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Old Posted Aug 8, 2011, 9:21 PM
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Originally Posted by BoiseAirport View Post
I've been visiting Louisville several times this year... first time I'd ever been to Kentucky. I was very impressed and fascinated with the city, I was especially impressed with the beautiful skyline. Personally, from an outsider's point of view that Museum Plaza project is one of the downright ugliest, tackiest projects I've ever seen, and would've completely ruined Louisville's otherwise gorgeous skyline. It just looked horrifically out of place, and incredibly distracting to the beauty of the downtown core.

Based on my experiences, I really enjoyed my travels to Louisville, and as my folks now live near the area, I'll be travelling there quite frequently in the future, and I definitely look forward to it.
I've only been there once, but I agree. I thought theirs was a very nice skyline and again, I am delighted that horrible building isn't happening!
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Old Posted Aug 10, 2011, 1:53 AM
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Originally Posted by eburress View Post
Thank goodness!! That was the ugliest, graceless, most inelegant building I have ever seen and it would have forever ruined the Louisville skyline. All Louisville locals should be thanking their lucky stars that abomination didn't happen!
Your opinion about the building is very different from that of many others. It was going to be a striking addition to the skyline of Louisville. The only thing we've all seems to be accomplishing recently is tearing down historic buildings to build surface parking lots. Most of the deals for this type of de-development have been done in the back rooms of government between our mayor and several developers (mainly Todd Blue).
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Old Posted Dec 29, 2011, 8:30 PM
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Originally Posted by shakman View Post
Unfortunately Museum Plaza is dead:
I just checked this site for the first time in a while..... visit Louisville often. Thank you for posting the link, I had found the info thru other means.
I am very sad/sorry to hear they could not make that project work. What a forward thinking and ambitious project. I hope Their creative sights are met with more sound financial dealings in the future.
That tower would have been an incredible architectural landmark AND civic destination.
Alas..... it's been fun watching smaller projects sping up around downtown. Always enjoy my visits here. ( Live in Austin) Cheers ya'll!
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