A city of southern China on the Xiang Jiang west-southwest of Shanghai. It was founded in the early third century B.C. and was long noted as a literary center. Changsha is the capital of Hunan province.

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The Wharf IFS Tower 194built2018(2)
Northstar Changsha Centre Tower 1proposed(1)
Shimao Hunan Centerunder construction(1)
Binjiang IFC [1]under construction(1)
Xinchu Qingtian Plaza Tower 1under construction(2)
The Wharf IFS Tower 263built2018
Xinchu Qingtian Plaza Tower 2under construction(2)
Xihu Landmark Tower70proposed
Huachuang International Plaza Tower 166built2017(2)
Fuxing Global Financial Center Tower 1proposed(1)
First Financial City [3]proposed
First Financial City [2]proposed
Xiang River Tower73proposed(1)
Huayuan Golden Bund58built2016(1)
Xinhe Delta Beichen Project60built2014(1)
Binjiang IFC [2]under construction(1)
The St. Regis Changsha63built2016(1)
Furongguo Tower60proposed
Jinmao International Plaza [Tower 2]52built2017(1)
Jinmao International Plaza [Tower 1]52built2017(1)
Shimao Riviera53on hold(1)
Hunan Daily Media Center54built2017(1)
Poly Nanhu Plaza57built2015(1)
Bofu International Plaza Office Tower60built2014(1)
Changsha No.2 Telecom Hinge Building43built2003(1)
Hunan International Finance Building43built1998(2)
Kineer International Towerunder construction(1)
Greenland Centerunder construction
Dolton Hotel Changsha51built1998(1)
Hunan Hydropower Department32built(1)
Bofu International Plaza Residential Tower44built2013
Agricultural Bank of China Tower47built1984(2)
China Telecom Service Tower40built
Hunan Electric Power Company Headquartersbuilt
Hunan Yunda International Plaza A28built2007(1)
Dongjing Building28built
Xiang Quan Hotel33built2001
Hunan Yunda International Plaza B30built
Cyber Times29built2002
Royal Seal International Hotel28built2003
United Business Circles30built
Hunan Fortune Center32built
Gold Source Hotel29built
Wu Hua Hotel28built
VIP Tower28built2002
Huatian Hotel28built2004
I Do Love Allbuilt2012
Changsha Evening News Newspaper Building25built
Huiyuan Mansion27built
Grand Sun City Hotel Tower 126built
Tongtian Hotel24built
Friendship Hotel25built1996
Changsha Mansion21built
Tianfang Building17built
Shisu Fengbiao17built
Xinchangjiang Hotel15built
Haiyi International Hotel15built
Greenland Center Tower [1]43proposed
Greenland Center Tower [3]26proposed
Science Building25built
Greenland Center Tower [2]24proposed
Sygnet Hotel22built