Barnaul is the capital of Altai Territory (Altaiskiy Kray).
It located on the left bank of the great Siberian River Ob.
The city was founded in 1730.

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Kvartal 2000 Tower30proposed
Twin Towers Complex35proposed
Anastasia Complex25built2007
Pavlovskiy Trakt, 12614built2003
Geblera, 3117built2005
Pavlovsky Trakt 8016built2006
Federal Tax Service Altai Branch15built2007
Krasnoarmeyskiy, 7916built2000
Krasnoarmeiskiy, 8116built1998
Molodyozhnaya, 4115built2003
Papanintsev 12316built2005
Partizanskaya, 4416built2004
Molodyozhnaya, 3B15built2004
Tourist Hotel14built1996
Pavlovsky Trakt 24716built2008
Pavlovsky Trakt 24316built2008
Pavlovsky Trakt 22716built2009
Pavlovsky Trakt 22116built2010
Pavlovsky Trakt 20316built2010
Partizanskaya, 10516built2006
Malakhova 11916built2008
Sotsialisticheskiy, 6315built1995
Popova, 9815built1999
Krasnoarmeyskiy, 58A15built1991
Antona Petrova, 246A15on hold
Antona Petrova, 237A14built1992
Yadrintseva, 8815built1998
Krasnoarmeysky Prospekt 69A15built2007
Popova, 9314built2004
Popova, 8914built2004
Entuziastov, 3014built1995
Parus Complex12built2006
Sberbank of Russia Altai Branch7built1996