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Old Posted Aug 20, 2012, 5:21 PM
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hkskyline's Around Asia in 88 Photos

Summer is a time for re-runs, and here's my re-run of 88 photos from my travels around Asia, some of which have not been posted to SSP before.

Mumbai's Chatrapathi Shivaji looks awesome outside, but very run-down inside.

Hop on and hop off!

Today' Taj Hotel would likely have more security to prevent me from visiting and photographing everything.

Feeding time.

A 5+ hour ride on bumpy roads to Agra was the price to pay for this.

New Delhi was a surprisingly clean and green city. Too bad the monsoon was still lingering around.

I booked a lunch Dubai's Burj al Arab. The food was very expensive but service was great. They didn't have a window seat for me despite arriving early. I knew from earlier discussions that they could not guarantee a window seat, so I wasn't at all surprised. But they eventually found a seat and moved me over later on. How thoughtful!

1 dirham a ride - what a bargain!

These courtyard boutiques offer a very relaxed environment to enjoy the winter sun.

I don't even know the name of most of these spices.

Spring cherry blossoms are awesome in Gyeongju.

It was a worthwhile but tiring day trip to Andong to see the 600-year-old Hahoe village.

I went to Busan for a weekend just to see the beach festival, even booking a hotel room next to it.

Fish, anyone?

Who likes to visit the royal tombs in Seoul?

There are many examples of funky modern architecture.

Shanghai's historic lowrises are fast disappearing.

Hope I can enjoy this view from my bedroom again soon.

Shanghai glitters at night.

Expo 2010 was awesome but crowded!

Hong Kong's proletariat will soon have to rise against the bourgeoisie in a different way.

History meets modernity.

Squeeze in!

The sky is on fire!

What do you want to add to the aquarium tonight?

Zhonghua Gate is the main entry point along the historic Nanjing city wall today. The walls date from the start of the Ming Dynasty in the 14th century, and were the most extensive in the world at the time. This is not a simple door in the wall. It is a reinforced defense structure, cemented by mortar frm glutinous rice, with gates within gates and chambers that can confuse and trap the enemy.

The first emperor of the Ming Dynasty is buried here while subsequent emperors were buried in Beijing. Next door is the mausoleum of modern China's founding father, Dr. Sun Yat-sen.

Various canal towns dot the Yangtze River Delta. Many have become touristy, and it took a cold winter day and falling snow to scare them away so I can have it all to myself. Welcome to Zhujiajiao.

I wasn't so lucky with Zhouzhuang.

These statues depict emissaries from abroad that came to the Tang Dynasty emperor's funeral. The imperial burial ground is located outside Xian.

Xian's bustling Muslim quarter consists of several streets of markets selling everything from noodles to souvenirs.

This is a mosque ... Chinese-style.

Guangzhou's Guangdong Museum has a huge collection that can easily occupy a whole day's itinerary. The lines get quite bad already early in the morning. Rather than wait an hour or two for a free ticket, I opted to pay a minimal charge for the special exhibit, which in turn lets me into the free exhibits without lining up.

This hillside vantage point of Xiamen charges a fortune but is still worth it.

UNESCO designated 46 tulou in Fujian province as a World Heritage site in 2008. Several stories high, these residences / fortresses face inside in a circular or square fashion. Entire family clans of several hundred people can live in a single tulou.

Casa do Mandarim is a traditional Chinese residential with courtyards, grey bricks, and timber windows, dating from over a hundred years ago. It's a big residence for the wealthy in Macau.

Shenzhen has an amazing set of new architecture on show.

I really like these subway exit maps.

The China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition is held every two years in Zhuhai. The 2010 edition is the 8th session, featuring both military and civilian aircraft.

Guilin is a city yet it is also nature's paradise.

Although touristy, Fenghuang still exerts a historic mystique.

Likewise, Zhangjiajie's rugged peaks showcase nature's grandeur.

Taipei is not really a city of highrises.

Taiwanese stinky tofu can get quite ... stinky.

Originally called "Jilong", meaning hens' cage, Keelung is the Taiwan's second port. During the Qing dynasty, the harbour was developed as a naval defense centre and a railroad was built to connect with Taipei.

It will take many years to restore Beijing's Forbidden City.

This part of Taiwan emerged from the ocean more than 20 million years ago due to tectonic movements. Erosion and seismic activity have created rocks of various shapes and sizes. Today, the area is a geological park where visitors can roam around these rocks freely.

The British picked the best view in Kaohsiung to build their consulate.

I was quite excited when the concierge offered a high-floor room for my stay in Singapore.

Sin money ... under construction.

Ho Chi Minh City's city centre looks well-planned.

Kuala Lumpur has a good selection of grand colonial-era buildings.

Malacca - the Portuguese were here.

With ample tropical moisture, Bali farmers can squeeze 2 rice crops a year.

Ubud Palace is apparently still inhabited by the local royal clan, although I don't think I came across them during my visit. The buildings are intricately decorated with all sorts of statues and faces.

Osaka's Umeda Sky Building seems to sit in the middle of nowhere. But its outdoor rooftop observation deck is a great place to watch the sunset.

Great raw fish doesn't necessarily break the wallet.

Kyoto became the capital of Japan in the 8th century, and remained the capital for over 1000 years. With many temples and historic sights, I took 3 days to explore a few of the highlights. Being only 30 minutes away by express train and 15 minutes by Shinkansen, Kyoto is a great day trip option from Osaka.

Tourist trap!

Sunlight, trees, moss, and algae make an interesting photogenic mix.

Unlike the rest of Japan that I've visited, large crowds and city life don't associate with Okinawa. Instead, this is a tropical paradise where visitors come to enjoy nature and have a great time.

Here along the northern coast, it is still a tropical paradise. It was a lovely sunny day.

This part of Japan is as American as you can get.


Located close to the waterfront, the World Trade Center's observation deck is not as famous as Tokyo Tower, City View, or City Hall, but still offers very nice views.

Delicious fish, many tourists, and rude workers.

Railway fans must come here!

While Dubai is often referred to as a cultural desert and an artificial playground for the rich, Sharjah was supposed to compensate for what Dubai lacks.

While not as flashy as Dubai, Abu Dhabi has, in recent years, tried to diversify away from oil and into tourism. But much of it is still under construction outside the downtown core, and getting around remains difficult unless you like to ride taxis all day.

Hide from the heat inside this tent, and enjoy a warm drink while sitting on the carpet.

Dalian was originally built by Russia as the ice-free alternative to the Vladivostok port. The Russians leased the Dalian peninsula from China in 1898, only to lose it to Japan in the Russo-Japanese war in 1904-5. Today, Dalian is a laid-back city, surrounded by water on 3 sides, with immense natural beauty. Here's a piece of history - built by the Japanese.

It will take a lot of effort to bring this airport terminal in Manila to the modern age.

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Old Posted Aug 21, 2012, 1:48 AM
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An incredible continent.
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Old Posted Aug 21, 2012, 8:49 PM
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Excellent photo tour!
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