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Tour de l'Europe36built1972(1)
Tour Plein Ciel B24built1972
Tour Plein Ciel A24built1970
Tour Wilson22built1972
Tour Porte du Miroir19built1973
Tour Delacroix A19built1981
Tour Dumas 218built1970
Tour Matisse A19built1981
Tour Nations B18built1969
Tour Nations A18built1969
Tour Dumas 118built1970
Tour Kennedy17built1975
Tour Grunewald J17built1974
Tour Grunewald B17built1974
Tour Matisse B17built1981
Tour Delacroix B17built1981
Tour Montaigne B16built1978
Tour Montaigne A16built1978
Tour de la Sécurité Sociale14built1972
Tour Matisse C15built1981
Immeuble Delacroix 515built1981
Immeuble Anvers13built1966