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City-In-City Alexandra Tower28under construction
Aquarelle 125built2009
Saturn Towers25built2008
Pussy-Willow25under construction
Belyaeva 40v25built2010
Belyaeva 40g25built2010
Belyaeva 40d25built2010
Belyaeva 40b25built2010
27 St. of Newspaper "Star"19built2004
Ulitsa Mira 13625built2009
Shosse Kosmonavtov 21725built2009
Shosse Kosmonavtov 21525built2010
Shosse Kosmonavtov 21325built2008
Alpiyskaya Gorka 1-325built2010
Alpiyskaya Gorka 1-225built2010
Alpiyskaya Gorka 1-125built2010
Pushkina 5024built2009
Metropolitan II22proposed
Metropolitan I22under construction
City-In-City Sheraton Tower22under construction
Kufonina 2020built2006
Gagarinskie Prudy20built2006
Stakhanovskaya Ulitsa 4519built2007
Kufonina 3019built
Ulitsa Pushkina 8018built2005
Ulitsa Lebedeva 3418built2006
Bulvar Gagarina 44A18built2005
Bulvar Gagarina 2618built2004
Yanaulskaya Ulitsa 3817built2007
Yanaulskaya Ulitsa 3617built2007
Yanaulskaya Ulitsa 3417built2007
Ulitsa Snaiperov 317built2007
Stakhanovskaya Ulitsa 45B17built2007
Parusa Nad Kamoy III17built2007
Parusa Nad Kamoy II17built2007
Parusa Nad Kamoy I17built2006