Ürümqi formerly known as Urumchi.
A city of northwest China in the Tian Shan. It's the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

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Baoneng Financial Center [3]under construction(1)
Baoneng Financial Center [2]under construction(1)
Baoneng Financial Center [1]under construction(1)
Urumqi Greentown Square Tower Aunder construction(1)
Greenland Center [2]under construction(2)
Greenland Center [1]under construction(2)
Zhongtian International Mansion56built2007(2)
Baoneng Financial Center [5]proposed
Baoneng Financial Center [4]proposed
ABK Times Square Tower31built2011(1)
Urumqi Greentown Square Tower Cunder construction
Urumqi Greentown Square Tower Bunder construction
Laiyuan Plaza 239built2008(1)
Laiyuan Plaza 139built2008(1)
Times Square H-office A & B38built2011(1)
Hongshan New Century Building39built2002(1)
PetroChina Production Command Center35built2009(1)
Xinjiang Bank of China38built2001(1)
Hoi Tak Hotel33built1997
Sheraton Urumqi36built2008(1)
Guangming Building32built(1)
Times Square O-Home30built2011(1)
Holiday Inn Urumqi24built1992(1)
Silver Star Hotel24built2002
Shenzhen City Building30built
Urban Building28built2005
Huanqiu Hotel24built1992
China Hotel30built
Hongyun Building30built
People's Square Union Building27built(1)
Xinjiang Cloud Computing Center24built2014(1)
Hongfu Hotel Tower A28built1998
Xinjiang City Hotel22built
Urumqi Greentown Square Tower Gbuilt
Urumqi Greentown Square Tower Fbuilt
Urumqi Greentown Square Tower Ebuilt
Urumqi Greentown Square Tower Dbuilt
Residential Tower #205 at Greenland Squareunder construction
Residential Tower #202 at Greenland Squareunder construction
Residential Tower #201 at Greenland Squareunder construction
Haotai Plaza Tower B31built
Hongxin Hotel28built
Huarong Building27built2004
Haotai Plaza Tower C25built
Xingjiang University Tower25built
Junfa Building25built
Nongken Commercial Building22built
Verité Building18built2011(1)
Ruichang Building21built
Haotai Plaza Tower D29built
Haotai Plaza Tower A25built
Urumqi Government Office20built
Haotai Plaza Cultivation Center20built
Huadu Hotel19built
Bavaria Hotel18built
Yindu Hotel20built1997
Mingyuan New Times Hotel16built
Hongfu Hotel Tower B15built
Kunlun Hotel8built1959
Urumqi International Airport New Terminal ...3built2001