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Old Posted Nov 3, 2020, 8:52 PM
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Edmonton Covid-19 Enforcement Inconsistencies

While this post deals with Edmonton, other Alberta municipalities and other cities in other provinces probably have very similar problems.

Firstly, we have the issue of Alberta's chief medical officer, Deena Hinshaw, claiming that nearly all increases in new Covid-19 cases are caused by private gatherings. Indeed, Edmonton has posted illuminated portable signs in profusion, claiming such and warning people not to have private gatherings.

At the same time the official position for the Edmonton area is that gathering in bars, restaurants, and shopping center food fairs, and removing masks, is perfectly okay because patrons remain 6 feet apart. The thing is that they also tell us that Covid-19 is very tenacious and can live for many hours outside the body. Are we to believe that people coughing, wheezing, and sneezing in a confined commercial space is somehow less of a threat because of a mere 6 feet of distancing? I don't think so.

As well, food fairs have open steam tables with prepared food frequently exposed to the virus whenever a lid is lifted and food is served, with mask-less patrons potentially filling the air around them with the virus, if they have it.

I think that we should all think back several months to when Deena Hinshaw told us that wearing masks was unnecessary and ineffective, when coincidentally, masks were in such short supply that they were unable to provide them to hospital staff. The official position of the province now is that they are absolutely necessary, and so, obviously they were then. So, they must have lied to us.

We have also been told that we are experiencing the dreaded "second wave" of Covid-19, as though this confers some degree of success on the province for successfully controlling the first wave. In reality, I don't believe that there has been a second wave at all. What we are experiencing is simply the abject failure of the province and Edmonton to control an uninterrupted Covid-19 virus onslaught that they have no idea how to deal with effectively.

Indeed, in the face of that failure the province and Edmonton are now resorting to blaming the public, thus shifting the blame from themselves.
They claim that their conclusions are based on contact tracing, but let's face it, statistics can and frequently are manipulated by governments to fit their narrative.

If Edmonton actually is serious about controlling the spread of Covid-19 because of public gatherings, then they would again be closing shopping center food fairs, restaurants, and bars. They would NOT be allowing people to remove their masks and risking people's lives, simply because these are commercial revenue-generating business gatherings, and not revenue-neutral home gatherings.
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Old Posted Nov 3, 2020, 9:19 PM
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What is Edmonton's best skyscraper canyon?
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Old Posted Nov 3, 2020, 9:37 PM
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