Purmerend is a municipality located in near Amsterdam, in the Randstad (Rim City) metro area of the Netherlands, which includes the large cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. It has largely become a commuter city for Amsterdam.

Official City Website: http://www.purmerend.nl/

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Heel Europa19built2015
Woontoren Sydneystraat15built2007(1)
De Wormer14built1980
De Twisck14built1980
De Schermer14built1977
De Roerdomp II14built1978(1)
De Roerdomp I14built1977(1)
De Purmer14built1978
Beemster Flat14built1979
De Boeier13built1970(1)
Mercuriusweg 6-17413built1973
Mercuriusweg 522-68813built1973
Mercuriusweg 348-51613built1973
Mercuriusweg 178-34613built1973
De Wilgenhoek13built1971
De B. Zweers13built
d'Rode Garrels13built(1)
d'Grote Frank13built(1)
d'Groene Citer13built(1)
d'Blauwe Gouwe13built(1)
Meteorenweg 848-100612built1968(1)
Meteorenweg 680-83812built1968(1)
De Purperreiger12built2001