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Old Posted Sep 21, 2020, 7:27 PM
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There will be voter backlash against Horgan calling an election during a pandemic in order to capitalize on his polling numbers and obviate any potential for a lower electoral performance next year. I am for one, turned off with his decision. It's a self-interested power grab during a time where people lost their jobs, struggling with physical and mental issues, and realigning their schedules to stay afloat and maintain household balance.

Him suggesting Covid 19 is hear to stay until next year, so let's have the election now, is farcical. There is a lot that can change between now and then (vaccines, etc.), so that's not a valid reason. As well, it just fuels conspiracies that the government is using Covid to shape politics and societies. Lastly, it's like we are told the virus is serious, with Dr. Henry inculcating others to be mindful about preventing the spreading of Covid 19, except for when an election is called - then the risk during that process is now not as important.
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Old Posted Sep 21, 2020, 7:29 PM
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Originally Posted by logicbomb View Post
Will come down to turnout rate. Anything less than 55% will see a liberal majority.

Liberal voters will vote regardless of what happens. They protested last time and refused to vote for Christy Clark. Some I knew voted Green but they will vote Liberal

NDP voters will need to come out of they hope to have a chance in hell.

I would have voted NDP but their stupid handling of COVID19, cancellation of the Massey Bridge and now selfish snap election will force me Green.
Eh, COVID-19 isn't what I ding them for, they've done fine thanks to Henry.

I dislike their anti-infrastructure (and by nature the jobs and economic boost that it gives the province) stance and thought their opposition to Site C and TMX were colossal wastes of tax dollars and time, even going around to dicking with the Federal government that approved it and indirectly causing tax paying Canadians to now be owners of a 4.5 billion dollar pipeline. Blank cheques to the legal teams I guess. That and the Massey Tunnel delay as well as halting fixed link explorations I'm not a fan of. The Libs had greenlit most of these projects. Housing costs are still way up and would likely be the same spot it's in now if the election went the other way in 2017.

I'm usually a BC Liberal voter (but Federal Lib) that went NDP for the first time in 2017 for the same reasons as many, just to shake out some of the rot and corruption. I don't think my daily life improved as a result of a Horgan government and may go back to Liberals this time because of the terribly ill timing of this call.

Honestly I'm not that partisan in provincial politics, as both Liberals and NDP are competent parties from my observation and can run the province fine, if in different strokes with different weaknesses.

Wilkinson by the way is a doctor, lawyer and Rhodes scholar, the kind of intellectual credentials people praise nowadays in leadership. He just has the personality of a damp towel but that isn't a good enough reason alone to vehemently dislike him.
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Old Posted Sep 21, 2020, 7:31 PM
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Originally Posted by red-paladin View Post
Let's wrap up this thread as a new election has been called and continue now: https://skyscraperpage.com/forum/sho....php?p=9048920
By the way, mod said to move conversation to the new thread.
My Proposal of TCH twinning across Northern Ontario:
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