Flint is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan and is located along the Flint River, 66 miles northwest of Detroit. The city is best known for being the birthplace of the General Motors Corporation, and the Flint Sit-Down Strike of 1936-37 that played a vital role in the formation of the United Auto Workers. It has also become a symbol of the decline in the auto industry. Flint area native Michael Moore created the 1989 documentary film Roger & Me dealing with the impact that the closure of several General Motors manufacturing plants in the late 1980s had on Flint's population. The city is often mentioned, and featured at various lengths, in most Moore documentaries.

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Mott Foundation Building17built1930(1)
Riverfront Residence Hall15built1981(1)
FirstMerit Bank Building - South11built1928(1)
Northbank Center12built1923(1)
Hurley Medical Center12built1928
McLaren Regional Medical Center - Patient ...12built1993
FirstMerit Bank Building - North10built1958(1)
352 South Saginaw11built1920
River Village Apartments12built1980
Richert Manor Apartments12built1970
The Durant8built1920
First Street Lofts7built1923
FirstMerit Bank Building - West6built