Formerly known as Foochow or Fuchou.

A city of southeast China on the Min River delta. An ancient walled city, it was a treaty port following the Opium War (1839–1842). Fuzhou has been the capital of Fujian province since the tenth century.

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Thang Long Global Center57built2019(1)
Shimao International Center Main Tower56built2012(1)
Hualu Center68proposed
Yuyang Tower56built2014(1)
Fusheng Qianlong Plaza50built2016(2)
Sandy Federal Tower55built2017(1)
Fuzhou IFC48built2015(1)
Vanke Jinyu Central Tower 164built2015
Shenglong Center44built2014
Mincheng Centerbuilt2016
Fujian Power Dispatching and Communication...40built2006(1)
Vanke Jinyu Central Tower 2built2015
World Development Plaza 148built1997
Zhengda Plaza Tower 142built2008
Yi Fa Tower33built2002
Shimao Bund Garden 149built2008
Bank Of China Fujian Branch30built1997(1)
Fuzhou Global Plaza38built1997
Shimao Bund Garden 547built2007
Shimao Bund Garden 247built2007
Min Tong Building26built
Zhongshan Building33built
Fujian Broadcasting & TV Center 130built2007
Ping An Mansion32built
World Golden Dragon Mansion35built1997
Fujian Foreign Trade Center Hotel32built1997
Shimao Bund Garden 639built2007
Qiaoyi Building32built1997
Fuzhou International Trade Square32built
Yuanhong Mansion32built
Fuzhou Long-distance Telecom Hub Tower21built1995
Shangri La Hotel Fuzhou26built2005
Golden Resources International Hotel27built
Shimao Bund Garden 431built2007
Shimao Bund Garden 331built2007
Xintiandi Tower24built
Wuyi Center23built
Junlinge Tower26built
Fujian Broadcasting & TV Center 220built2007
Longyan Tower23built
Julong Square Vice-West19proposed
Julong Square Vice-East19proposed
Zhengda Plaza Tower 224built
Pingshan Tower21built
Fuzhou Industrial & Commerce Bank Gulou Br...17built
Broadcasting And Television Centre18built1978
Shuangfeng Building17built
Min Jiang Hotel16built1979
Sanyou Building16built
Guotai Tower16built
Lakeside Hotel20built
Jiaxing Building15built
Fuzhou University Science Tower15built
CPC Fujian Weidangxiaobuilt
Huaxin Tower15built
Hot Spring Hotel14built
World Development Plaza 230built1997
Fujian Bank Of China Tower30built
Pingan Building29built
Lippo Tianma Plaza28built
Westlake Hotel22built
White Horse Tower18built1994
Biaoli Tower18built
Huiduoli Tower17built
Fujian CCB Tower16built