Formerly known as Wusih.

A city of eastern China between Shanghai and Nanjing. It is a shipping center.

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The Wharf Times Square68built2014(2)
Wuxi Suning Plaza68built2014(1)
Wuxi Maoye City - Marriott Hotel68built2014(2)
World Trade Center Wuxi50on hold(1)
Silver Pacific Place Tower B63on hold(1)
Silver Pacific Place Tower A63on hold(1)
Ascott Wuxi53built2015(1)
Hongdou International Plaza48built2009(1)
Centre 66 Tower 147built2014(1)
Run Hua International Building58built2009(2)
Centre 66 Tower 340proposed
Baoneng Taihu Cityunder construction
Centre 66 Tower 241built2017
Kempinski Hotel Wuxi50built2007(3)
San Sui International Hotel38built2015
Wuxi Suning Apartment50built2013
InterContinental Hotel36built2011(1)
Shanghai Center42built2013(1)
No.1 International 155built2008
Shanghai Center42built2013
Xi Sui Dong 249built2013(1)
Xi Sui Dong 149built2013(1)
No.1 International 250built2008
Wuxi Moi City Apartment C44built2010(1)
Wuxi Moi City Apartment B44built2010(1)
Wuxi Moi City Apartment A44built2010(1)
Times International A41built2010(1)
Post Comprehensive Mansion34built
Guomai Tower33built1996(1)
Huaguang Building39built1997(1)
Oriental Plaza32built(1)
Wu Zou Hehe Center30built2013(1)
Yi Shian International Apartment 343built2013(1)
Yi Shian International Apartment 243built2013(1)
Yi Shian International Apartment 143built2013(1)
Comphorwood 539built2013(1)
Comphorwood 439built2013(1)
Comphorwood 339built2013(1)
Comphorwood 239built2013(1)
Si Zou Bank Building30built(1)
Brocasting & TV Mansion32built2000(1)
Guo Lian Building30built(1)
Hua Dun Building26built2011(1)
Times Mansion31built
National Post Building25built(1)
Wuxi Power Supply Building26built(1)
Jin Ma International Garden330built2003
Jin Ma International Garden230built2003
Jin Ma International Garden130built2003
Wuxi Financial Building27built2013(1)
Times International C30built2010(1)
Times International B30built2010(1)
No.1 International 935built2007(1)
No.1 International 835built2007(1)
No.1 International 735built2007(1)
No.1 International 635built2007(1)
No.1 International 535built2007(1)
No.1 International 435built2007(1)
No.1 International 335built2007(1)
No.1 International 1035built2007(1)
Administration for Industry & Integrated S...23built2007(1)
Wealth Building28built
Nonglin Mansion28built
Wuxi Land and Resources Bureau24built2011(1)
Jin Yu Ti Sian33built2012(1)
Wuxi International Hotel28built
Scholars Hotel26built2011(1)
Fon Shan Culture & Creative Building27built2011(1)
Tai Hu Min Ju Develope Building27built
Hua Ren Phoenix Building25built2008(1)
Comphorwood 630built2013(1)
Comphorwood 130built2013(1)
Industry Design Building27built2008(1)
Wuxi City Hall26built2010(1)
Hubin Hotel26built2012
The Science & Business Center of Wuxi New ...24built(1)
Bank of China25built(1)
Vienna Hotel29built2011(1)
Wuxi National Integrated Circuit Design Ce...22built2013(1)
Wuxi National Integrated Circuit Design Ce...22built2012(1)
Wuxi National Integrated Circuit Design Ce...22built2013(1)
Wuxi National Integrated Circuit Design Ce...22built2013(1)
Wanda Plaza25built2010
Bei Chuan Building Phase 121built2012(1)
Chiway Center25built2008(1)
Jixiang Building25built(1)
Wuxi Jin Jiang Grand Hotel24built
New Jiangnan Garden24built
Hengtong International Building24built
Business Tower Phase 228built
Wuxi Wuchan Hotel23built1993
Wanda Square Office Building B23built2006(1)
Wanda Square Office Building A23built2006(1)
South Hotel23built
Fire Command Center19built2010
Guo Lian Group Building22built2013(1)
SOHO International Center22built2008
China Agriculture Bank Building22built2013
Xinhua Palace Hotel24built1994
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