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Formerly known as Shihkiachwang.

The city is situated in the middle south of Hebei province. A small village until the turn of the century, when it became a railroad junction, it is now at the intersection of north-south and east-west highways and railroads. It has textile, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, automotive, and paper industries.

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Hebei Center Tower100proposed(1)
Shijiazhuang International Convention & Ex...82proposed(1)
Kaiyuan Center53built2012(2)
Shijiazhuang No.2 Telecommunication Hub Bu...43built2001(3)
Lerthai Center 246built2013(1)
Suning Plaza45built2013(1)
Lerthai Center 345built2013(1)
Xinyanzhao Fortune Center46under construction(1)
Lerthai Center 129built2013(1)
Huaqiang Plaza A38under construction(1)
New Cooperation Tower38under construction
Hyde International Plaza38built2013(1)
Hebei International Plaza 135under construction
Donghai Tower34built2004(2)
Shijiazhuang Pelagic Hotel38built2009
Mingmen Huadu 237built
IFC Tower 335under construction(1)
City Power Building32built2014
Canglong Guoji Twin Towers30under construction
Hebei Jingu Building30built(1)
Zhongyin Plaza A30built2012(1)
Zhongyin Plaza B26built2012(1)
Woman World Building30built2002(1)
Agriculturel Bank of China Tower29built(2)
Yuyuan Plaza A26built(1)
Lerthai Center 430built2013(1)
Free Port Building29built2004(1)
Hebei Aviation Tower29under construction(1)
Hebei Metallurgy Building30built(3)
Jingyuan Building28built2009(1)
Tianzi Guanli33built2009(1)
Hebei Radio and TV Network Corporation26built2006(1)
Zhongtie Times Plaza31built2010(1)
Huayin Building22built2002(1)
Hebei China World Hotel21built2002(1)
Zhuangjia Financial Tower26built2008(1)
Xiantianxia Plaza Kaiyuan Tower & Jiupai T...30built2006(1)
Hebei Provence Management Center Of Power ...29built1991(2)
Fortune Building 133built(1)
Hebei Guangming Building32built(1)
Shijiazhuang World Trade Center Plaza Hotel31built1999(1)
Hebei Hotel Yandu Building30built(1)
Times Ark30built2002(1)
Hebei TV Center23built(1)
Hebei Jinyuan Building32built(2)
Ximei Continental Mansion29built2013(1)
Shijiazhuang Changan Building28built(1)
Zhongtie Business Plaza28built2010(1)
Ximei Building28built2006(1)
Center Town26on hold(1)
Times Center31built2005(1)
Shuangge Xintai Yuan26built2009(1)
Hebei Young Sun Hotel26built1999(2)
Zhongxin Building26built2010(1)
Hebei Century Hotel29built2003(1)
Kailai Jindi26built(1)
Fortune Building 233built2003(1)
Yuyuan Plaza C28built(1)
Lidiya International Business Center26built2005(1)
Jingzhou International Hotel28built2011(1)
Tangtai Square27built(1)
Golden World Tower D26built2011(1)
Chang'an Plaza23built1998(1)
PICC Tower of Shijiazhuang25built(1)
Hengtai Deyu Apartment Twin Towers34built2007(1)
Huiwen Hotel28built(1)
Zhongyang Yuecheng 5A Twin Towers26built2011(1)
Binjiang Business Building30built2012(1)
DingTai Center25built2012(1)
Lemo Twin Towers28built2008(1)
Shijiazhuang Dongfang Building27built1997(2)
Wanda Plaza Office Tower B & C27built2014(1)
Wanda Plaza Office Tower A27built2011(1)
China Minsheng Bank26built2014(1)
Feoso New World Center24built2004(1)
Sui Yuan31built2008(1)
Century Ark31built2005(1)
Xiantianxia Plaza Apartments 330built2006(1)
Xiantianxia Plaza Apartments 230built2006(1)
Xiantianxia Plaza Apartments 130built2006(1)
Meidong International Building30built2005(1)
Wanda Plaza Towers 1-429built2011(1)
Hebei International Plaza 329under construction
Hebei International Plaza 229under construction
Xinyuan NASA28built2012(1)
Mingmen Huadu 1-828built2008(1)
Mingmen Huadu 1-1228built2008(1)
Mingmen Huadu 1-1128built2008(1)
Mingmen Huadu 1-128built2008(1)
Ziguangdu Diamond Plaza27built2013(1)
Jiadi Jiazuo Twin Towers27under construction
China Business Plaza26built2005(1)
Junchuang International Tower25built2008(1)
JiaHe Plaza24under construction
IFC Tower 1 & 224under construction(1)
Hebei Press Building24built2009(1)
TaiHe Building22built(1)
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