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Millennium Project Tower80proposed(1)
National Newark Building35built1931(2)
Prudential Plaza Building24built1960(2)
Prudential Headquarters Tower [B]24proposed
80 Park Place26built1980(2)
One Gateway Center30built1971(4)
One Newark Center22built1992
American Insurance Company Building16built1930(1)
Three Penn Plaza East12built1992
Prudential Headquarters Tower [A]20built2015
Prudential Building21built1942(1)
One Theatre Square22under construction
Gateway Center III19built1984
56 Park Place26proposed
Crescent Park21built(1)
Gateway II18built1972(1)
Newark Legal Center20built1989
153 Halsey Street16built1927
Military Park Building23built1926
New Jersey Bell/Verizon Company20built1929
24 Commerce Street Building18built1926
Dr. Stanley S. Bergen Building19built1954
Zion Towers Apartments28built1969
33 Washington Street18built1970(1)
Carmel Towers25built1970
40 Rector Street23under construction
520 Broad Street18built1957
550 Broad Building18built1966(2)
Heritage Apartments24built1965
Elizabeth Towers21built1961
Macy's Department Store13built1923
One Washington Park17built1983
New Jersey Transit Headquarters17built
Ivy Hill Park Apartments I14built(1)
Hallmark House22built1965
Firemen's Insurance Building16built1910
Pavilion Apartments South21built1960
Griffith Building14built1928
155 Washington Street18built1930
St. James AME Apartments21built1972
Pavilion Apartments North21built1960(1)
Garden Spires20built1965
Academy Spires20built1965
Peter W. Rodino Federal Office Building15built1967
Gateway Center IV15built1988
Two Riverfront Center12built2013
Colonnade Park Apartments23built(1)
Nevada Street Apartments19built1978
Essex County Courts Building14built1968
New Community Commons Senior18built1980
Georgia King Village II18built1976
Georgia King Village I18built1976
Lincoln Park Towers15built1927
Anheuser-Busch Plant No. 210built1950
570 Broad Street14built1961
Forest Hill Towers II17built1962
Wesley Towers17built1967
Robert Treat Center14built1916
New Community Douglas Homes14built1929
Essex Building12built1911
Forest Hill Towers I16built1962
Brick Towers Apartments II16built1969
Brick Towers Apartments I16built1969
Ballantyne House16built1981
Kinney Building12built1913
First National State Bank12built1912
Academy Building12built1925
Abington Towers15built1961
46 Evergreen Avenue15built1968
10 Commerce Court12built1951
New Community Commons Associates15built1978
Mount Prospect Towers15built1960
Kretchmer Elderly Homes V15built1968
Kretchmer Elderly Homes I15built1968
Stephen Crane Elderly Homes VII15built1968
Stephen Crane Elderly Homes V15built1968
Essex County Jail14built1969
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center I12built1945
Verizon Building Addition10built
Verizon Building10built1930
Court Tower Apartments14built1974
Baxter Terrace South14built1968
Baxter Terrace North14built1968
New Hope Towers14built1974
Ivy Hill Park Apartments V14built1953
Ivy Hill Park Apartments IV14built1953
Ivy Hill Park Apartments III14built1953
Ivy Hill Park Apartments II14built1953
Seth Boyden Elderly Homes II14built1968
Seth Boyden Elderly Homes I14built1968
University Centre Tower13built2007
Firemen's Insurance Company Building10built1925
Chamber of Commerce Building10built1923
University Square Housing13built2006
UMDNJ Housing Residence13built2006
Sholom-Clemente Towers13built1976
YMCA - YWCA12built1955
Wiss Building10built1910
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center II10built1965
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