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Old Posted Jul 8, 2010, 6:10 PM
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The 5 minute tour of Baltimore

My wife and I went to DC a few weeks ago for our honeymoon. I probably won't make the effort to post any of the 1,000 + pictures I took in DC since DC is probably one of the most well photographed cities anywhere in the world and we mostly stuck to touristy junk anyway because we haven't done it yet, so it's still exciting and new.

Anyway, our flight back was in the evening from BWI, so the plan was to ride up in the morning, check our bags, and spend a bit of the day checking out Baltimore. That was a fail since apparently you can't check your bags in more than 4 hours early. I was still determined to at least ride the light rail though, so as soon as we checked our bags we jumped on the light rail, rode up as far as Camden Yards, took a couple pictures, and jumped back on the train back to BWI

The LRT was an experience. It was night and day compared to the DC metro in almost every aspect. It sat at BWI forever before taking off, it was relativly slow, rural, stopped a lot, etc. Not criticisms of the system, it worked very well for what it was, but it was a night and day difference compared to the DC metro that we had ridden that same day. The biggest difference we both noticed (hopefully without sounding too classist/racist) was easily the people. The DC metro is diverse, business class, and clean. Lots of people in suits, quite a few obvious tourists, some working class people, and we rode it every day for a week with no encounters with crazy people. We admittedly only rode the Baltimore light rail twice, but the people were the polar opposite of DC. Nobody in suits, no obvious tourists (except probably me taking lots of pictures ), no diversity. Everyone on the train was dressed like working class people, several obviously crazy people on both trains, and almost all African American. I'm not exaggerating when I say that of the fairly full train car we were on on the way into Baltimore (and the way back wasn't much different), my wife and I were the only two people in the train car that weren't black. The DC metro is filled with people minding their own business, reading newspapers, zoning out into ipods or DVD players, the Baltmore light rail was full of very loud, very vocal people either yelling at each other, cursing into their phones, etc. People on the Baltimore LRT were not shy about talking to strangers, no one on the DC metro interacted with us once except for 1 very loud Texan. I'll just leave it at... it was an experience. I highly recommend visiting Baltimore with the light rail system, and I hope your trains are as fascinating as ours because we certainly weren't bored all day. At least as far as transit systems go, Baltimore and DC felt like foreign countries, and I highly recommend visitng both if you haven't already.

Anyway, here are the pictures I got of Baltimore.

The Camden Yards LRT station looking at Downtown.

Back on the train heading back to BWI

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Old Posted Jul 8, 2010, 6:15 PM
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There is a recent thread in another forum about Corten steel clad buildings...on a similar note, the Light Rail LRVs in Baltimore are made of painted Corten steel....

See the bottom of this web site for info on their construction...

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