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Old Posted Jan 2, 2020, 5:59 AM
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Support system design in steel structure

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Support arrangement

When there is no crane, the spacing between the columns should be 30~45m; when there is a crane, the support between the columns should be located in the middle of the temperature section, or when the temperature section is long, it should be set at the three-point point, and the spacing should not be greater than 45-60m.

The roof support should be placed in the same opening between the columns. If the part cannot be realized, the rigid tie rod should be connected to the inter-column branch support and roof support.

When there is a span with a cab and a weight greater than 15t bridge crane, vertical horizontal support should be provided; when there is a pumping column

When the column section is to be set, longitudinal horizontal support should be provided.

When there is a crane beam, it should be set up between the upper and lower columns, and the crane beam can also serve as a longitudinal tie rod.

support design

For the light steel roof support system, it is advisable to consider the internal force of each component according to the overall analysis. When the roof skin effect is not considered.

Therefore, the force lag effect between the supports under the longitudinal wind load should be properly considered. For this reason, it is recommended to calculate the internal force adjustment coefficient μ of the two supports in front of the wind according to the following formula:

In the formula, n is the number of support tracks.

The third support and no adjustment later, μ1, μ2, as shown in the table


1. When there are more than 7 supports, consider 7 support

2. All horizontal horizontal support of roofing is preferred to use tensioned round steel cross bracing, in which only the tie rod works, the pressure bar protrudes and works according to the static structure.

3. When the lifting weight of the crane beam is greater than or equal to 5T, the steel is used as the lower support between the columns.

4. The horizontal horizontal truss straight bar of the roof can be made of special round steel pipe.

5. The longitudinal tie rods in the roof support system can be made of round steel tubes. There is a gutter at the stigma. Considering the use of a gutter bracket, the strength and stability of the bent member can be calculated. The double surname can be used to improve the anti-lateral torsion stability.

6. In order to simplify the standard, the round steel support specifications are unified: M12, M16, M20, M24, M27

from: http://en.qdyili.com/support-system-...eel-structure/
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