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Old Posted Jul 16, 2010, 12:53 PM
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Question How to request a building or city

If you want to add a new building or city to our database, please make a new thread using this form:

Reminder: Make it (Bold)
Official sources:
Unofficial sources:

Building Name:
Native Name:
Other Names:
Street Address:
Postal Code:
Official Building Website URL:
Wikipedia.org URL:
Skyscrapers.com (Emporis.com) URL:
Structurae.de URL:
• Architect:
• Floor to floor height:
Interesting Facts/Records (in own words):

Coordinates (with decimal fraction):

Reminder: (Use Meters)
- antenna:
- spire:
- roof:
- top floor:
- other heights:

Current Building Status (Built, Proposed, Cancelled, Destroyed, etc...):

Construction Dates--
- started:
- finished:
- destroyed:

Above ground floors:
Underground floors:
Gross Floor area:
Unit count:

Structure Type(s):
Building Use(s):
Building Style(s):
Building Materials:


City Name:
Native Name:
Population Source & Year:

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Old Posted Nov 19, 2012, 2:22 PM
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moderator's remarks

If buildings are connected with bridge (e. g. Petronas Towers) or have common stylobate (e. g. Nina Towers), we usually add them as one entry.


If construction of building is in the phase of excavation, we consider the building is still proposed, not being under construction.


If you want to add few similar structures, please do them in single request form, but specify their differences (e. g. addresses, coordinates).


What the structure types are wished in SkyscraperPage diagram:
  • Highrises – all
  • Lowrises – remarkable sights, which you are going to draw, but taller than 20 m
  • Churches and mosques – taller than 20 m
  • Stadiums – -"- 20 m
  • Towers – taller than 35 m
  • Truss towers – -"- 70 m
  • Guyed masts – -"- 100 m
  • Chimneys – -"- 100 m
  • Bridges – -"- 35 m
  • Poles – -"- 35 m
  • Pyramids – -"- 35 m
  • Spheres – -"- 35 m
  • Statues – -"- 35 m
  • Ferris wheels, vertical rides, roller coasters – -"- 35 m
  • Water towers – -"- 35 m
  • Silos – -"- 35 m
  • Frames – -"- 70 m
  • Vehicles – we don't need them no more
  • Offshore – we don't need them no more
  • Unknown – taller than 70 m
  • Others – -"- 70 m
Old Posted Nov 11, 2015, 10:31 AM
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How to make a handy link with building coordinates

open Google.com/maps and find your building

right click in center of building base

click on coordinates in menu below

map will be centered on the building, building marked

so copy coordinates from menu at left side and paste them into request

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Old Posted Nov 11, 2015, 10:40 AM
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another handy way is with wikimapia

open Wikimapia.org and move a map to make a cross on center of building base

click on coordinates at left bottom corner

copy decimal coordinates separated with coma and paste them into request

(coordinates in Western and/or Southern hemisphere will have - sign)

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Old Posted Oct 2, 2020, 10:43 PM
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Adding some rows...

Any registered participant can request changes or incorporation of new data in the database and diagram ...

Although this website has included and continues to include in its database and diagram some structures/buildings that are not skyscrapers, since we usually include some significant elements for the city or country where they are, we prefer not to include buildings/structures of less than 35 meters (115') in general. nor elements that do not exceed one meter in width, since our diagram has a scale of 1 pixel per each meter and very thin or not very tall structures are not easily identifiable with those dimensions.

Nor are they desirable and even elements that are not structures will be rejected: such as trees, fountains, waterfalls, geisser, mountains, etc.
Very repetitive or non singular structures like family homes, telecommunications towers, electrical conduction towers, flagpoles, billboards, elevated tanks, wind turbines, etc. only significant elements please.

To request the incorporation / modification of new data in the database it is important:

* Please Verify that the incorporation / modification to be requested is not already included in the database.
* Clearly indicate the Source / Origin of the information.
* Include for verification the most data available, name / link to source of information, photograph, architectonic graphic representation or elements that can validate the request ... we do not revelate copyright images or source individual names or delicate info but is neccesary to be provided on your requests (if you or your source requires to be anonymous you could use Private Messaging).

* If the request is a modification/correction to the SkyScraperPage database: Always indicate the identification number in the database or the electronic address of the item to be edited with the format: http://www.skyscraperpage.com/cities/?buildingID=0000

... In case of being a new building, on the top of your request indicate location: Country, State and City
... In case of being a city, also request a valid new building/structure to justify the inclusion (a city without buildings may be hidden to the list of cities)

For all kind of requests, please: the most information you could provide the less problems to solve your request.

These are the formats that we have to use and fill out as much as possible, try to follow the same order:

* Name of the building: ... If unknown, exact address is accepted; -important- the name should not be translated ot transliterated, if it is called "Tour Dorée" it should not be translated to "Golden Tower" and vice versa.
- Native name ... this field only applies when the language used in the name of the building does not use Latin characters (Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arab, Korean, etc.)
* Additionally, other names may also be included: Old / Popular / Unofficial (they will not be visible, are only included for database search)
* Exact Address: Street and exterior number, Neighborhood, Municipality, Postal Code.
* Interesting Data of the Building or Project such as: Architect, Developer Company, Construction Company, Engineering, Promoter and other participants, as well as other relevant data of the building, such as number of floors shared with other buildings, if it is a group of buildings the number of floors per building, individual names of each building, if are shopping malls, parking floors, etc., please not "amenities" such as pool, spa, gym or other spaces except if are relevant when due to their dimensions with respect to the project are considerable and represent something truly special.
* Link to the building's website: They do not refer to indirect sources of information such as reports, design catalog, investment catalog, etc. but to the building page itself.
* Link to Wikipedia, Emporis, Skyscrapercenter, Structurae
* Geographic location (coordinates)
For coordinates please trace a kind of hidden lines between corners on the main level of the building to find the center (using the previous example )

* If you have an image or file that corroborates the "official" value of height, please attach it (or link to its location), if it is an estimated value, please indicate how it was calculated; Websites specialized in skyscrapers or that have specific chapters of skyscrapers such as Emporis, CTBUH, Wikipedia, Skycrapercity, Skycrapercenter, etc. they do not have entirelly accurate information regarding height, their data is not considered as "official" just good reference but not always correct.
In Skyscraperpage we try to inquire about real or official heights, however many of the real height values ​​are very difficult to be known, so we also present "estimates" from the editor, these generally appear "hidden" in the database/diagram, it is correct to present an estimated height data but it is very likely that the data estimated by the editor is the one that appears in the database.

* Status: Not always is a good idea to have an entry on the database by years with status "proposed" or with a starting year more longer to the current or next year... We know sometimes a "proposed" project may got some difficulties before turning to "Under Construction" or "Cancelled" , if a starting/finishing date is unknown or too far please consider if status "vision" is more adecuate status on your request.
* "Floors" are considered to be those that also have a roof, so the main/ground floor is added, mezzanines, levels of distribution, attic, levels of machine rooms, levels of covering staircases, levels below the access but with windows or doors to the outside , "13th" level, etc., they all add up.

* They are considered "underground" levels those that having a floor and ceiling below ground level and do not have windows or direct access (at same level) to the outside, it is also considered underground that with a half level or lower level of main entrance floor.

* Material: Refers to main facade finishing materials and not structure construction material unless apparent (visible without covering).

Note: We have not available other options for styles or materials

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