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Sunset Tower40under construction
Lagoon Towers 238under construction
Lagoon Towers 138built2014
City Hall Tower27proposed
Sea Opera 228built2007(2)
Sea Opera 128built2004(2)
SKY Towers 135built2011
SKY Towers - Tower 235built2014
The Terraces30built2011
David Tower Suites30built2014
Island Hotel33built2011(1)
Top Agamim30under construction
Sarfati More Tower II28under construction
Sarfati More Tower I28under construction
Esther Tower24proposed
Dimri Trio Tower C28built2014
Dimri Trio Tower B28built2013
Dimri Trio Tower A28built2013
Lagoon Towers - Lagoon Suites Tower26proposed
Halomot Tzukei HaShmura Tower B26built2016
The Four - Tower IV25proposed
The Four - Tower III25proposed
The Four - Tower II25proposed
The Four - Tower I25proposed
Clock Tower21on hold(1)
T Tower A25built2014
Solomon's Peaks Tower 225proposed
Solomon's Peaks Tower 125proposed
Orly Plaza Hotel25proposed
HaRav Kook Tower25proposed
Halomot Tzukei HaShmura Tower C26under construction
Halomot Tzukei HaShmura Tower A26built2015
Ginadi Ir Yamim24under construction
Carmel Hotel24built1994(2)
Villa Sky 124built2010
T Tower B23built2014
Dimri Al HaYam 123built2008(1)
Sea Star II24built2015
Sea Star I24built2015
Yir Yamim Tower 622built2011(1)
Yir Yamim Tower 522built2010(1)
Yir Yamim Tower 422built2010(1)
T Tower C21built2014
Yir Yamim Tower 322built2008(2)
Yir Yamim Tower 222built2008(2)
Yir Yamim Tower 122built2008(2)
Hydepark Tower 322built2006(1)
Hydepark Tower 222built2004(1)
Hydepark Tower 122built2003(1)
Alon Towers 223built2010
Alon Towers 123built2010
See Unik22built2014
Dimri Central Tower B22built2014
Dimri Central Tower A22built2014
South Beach Tower21built2013
Ocean View21built2014
La Mer Tower Tower B21built2014
Coral Tower 121built2016
Solomon's Peaks Tower 320proposed
Dimri Shmurat Yam Tower 322built2016
Dimri Shmurat Yam Tower 222built2014
Dimri Shmurat Yam Tower 122built2014
Alon Tower 417built2010
Alon Tower 317built2010
La Mer Tower Tower A19built2014
Lagoon Hotel18built2016
Azorim Shaked 916built2014
Azorim Shaked 816built2014
Top Design Tower C14proposed
Top Design Tower B14proposed
Top Design Tower A14built2014
Shirat Hasharon Tower B14built2013
Shirat Hasharon Tower A13built2013
32 Nitza Boulevard13built(1)