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Palacio Pellegrini29under construction(1)
Amarras Center 327proposed(1)
Amarras Center 227under construction(1)
Amarras Center 127under construction(1)
Celestino X24built2009(1)
Terrazas del Boulevard20built2007(1)
Corporate Tower 217built2015(1)
Corporate Tower 117built2014(1)
Celestino IX18built2011(1)
Latino 515built2006(1)
Torre Avenida15built2008
Torre Leone Forte14built(1)
San Jerónimo XX14built2004(1)
Urquiza 184113built
San Jerónimo XXII14built2004(1)
San Jerónimo XXIII12built2005(1)
San Jerónimo XXVI12built2005(1)
Boulevard Pellegrini 297411built2005(1)
Urquiza 175711built2005