tartu mnt 1612built2002
Tartu maantee 50A13built2012
Vikerlase 14B12under construction
Tartu Road 16B12built2001(1)
Tartu mnt 247built1954
VE' Maja12built2001(1)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs12built1968(2)
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