Curitiba is a city in, and the capital of, Paraná state. It is one of the most important cities of Southern Brazil.

Located on a plateau 932 m above sea level, the city is 105 km west of the Atlantic Ocean. Its climate is subtropical, but less humid because of its elevation.

It is often considered one of the best planned cities because of its commitment to urban planning.

Official Municipal Website: http://www.curitiba.pr.gov.br/

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Portal do Passeio25built
Lamartine Babo25built
Edifício Rio Missouri25built1994
Wimbledon Park24built1991
Rio Sena24built1992
Delta Center18built
Monte Carlo23built
Grand Floridian23built
Torre Lazzi20built2009
Torre Atela20built2009
Picadilly Center19built
Torre do Batel B22built1989
Torre do Batel A22built1989
La Concorde21built1995
Cortina D'Ampezzo21built
The World18built
Edifício José Conrado Riedel18built
Green Village18built1997
Edifício Greenland Park18built1996
Country Ard18built
Suite Vollard15built2001
Comdominio Jardim Anbiental Torre IV36built1986
Curitiba Convention Center35built
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