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Xintian Times Squareproposed
Greenland Zhengzhou Central Plaza South Tower63built2016(2)
Greenland Zhengzhou Central Plaza North Tower63built2016(2)
Greenland Plaza63built2012(2)
EPH Headquarters32built2012(1)
Jinshui Wanda Center43built2016
Zhengzhou Resources Center40built2014
Yuda International Trade Center45built1998(1)
Brekke Jewelry Tower26built
Lianhe Center32built(1)
New World Hotel31built
Zhengdong New District Tower C3-1630proposed(1)
Zhengdong New District Tower C3-0930proposed(1)
Minsheng Bank Plaza30built(1)
CIC Mansion30built(1)
Henan Zhengzhou Journalism Mansion28built(1)
Commercial Office Tower [1]23proposed(1)
Zhongyan Buildingbuilt2008
Greenland Hotel35built1988
Hualin New Times Square21built
Henan Newspapering Building24built2000
Jinyun Building32built1998
Zhengzhou Post Hub Tower29built2003
Commodity Exchange Tower25built(1)
Zhengzhou Evening Newspaper & News Building22built1996
Centerplain Trade Center Wuhua Hotel24built1993
Zhengzhou Sanjiu Hotel29built
Henan Dahe JinJiang Hotel28built
Henan Great Wall Restaurant21built2000
Aerospace Business Tower20built
London Hotel25built
Faxiang Electrical Building20built
Sofitel Hotel Zhengzhou20built1999
Zhengzhou Jinguyuan Hotel16built
Railway Station Hotel16built1976
Henan Art Center8built
Tian Quan Hotel14built
Golden Sunshine Hotel14built
Wanda 27 Plaza30built2012
Jinyun Building30built
Commercial Office Tower 223proposed
Yubo City Jingdian18built2003
Zhengzhou Middle Capital Hotel17built1996
Zhengzhou Red Coral Hotel16built1996
Henan Civil Aviaton Hotel16built1998