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Originally Posted by ue View Post
I agree. An LRT down Whyte (perhaps connecting with the Valley Line across 87th Ave to the west) is absolutely crucial for a complete transit system for Edmonton. Probably not unlike a subway down Broadway to UBC in Vancouver and the DRL in Toronto is a no-brainer. Unfortunately the city wants to chase suburban riders who won't give up their car except for a commute to school or work.

Tunneling under Whyte would make the most sense, and yeah, it would be expensive, but Edmonton did just build a ring road, is currently in the process of finalizing the biggest LRT expansion in the city's history, and was progressive in the past by previously building a tunnel through Downtown Edmonton. Obviously costs have gone up since the '70s and '80s when that happened, but I don't think it's entirely implausible for a subway down Whyte.

If we want to build comprehensive transit systems that don't make taking the bus or train a second rate option vis-a-vis cars, then we're going to have to spend money to make it happen.
I'd love if the City built a subway under Whyte, but given the costs involved with tunneling I feel it wouldn't be considered for a while yet to allow more density to be built in the area first.
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There's more people living in Strathcona and Garneau now than Downtown in the '80s (although probably not as many workers). If it was done then, it can be done now. But I agree the political will isn't there right now.
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