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Old Posted Nov 10, 2014, 8:00 PM
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Scottsdale, AZ: Old Town

Old Town Scottsdale is the city's original townsite. Scottsdale was named for U.S. Army chaplain Winfield Scott, who encouraged settlement of the area. The town was subdivided by Albert G. Utley, from Rhode Island, in 1894.

Scottsdale was an agricultural community in its early years, with oranges and other citrus grown in the area, as well as cotton. The community was originally called "Orangedale" by Winfield Scott, until renamed in 1894 when the town was laid out.

Called "the West's most Western town", Scottsdale residents have long had an appreciation for the arts, beginning with the early settlers that came from the East Coast and Midwest. This has translated into numerous art galleries and extensive public art in Old Town. The arts scene has moved northward into Downtown Scottsdale in the past few decades. Nevertheless, Old Town continues to attract tourists for its combination of Western theme, and its cultural scene.

Signage for Old Town Scottsdale is in a Western theme, reflecting Scottsdale's history, and it's slogan of "the West's most Western town."

The "Welcome to Old Town Scottsdale" cowboy sign, at Main Street & Scottsdale Road. The sign was first used in 1952 and made of wood, then replaced with a sign made of tin in the 1960s.

The Western theme is everywhere in Old Town Scottsdale. Even the parking lots in Old Town continue this theme. Parking lots are referred to as "corrals". A farmer's market is held on this site regularly.

Cavalliere's Blacksmith Shop, on Brown Avenue at 2nd Street. The shop was built in 1920.

A livery stable on Brown Avenue, across from Cavalliere's Blacksmith Shop. While the shoulder in much of Old Town is used for parking, in front of the stable the parking is designated for horses and buggies.

The Old Adobe Mission, on Brown Avenue at 1st Street. The church was built in 1933.

The church was built by Mexican Catholics, and was dedicated to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The mission acted as the main parish church until 1948, and was restored in 2000.

Saba's Famous Texas Boots, on Main Street. The store was built in 1921 as the Sterling Drug Store, and became Saba's in 1948.

Saba's Famous Texas Boots sells, obviously, cowboy boots, and other authentic cowboy gear.

Porter's Western Wear, on Brown Avenue. The structure was built in 1929 as Scottsdale's first U.S. Post Office.

Buildings on Brown Avenue. On the right is Mexican Imports, which was built in 1923 as Johnny Rose's Pool Hall.

"The Yearlings", on Scottsdale Mall. The statue was dedicated in 1986.

The Scottsdale Historical Museum, on Scottsdale Mall. The structure was built in 1909 as the Scottsdale Grammar School. It is also referred to as the "Little Red Schoolhouse".

The Winfield Scott Memorial, on Scottsdale Mall. The statue was dedicated in 2007.

A restaurant on Scottsdale Mall.

The Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, on Scottsdale Mall. The structure was built in 1975.

The Civic Center Library, on Scottsdale Mall. The library was built in 1968.

The Herb Drinkwater statue, on Scottsdale Mall. The statue of Scottsdale's mayor from 1980 to 1996 was dedicated in 2003.

"LOVE", by Robert Indiana, on Scottsdale Mall. The Pop Art icon was deidcated as permanent art in 2002. It is one of 18 such pieces of art in the United States, and one of 43 in the world.

Buildings along Brown Avenue, including Porter's, which was originally the post office.

A building on Brown Avenue.

A spa on 1st Street.

"Blessings to All", in a park on Brown Avenue.

Shops on Brown Avenue.

Buildings on 1st Avenue. In the background is Camelback Mountain.

A shop at 1st Avenue & Brown Avenue.

Stores along a pedestrian alley off of Main Street.

Bischoff's Shades of the West, at Main Street & Brown Avenue.

The store has handcrafted street markers of their own on their building.

The Rusty Spur Saloon, on Main Street.

The saloon was built in 1921 as the Farmer's Bank of Scottsdale.

The saloon is adorned with dollar bills with messages written across them, license plates, and other memorabilia.

Stores on Main Street.

Looking west down Main Street at the Hotel Valley Ho.

A restaurant on Main Street at Scottsdale Road.

The Sugar Bowl Restaurant, on Scottsdale Road at 1st Avenue. The restaurant was built in 1950 as the Western Motor Service, and was altered in 1958.

A retail building on Scottsdale Road. The structure was built in 1958 and was originally a Woolworth store.

Shipp Plaza, on Scottsdale Road. The New Urbanism structure was built in 1987.

The Pink Pony Restaurant, on Scottsdale Road. The restaurant was built in 1954 as the Sprouse-Reitz Drugstore.

"Jack Knife", in a traffic circle at Main Street and Marshall Way. The statue was dedicated in 1993.

Galleries on Main Street at Marshall Way.

An art gallery at Main Street & Marshall Way.

Art studios on Main Street.

The Hotel Valley Ho, at the western end of Main Street. The hotel was built in 1956.

The hotel's tower was added in 2005, in the same Mid-Century Modern design as the two-story wings.

The Hotel Valley Ho was designed by Edward L. Varney, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Loloma Vista apartment complex, on 2nd Street. The structure was built in 1958.

Scottsdale Artists' School, at 2nd Street & Marshall Way. The school was built in 1928 as Scottsdale Grammar School No. 2, and was known for a long time as Loloma School.

The Charles Miller House, on 1st Street. The bungalow was built in 1913.

Buildings on 2nd Street.

The Adobe Apartments, on 1st Avenue. The residences were built in 1953.

A house on 1st Avenue.

A house on 1st Avenue.

A salon on 1st Avenue.

A house on 1st Avenue.

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Old Posted Nov 10, 2014, 10:02 PM
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Old Posted Nov 10, 2014, 10:20 PM
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Old Posted Nov 11, 2014, 11:01 AM
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great, great thread. i tip my cowboy hat to you for keeping track of everything. i have so much trouble doing that.

please tell me johnnys pool hall relocated and still exists? because every town should have a johnnys pool hall!
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Old Posted Nov 11, 2014, 1:23 PM
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bought some jewelry there once, nice place.
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Old Posted Nov 12, 2014, 3:46 PM
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I honestly never knew there were that many legitimate (pre-war) buildings in Old Town Scottsdale (ie, more than 1 or 2). All it's really known for is the club, bar, nightlife scene, and then the art galleries. And the Hotel Valley Ho with it's pool, bars, and preserving its MCM architecture is one of the better known and industry leaders that other hotels in the Valley strive to be.

Thanks for the pics and info!
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Old Posted Nov 14, 2014, 6:03 AM
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Enjoyed the history! I had no idea. Often these gems are lost and overlooked with all of the modern developments occurring in Old Town.

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Old Posted Nov 16, 2014, 6:05 AM
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Sweet!! Thanks for the thread!!
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Old Posted Nov 19, 2014, 2:46 PM
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Thanks for the comments! A place called "Old Town" would seemingly have some historic buildings, and even in a place like Scottsdale, that's true. You just have to dig a little deeper to find out.

No Johnny's Pool Hall anywhere, as far as I know. Maybe someone should resurrect it, though. It would go well with the Rusty Spur Saloon.
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Old Posted Nov 21, 2014, 1:44 AM
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I have in-laws who live in the area - cracks me up that some deride the area as 'Snottsdale' and others live and love the whole bar/nightlife scene there. It's a strange walkable mix of southwest-hokey and semi-chic if that makes sense?
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