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Kajetan Sweth Strasse 5424built1976(1)
Schützenstrasse 46g19built1973(1)
Kajetan-Sweth-Straße 116built
LKH Innsbruck - Neue Chirurgische Universi...14built(1)
Schützenstraße 1015built
Reichenauer Straße 9915built
Reichenauer Straße 9715built
Reichenauer Straße 9515built
Reichenauer Straße 9315built
Reichenauer Straße 9115built
Hilton Innsbruck15built
Amraser Strasse 5415built
Kugelfangweg 517built1975
LKH Innsbruck - Frauen- und Kopfklinik10built
Universitätsklinik LKH Innsbruck14built
Innrain 10214built
Andechsstraße 6314built
Andechsstraße 6114built
Andechsstraße 5914built
PEMA II12built2018
Headline Tower12built2012(1)
Sillufer 1113built
Reichenauer Straße 9613built
Innrain 9813built
Hotel Ramada Innsbruck Tivoli13built2011(1)
An-der-Lan-Straße 2613built
An-der-Lan-Straße 2413built
An-der-Lan-Straße 2213built
An-der-Lan-Straße 2013built
Bienerstraße 1414built
Reichenauer Straße 10212built
Reichenauer Straße 10012built
Kugelfangweg 3812built
Kugelfangweg 2612built
Kajetan-Sweth-Straße 3212built
Kajetan-Sweth-Straße 2312built
Kajetan-Sweth-Straße 1112built
Hunoldstraße 312built
Hörmannstraße 412built
General-Eccher-Straße 3612built
Burghard-Breitner-Straße 1312built
Bienerstraße 2012built
Bienerstraße 1812built
An-der-Lan-Straße 5212built
An-der-Lan-Straße 4512built
An-der-Lan-Straße 3312built
An-der-Lan-Straße 29-3112built
An-der-Lan-Straße 1812built
Ampfererstraße 112built
Innstraße 5017built1976
Innstraße 4817built1976
Landesgericht Innsbruck13built
GEIWI-Turm, Uni Innsbruck12built