The City of Leeds is a metropolitan borough and designated city in the ceremonial county of West Yorkshire. It's largest settlement is Leeds, with a population of 443,247, which is part of the West Yorkshire Urban Area.

Leeds is a regarded as one of the UK's fatest growing cities, and has successfully diversified its economy.

Official City Website: http://www.leeds.gov.uk/

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Bridgewater Place30built2007(1)
The Plaza36built2009(1)
Whitehall Riverside Tower30proposed
Opal Tower26built2008(1)
Park Plaza Hotel Leeds20built1966(1)
Tower North Central19built1967(1)
Cottingley Towers25built1972(2)
Cottingley Heights25built1972(2)
Central Village Tower22built2014
Broadcasting Tower23built2009
Candle House22built2009(1)
Clarence House20built2007(1)
West Point12built(1)
Waterside Apartments19built2008
City Square House15built2016
City House15built(1)
Gateway North and West14built2007
Wade House14built(1)
Wortley Towers17built1966(1)
Wortley Heights17built1966(1)
Shakespeare Towers17built1971(1)
Shakespeare Grange17built1971(1)
Shakespeare Court17built1971(1)
Scargill Grange17built1967(1)
Queens View17built1966(1)
Parkway Towers17built1967(1)
Oatland Towers17built1971(1)
Oatland Heights17built1971(1)
Oatland Court17built1971(1)
Naseby Grange17built1967(1)
Meynell Heights17built1967(1)
Malborough Towers17built1966(1)
Lovell Park Towers17built1967(1)
Lovell Park Heights17built1967(1)
Lovell Park Grange17built1967(1)
Holborn Towers17built1965(1)
Gargrave Court17built1967(1)
Gamble Hill Grange17built1969(1)
Gamble Hill Croft17built1968(1)
Crescent Towers17built1969(1)
Crescent Grange17built1969(1)
Clyde Grange17built1968(1)
Clyde Court17built1968(1)
Burnsall Grange17built1966(1)
Burnsall Croft17built1965(1)
Brignall Croft17built1968(1)
Gateway South15proposed
Granary Wharf A14built2009
New York House15proposed
Westgate Point13built
Trinity One14built2004
Ibis Leeds14built2004(1)
Sherburn Court15built1966(1)
Potternewton Heights15built1966(1)
Parkway Grange15built1967(1)
Parkway Court15built1967(1)
Granary Wharf B14built2009
The Triangle12built2005
The Tannery12built2004
Student Accomodation12built2004
Jurys Inn12built2004
College of Music Expansion12built2005
CityIsland Block B14built2005
CityIsland Block A14built2005
1 Brewery Wharf13built2008
St. James' Hospital Oncology Unit9built2007
Leeds Town Hall2built1858(1)