A city of southeast China on the Gan Jiang southeast of Wuhan. Dating from the 12th century, it is the capital of Jiangxi province.

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Nanchang IFC69under construction
Jiangxi Nanchang Greenland Central Plaza T...59built2015(1)
Jiangxi Nanchang Greenland Central Plaza T...59built2015(1)
Commercial Union Centre [1]58built2020(1)
Central Financial Street Tower58built2018(2)
Commercial Union Centre [2]57built2019(1)
Hi-Tech Greenland Center65built2015(2)
International Financial Center50built2011(1)
Xindi Center Main Tower53built2014(1)
Ligao International45built2014(1)
Yunzhong Towers260built2016(1)
Yunzhong Towers160built2016(1)
Wall Street Plaza50built2014(1)
Kerry Center45built2016
Causeway Bay International Plaza42built2016
Peace Hotel Tower B64built2013(1)
SINIC Center35built2017
CECIC Headquarters42built2017
Lianfa Building49built2011(1)
Central Spring40built2015
Binjiang Global Center One40built2013(1)
Xiqi International Hotel38built2006
ZhongHang Internatioanal Plaza Building38built2011(1)
Nanchang Bank Financial Services Centre36built2013(1)
Trilec International Finance Tower A43built2008
Peace Hotel Tower A45built2012(1)
Imperial Crown Hotel45built2010(1)
Fulong City35built2015
Jiangxi Electric Power Mansion32built2002(1)
Binjiang One LongXi40built2014(1)
Binjiang One Cullinan40built2014(1)
Zhong Shun International Hotel North Tower38built2007
Zhong Shun International Hotel South Tower38built2007
Shangri-La Hotel, Nanchang34built2014
Nanchang Broadcasting Centre21built2005(1)
Mingzhu Square Tower 132built(1)
Nanbin International Financial Tower25built2011(1)
Fortune Plaza Tower 234built(1)
Fortune Plaza Tower 134built
Jinling Headquarters Economy Building28built2015(1)
Nanchang Daily25built2013(1)
Grand Skylight International Hotel32built
Hai Po Lan Ting 432built2012(1)
Hai Po Lan Ting 332built2012(1)
Hai Po Lan Ting 232built2012(1)
Hai Po Lan Ting 132built2012(1)
Treasure Palace Hotel26built2006(1)
PICC Jiangxi Branch Tower31built
Mingzhu Square Tower 428built(1)
L Hotel26built(1)
Jiangxi Maritime Bureau26built(1)
Feng Chong Internationale26built2013(1)
Red Valley Triumph 133built2010(1)
New Customs Building28built
International Trade Square 227built
International Trade Square 127built
Guomao Square Tower B27built
Guomao Square Tower A27built
Agricultural Bank of China Tower23built1998
Jiangxi Daily Media Building25built2011(1)
Xinlong Building24built2013(1)
Mingzhu Square Tower 325built(1)
Honggu Building 129built2004(1)
Jiangxin International Building28built1996(1)
Honggu Building 227built2004(1)
Jindu Building25built2007
Mingzhu Square Tower 222built(1)
Pacific Hotel25built
Yufeng Building23built1998
Economy Building21built1988(1)
Nanchang Gloria Hotel20built1998(1)
Jiangxi Fuhao Hotel20built2001(1)
LakeView Hotel Nanchang21built(1)
Jiujiulong Hotel20built(1)
Tengwangge Tower6built1456
Qing Shan Hu Hotel15built1981
Shengjin Tower8built1868(1)
Hongdu Hotel13built1981
Jiangxi Provincial Department27built
Nanchang World Trade Center Residential To...20built2007
Nanchang World Trade Center Residential To...20built2007
Jingtian Tower16built