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Ryugyong Hotel105under construction(3)
Ryomyong Street Tower 182built2017(1)
Ryomyong Street Tower 270built2017
Ryomyong Street Tower 355built2017
Mirae Scientists Street Residential Tower53built2015(1)
Ryomyong Street Tower 450built2017
Yanggakdo Hotel47built1995(2)
Kimchaek University Apartments II46built2014
Kimchaek University Apartments I46built2014
Mansudae 245built2012
Mansudae 145built2012
Ryomyong Street Tower 540built2017
Koryo Hotel40built1985(2)
Mansudae 340built2012
Kwangbok Apartments42built1989(1)
Ryomyong Street Tower 635built2017
Palgol-dong III40built(1)
Palgol-dong II40built(1)
Palgol-dong I40built(1)
Pyongyang Apartment Tower 132built1979(1)
Mansudae 730built2012
Mansudae 630built2012
Pyongyang Apartment Tower 232built1979(1)
Mansudae 532built2012
Mansudae 432built2012
Changgwang Apartment Tower 430built1985(1)
Changgwang Apartment Tower 330built1985(1)
Changgwang Apartment Tower 230built1985(1)
Changgwang Apartment Tower 130built1985(1)
Chongnyon Hotel30built1989
Pyongyang Maternity Hospital13built1980
Taedonggang Hotelbuilt
Ponghwasan Hotelbuilt
Moranbong Hotelbuilt
KIS University Main Campus Buildingbuilt
Kim Man Yu Hospitalbuilt
Kim Chaek University of Technologybuilt
International House of Culturebuilt1988
Cylinders 3built1985
Cylinders 2built1985
Cylinders 1built1985