Second largest city in the Russian far east after Vladivostok.

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Dendrary 128built2010
Kazachya Gora-227built2010
Kazachya Gora-127built2007
Korona 225built2008
Korona 125built2008
House on Chernorechenskaya Street 225built2010
Gaidara 1525built
Sovetskaya 1023built
Richeville 222built2010
Richeville 122built2010
Kedrovaya Pyad22built
House on Gogolya Street22built2010
Karla Marksa 99b21built2010
Turgeneva 5520built
House On Frunze Street20built2010
House On Donskogo Per 220built2009
House On Donskogo Per 120built2009
Krasnorechenskaya 2319built2009
House On Istomina Street19built2009
Frunze 1119built
Istomina 22a18built
Bolchaya 9k318built
Volochaevskaya 13317built
Dzherzhinskogo 5617built
Dzherzhinskogo 2317built