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Lodha Bellezza Tower B45built2012
Lodha Bellezza Tower A45built2012
Alien Space Station 134built2014
Lanco Hills Tower 233built2013
Lanco Hills Tower 1733built2013
Lanco Hills Tower 532built2013
Lanco Hills Tower 332built2013
Lanco Hills Tower 1632built2012
Lodha Bellezza Tower D34built2012
Lodha Bellezza Tower C34built2012
Lanco Hills Tower 1131built2011
Lanco Hills Tower 931built2011
Lanco Hills Tower 1531built2013
Lanco Hills Tower 430built2013
Lanco Hills Tower 631built2013
Lanco Hills Tower 1430built2012
Lanco Hills Tower 1230built
Lanco Hills Tower 1030built2011
Golf Edge 230built2016
Golf Edge 130built2015
Grand Hyatt Hyderabad30under construction
Lanco Hills Tower 829built2011
Lodha Meridian30under construction
Saket Sriyam Tower A25built2012
Mantri Celestia Phase B24built2012
Mantri Celestia Phase A24built2012
Tempus Residential Complex25built2012
Aparna Sarovar Tower 520built2009
Aparna Sarovar Tower 420built2009
Aparna Sarovar Tower 320built2009
Aparna Sarovar Tower 220built2009
Aparna Sarovar Tower 120built2009
Aparna Sarovar Tower 920built2010
Aparna Sarovar Tower 820built2010
Aparna Sarovar Tower 720built2010
Aparna Sarovar Tower 620built2010
Aparna Sarovar Tower 1420built2010
Aparna Sarovar Tower 1320built2010
Aparna Sarovar Tower 1220built2010
Aparna Sarovar Tower 1120built2010
Aparna Sarovar Tower 1020built2010
Saket Sriyam Tower B15built2011
Hotel Taj Krishna11built
Lanco Hills Tower 726built
Westin Hyderabad Mindspace Hotel16built2010
Courtyard by Marriott Hyderabad Hitec City16under construction
Lanco Hills Serviced Apartmentsproposed
Lanco Hills Office Towerproposed
Lanco Hills Holiday Innproposed