New York City

New York City is perhaps the most widely known city around the world. With residents from every country on earth with differing cultures, it can be said that New York City is an urbanized microcosm of the globe.

New York City is home to the United Nations and is also one of the world's major venues for international diplomacy. The city has been a dominant global financial center ever since World War II. New York City was the birthplace of many American cultural movements such as Hip-Hop and abstract expressionism.

Geographically, the city consists of five boroughs; Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. Together, these boroughs comprise a population of over eight million people.

Towards the late 90's, and early 2000's the city's crime levels dropped dramatically, the city's economy boomed, and New York's population reached an all-time high in the 2000 census. New York City became known for many of its famous landmarks such as the Empire State Building, the Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, the (now destroyed) Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, United Nations, Times Square, Central Park, Chrysler Building and much more.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck; the city was one of the sites of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks. The world famous World Trade Center was destroyed and nearly 3,000 lives were lost.

Nevertheless, New York rebuilds: The New World Trade Center is underway. The crowning One World Trade Center is currently under construction. This, along with WTC tower 4, is expected to be completed by 2013, with the other towers following.

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Tower Fifth96proposed(1)
80 South Street113proposed(1)
335 Madison Avenueproposed
145 East 60th Streetproposed
15 Penn Plaza67proposed(2)
One Park Lane80proposed(1)
247 Cherry Street77proposed(1)
262 Fifth Avenue54proposed(1)
Two Manhattan West69proposed(3)
80 Flatbush - Tower II74proposed(1)
516 Fifth Avenue71proposed(1)
Queens Plaza Park70proposed(1)
Macy's Redevelopment Tower Iproposed(1)
90-94 Fulton Street75proposed(1)
430 East 58th Street67proposed
260 South Street Tower A69proposed
321 East 96th Street68proposed
Hudson Americano Hotel45proposed
260 South Street Tower B62proposed
43-30 24th Street66proposed(1)
271 South Street62proposed(1)
Hudson Riseproposed
309 11th Avenue Tower I62proposed
1710 Broadway60proposed
205 Montague Street55proposed
6 Columbus Circleproposed
451 10th Avenueproposed
435 West 33rd Streetproposed
450 Hudson Boulevard60proposed(1)
Anable Basin Tower A65proposed
16 West 57th Street54proposed
1656 Broadwayproposed
303 East 44th Street44proposed
305 East 44th Streetproposed
360 10th Avenueproposed
545 West 37th Street46proposed
Silvercup Studios Residential Iproposed(1)
28-10 - 28-34 Jackson Avenue Tower I53proposed
141 Willoughby Street49proposed
131-141 East 47th Street49proposed
111 Washington Street54proposed
1185 Broadway40proposed
East River Plaza Tower [2]47proposed
Long Island College Hospital Redevelopment50proposed
Domino Sugar Plant Site B51proposed
3 West 29th Street34proposed
United Nations Consolidated Building35proposed
3080 Rear Broadway33proposed
Silvercup Studios Residential IIproposed(1)
East River Plaza Tower [1]41proposed
265 Broadway42proposed
249 East 62nd Sreet32proposed
309 11th Avenue Tower II32proposed
28-10 - 28-34 Jackson Avenue Tower II44proposed
Anable Basin Tower B50proposed
450 11th Avenue39proposed
Macy's Redevelopment Tower IIproposed
75 Nassau Street40proposed
80 Flatbush - Tower I38proposed
Hunter's Point South Phase 2 Tower A41proposed
118 East 59th Street37proposed
1146 6th Avenue35proposed
East River Plaza Tower [3]35proposed
507 West 42nd Street39proposed
77 Commercial Street Building 340proposed
50 Trinity Place35proposed
320 Kent Avenue36proposed
550 Washington36proposed
355 East 73rd Street33proposed
95 Rockwell Place32proposed
1 Central Park North30proposed
35th & 10th35proposed
560 7th Avenue29proposed
28-10 - 28-34 Jackson Avenue Tower III33proposed
102 John Street29proposed
77 Commercial Street Building 230proposed
Sam Chang Hotel36proposed
448 11th Avenue30proposed
250 West 49th Street29proposed
30 West 39th Street27proposed
Astoria Cove Building 232proposed
270 Spring Street30proposed
262 Kent Avenue30proposed
8-16 Nevins Street28proposed
462-490 Kent Avenue Tower I29proposed
Concourse Village Tower B30proposed
Concourse Village Tower A30proposed
Jackson West30proposed
50 Bridge Park Drive I30proposed
93-43 Sutphin Boulevard27proposed
555 Broadway27proposed
45-40 Vernon Boulevard28proposed
Astoria Cove Building 129proposed
147-30 Archer Avenue26proposed
351 West 38th Street26proposed
88 Schermerhorn27proposed
250 5th Avenue23proposed
425 Grand Concourse24proposed
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