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Listing 1 to 41 of 41 buildings
Perspolis39on hold
The Parus32built2014
Royal Plaza33built2013
Belbyttechproject Building20built1982(1)
Belarus Hotel22built1987(1)
The National Library of Belarus23built2006(1)
Alexandrov Passage19built2008
44 Masherov Av.20built1991(1)
42 Masherov Av.20built1986(1)
Ulitsa Shugaeva 921built
Ulitsa Shugaeva 721built
Ulitsa Shugaeva 1121built
54 Building 3 Kalinovsky Street20built1976(1)
Ulitsa Lesi Ukrainki 6/420built
Ulitsa Lesi Ukrainki 6/320built
Ulitsa Lesi Ukrainki 6/220built
Ulitsa Lesi Ukrainki 6/120built
Prospekt Rokossovskogo 6420built2004
Prospekt Gazety Pravda 4620built2005
Prospekt Gazety Pravda 4420built2005
24 b. 2 Vera Khoruzhaya St.16built1982(1)
22 Vera Khoruzhaya St.16built(1)
18 b. 1 Vera Khoruzhaya St.16built1988(1)
14 Vera Khoruzhaya St.16built1992(1)
10 b. 1/63 Vera Khoruzhaya St.16built1997(1)
Ulitsa Leshchinskogo 3919built2006
Ulitsa Leshchinskogo 3519built2006
Ulitsa Golubeva 2119built2006
Ulitsa Golubeva 1919built2006
Prospekt Rokossovskogo 123/B19built2006
Prospekt Rokossovskogo 123/A19built2006
54 Building 2 Kalinovsky St.18built(1)
Ulitsa Alibegova 1017built2005
BNTU 15th Building14built1983(1)
54 Building 1 Kalinovsky St.16built(1)
43 Slavinsky St.16built(1)
Residential Complex U Troickova25under construction
Office of National Olympic Committee16under construction
Magnet of Minsk Office Tower15proposed
Radisson Olympic Hotel12under construction
Magnet of Minsk Hotel Towerproposed