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Old Posted Jun 7, 2021, 7:47 AM
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Multiple Entries for single buildings with more than one Tower

As far as I understood the regulations in the forum, buildings consisting of multiple towers but being one building by either emerging from the same building body or stylobate or being connected by a closed bridge are considered as one single building and therefore as one entry.
That somehow matches up with my perception of a building as an architect...
for reference:
Now for the sake of more buildings in a cities diagram and for the sake of more drawings this rule gets broken here and there, but today i ran into the diagram of Ürümqi, China which presents the problems caused by this "multiple entry per building approach" in a rather comical way.

The first three entries describe one building in which the 5 storey base of the buildingis pictured 3 times, each time with a different tower on top and also in some cases shortened by the area where a non displayed tower is.

After that comes a building which can be admired once in its entirety and 3 positions later in the diagram with its main tower missing, and in between: a twin-tower with a bridge where both sides of the bridge face away from each other

...and towards the end of the diagram we finally have single buildings displayed as single entries...

This seams like an odd way to inflate the diagram of a place and therefore inflate the "importance" of a city, but to me it just results in odd looking diagrams with that end up confusiong more than giving more information.
Also it shows a "skyline" that never would be perceived that way.

Does this just bother me?
my SSP Diagram
my churches Diagram
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Old Posted Jun 7, 2021, 5:48 PM
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I prefer to do one drawing for buildings with several towers. Even if I know SSP have entries for all the connected towers.

I have made exceptions in the past though.
And if the buildings are connected with just a bridge, like the Laiyuan Plaza example, rather than on ground level, I prefer to do multiple drawings (if it's not a multi-story bridge).

It doesn't bother me if others don't share my preferences or that it would "inflate" diagrams.
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Old Posted Jun 11, 2021, 9:57 PM
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I think it is worth analyzing each case. I drew buildings both ways.
In Argentina it is very common for one tower to be built first and one or two years later, the other. In those cases, it seems better to me that they go separately (they also have independent accesses, different names or individual entries in sites like Emporis).
Some time ago I made a request for a hotel with two towers, but with shared access and one of the mods suggested dividing it into two entries. I said no, since they shared the entrance.
On the other hand, I requested a building divided into two entries, because its towers and their bases will be built separately, in different years, and they will have separate entrances. But the mod said they should go together and I have to say that, by design, it was better that way.
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Old Posted Dec 14, 2021, 11:52 PM
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IMO, multiple towers means multiple entries. Two 50 storeys connected at the base by a three storey podium doesn't make it all one building. Multiple towers on a shared podium are easily drawn as individual entries as well. However, I'm willing to side with the illustration in regards to connecting skybridges between towers. It just end up silly having an entry with one tower and a skybridge to nowhere as posted above.

The rule of thumb back in the day was two towers became one when the "connection" reached greater than 35% of the total height. However, it kinda fell apart as it's near impossible to apply a set rule to every development and have it make sense. What if the two halves connected to each other for 40% of their total height were built 20 years apart?
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