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Smile NEW YORK CITY | Highrise Compilation and Directory 2020 Version

New York City's High Rise Compilation/Database 2018 Version

Tomas K


Recommended Viewing Screen: Fullscreen *

* Due to the size of renderings sometimes



A new, updated thread for 2015 for high rises (13 floors or greater) for NYC and its satellites. NYC is currently experiencing the biggest boom in decades, and we need to document it.

What goes in the thread:

High Rises, generally 12 floors or greater. Structures 120 feet OR greater are high rises.


Every project should have the name on top, bold, and a rendering that is reasonable size. I know sometimes its difficult to find smaller ones, but something around 1024x768 or 800x600 is appropriate. For sake of neatness. Along with a brief description of the height, floors, features, etc. And in quotes if its from a source. Usually information from other sources without quotes makes it look very sloppy and hard to navigate. Along with proper citing of course.

Search Hints:

1) Use Control + F , then type keyword, and the thread title will appear in this front page.

2) For google, type "project title or key word" + skyscraperpage, and the first search result will be a thread.

Useful NYC Metro Compilation Threads:

1) Hunser's New York Supertalls

2) Midrises and Low Rises Compilation (For 11 floors and below)

3) New York City - Transit News

4) JERSEY CITY | Projects and Construction

5) Greater Newark-Elizabeth Metro | Redevelopment , Transit , and Misc Projects

6) Unofficial New Jersey Transit / Metro North Railroad 2050 Proposals and Plans (Map)

7) YIMBY Forums NYC Section (500 plus NYC projects and growing)

Development Map:

1) Map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer...dYkbDt-HNJKI8g

2) Jersey City (Updated 7/5/17)


SSP New York Threads With Links:

New York:


NEW YORK | 35 Hudson Yards | 1,009 FT | 72 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 125 Greenwich Street | 1,356 FT | 77 FLOORS

NEW YORK | Tower Verre | 1,050 FT / 320 M | 73 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 175 Greenwich St. | 1,170' Pinnacle / 1,080' Roof | 80 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 30 Hudson Yards (North Tower) | 1,269 FT | 92 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 432 Park Avenue (Drake Hotel dev.) | (1,396) FT / 432 M | 89 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 217 West 57th (Nordstrom)| 1,775 FT pinnacle / 1,490 FT roof | 93 FLOORS


NEW YORK | 562-570 5th Ave | Ft | M Fl | Pro

NEW YORK | 212-226 E 44th St | 556 FT | 42 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 685 First Ave | 459 FT | 42 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 152 EAST 87th St. | 210 FT | 19 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 93-43 Sutphin Boulevard | FT | 27 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 149-03 Archer Avenue | 208 FT | 18 FLOORS

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. | 60 South Broadway | FT | 24 X 2 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 44-02 Vernon Boulevard | FT | FLOORS (1 mil sq-ft)

NEW YORK | 143 Fulton Street | 304 FT | 26 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 350 East 86th Street | 210 FEET | 20 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 250 West 49th Street | FT | 29 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 249 - 334 Wallabout Street | FT | FLOORS (800 Units)

NEW YORK | 428 - 432 East 58th Street | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 3 Hudson Blvd (The Girasole) | 1,050 FT / 324 M | 66 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 12-20 W. 40th | 361 FT | 32 FLOORS

NEW YORK | Hallets Point (7 tower development) | FT | 20 - 40 FLOORS

NEW YORK | Astoria Cove (4 towers) | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 45 East 22nd Street | 777 FT | 64 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 360 10th Avenue | FT | 67 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 340 Flatbush Ave | 775 FT | 70 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 1 Manhattan West | 995 FT | 69 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 520 W. 41 St (514 11th Ave) | 1,100 FT | 100 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 461 West 34th St | 312 FT | 29 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 250 South St ( 227 Cherry ) | 847 FT / 258 M | 72 FLOORS

NEW YORK | Hudson Rise (470 11th Ave) | 220 M / 720 FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 335 Madison Ave | 1,000 FT+ | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 3 Manhattan West (401 West 31st St) | 702 FT | 64 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 31 W. 57th St | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 520 West 30th St | 354 FT | 28 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 111 Murray Street | 857 FT | 62 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 80 South Street | 1,018 FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 55 Hudson Yards (1 Hudson Blvd) | 780 FT | 51 FLOORS

NEW YORK | Greenpoint Landing | 10 Tower Development | 400 FT+

NEW YORK | 420 Albee Square | 679 FT | 65 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 242 W. 52nd St (Roseland) | 675 FT | 62 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 15 E. 30th St | 825 FT | 53 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 450 11th Ave | FT | 39 FLOORS

NEW YORK | South Street Seaport Redevelopment | 494 FT | 42 FLOORS

NEW YORK | Domino Sugar Plant (4 towers) | 598 / 518 / 400 FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 118 Fulton St | ~ 700 FT | 63 FLOORS

NEW YORK | Atlantic Yards (15 tower development)

NEW YORK | Essex Crossing (SPURA)

NEW YORK | 95 Rockwell Place (BAM District Hotel) | FT | 30 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 1 Vanderbilt | 1,514 FT pinnacle / 1,414 FT roof | 68 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 47 23rd ST | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 3-7 West 29th St | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 1558 3rd Ave. | 469 FT | 31 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 435-447 10th Ave (509 W. 34th) | 1000+ FT | 60+ FLOORS

NEW YORK | 520 5th Ave | 920 FT | 71 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 120 Nassau Street | 425 FT | 32 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 303 East 44th Street

NEW YORK | 43-22 Queens Street | 580 FT | 54 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 281 5th Ave | > 900 FT | 51 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 15 Penn Plaza (Hotel Penn) | 1,216 FT / 371 M | 66 FLOORS

NEW YORK | Jackson East/West | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 30 East 31st Street | FT | 40 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 1800 Park Ave | 352 FT | 32 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 131-141 East 47th Street | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 5Pointz (22-44 Jackson Ave ) | 498 & 440 FT | 47 & 41 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 790 7th Avenue | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 310 West 40th St | 401 FT | 42 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 518 West 18th Street | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 425 Park Ave | 893 FT | 47 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 50 Hudson Yards (504 W. 34th) | 1,110 FT | 62 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 131 10th Ave | 250 FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 532 Neptune Avenue | 470 FT | 40 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 172 Madison Ave | 450 FT | 31 FLOORS

NEW YORK | Riverside Center | 526/535/487/456/393 FT | 44-31 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 1865 Broadway | FT | 37 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 509 W 38th St | 367 FT | 30 FLOORS | SITE PREP

NEW YORK | 138 East 50th ST | 502 FT | 52 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 60 West 37th St | 402 FT | 42 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 1205 Broadway | FT | 38 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 219 East 44th St | 376 FT | 35 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 678 Lexington Avenue | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 610 W. 57th St. | 482 FT | 45 FLOORS | SITE PREP

NEW YORK | 541­–545 West 37th St | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 1710 Broadway | ≈ 1000 FT | 80 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 701 7th Ave (20 Times Square Edition) | 500 FT | 42 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 350 W. 39th St | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | City Point - Phase 3 | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 420-430 Kent Ave | FT | 18/24 FLOORS | 2 Towers

NEW YORK | 341-347 Madison Ave.| FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 212 East 43rd Street | 449 FT | 41 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 200 Amsterdam Avenue | 600 FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 93-01 Sutphin Blvd | FT | 26 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 155 West St. | 400 FT | 39 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 45 Park Place | 665 FT | 39 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 118 East 59th St | 470 FT | 37 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 141 Willoughby St | FT | 33 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 148 W 48th Street | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 435 West 33rd St | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | NEW YORK | 151-161 Maiden Lane | 648 + 345 FT | 51 + 33 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 68-74 Trinity Place | 642 FT | 46 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 537-545 Greenwich St | 290 FT | 26 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 846 Sixth Avenue | 316 FT | 24 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 740 Eighth Ave | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 44 W. 66th Street | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 69-79 Greenwich St (32-42 Trinity Place) | ~600 FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 386 Flatbush Ave | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 111 Washington St. | FT | 57 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 50 Trinity Place | FT | 35 FLOORS

NEW YORK | East River Plaza (3 towers)| 575-515-455 FT | 47-41-32 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 1 Beekman St (33-34 Park Row) | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 36 Central Park So. (Park Lane development) | 850 FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 60 East 149th Street | 4000 Units | "X" Towers

NEW YORK | 511-517 West 35th St | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 511-517 West 35th St | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 75-83 Nassau Street | 800 FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 309 11th Ave | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 110 University Place | 308 FT | 23 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 320 West Fordham Rd. (Fordham Landing) | FT | FLOORS (1 million sq-ft)

NEW YORK | 436 Albee Square | 310 FT | 28 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 721 7th Avenue | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 29-37 41st Street | FT | 30 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 145 East 60th St | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 55 Broad Street | 742 Ft | 53 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 45 Broad St | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 280 Cadman Plaza West | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 1683 Third Avenue | FT | FLOORS | Pro

NEW YORK | Duarte Square | 429 FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 123 W. 57th | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | LICH Redevelopment | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 5 World Trade Center | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 163-25 Archer Avenue | FT | FLOORS (720k sq-ft)

NEW YORK | 625 Fulton St | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 29-32 Northern Blvd | 473 FT | 44 FLOORS

NEW YORK | One Madison Avenue | 937 FT / 285.6 M | 74 FLOORS

NEW YORK | La Central (Bronx)| 5 Highrises (954 Units)

NEW YORK | 550-552 West 38th Street | FT | 46 FLOORS

NEW YORK | Silvercup West | 600 FT | 537 FT | 517 FT

NEW YORK | 86 Fleet Place | 346 FT | 32 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 215 Chrystie St | 332 FT | 28 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 1059 Third Ave | 500 FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 112 West 25th St. | FT | 39 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 131 W. 23rd St | 445 FT | 35 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 77 Commercial Street | 331 & 429 FT | 30 & 40 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 210 Livingston St | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 16 W. 57th St | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 1711 1st Ave | FT | 34 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 280 Franklin St (49-93 Dupont) | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | Brooklyn Bridge Park development (2 towers) | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 1150 6th Ave | FT | 37 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 262 Kent Ave | 320 FT | 30 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 8-16 Nevins St | 318 FT | 28 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 357 West Street | FT | 12 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 320 Kent Avenue | 401 FT | 36 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 151 East 86th Street | FT | 21 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 300 Livingston St | FT | 25 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 20 Times Square - Port Authority Bus Terminal Tower | 855 FT | 42 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 462-490 Kent Avenue | FT | 18/24/29 FLOORS | 5 Towers

NEW YORK | Two Fulton Square | FT | FLOORS | 5 Towers

NEW YORK | 17 John Street | FT | 23 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 90-94 Fulton Street | FT | 75 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 100 Varick St | FT | 20 FLOORS | PREP

NEW YORK | 2 Grand St (Domino Redevelopment) | 369 FT | 35 FLOORS

NEW YORK | Hunter's Point South Phase 2 | FT | 41 & 36 FLOORS

NEW YORK |550 Washington| xxx FT | xx FLOORS

NEW YORK | Cornell Tech Residential Tower | 285 FT | 26 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 414 West 15th | 284ft | 25 floors

NEW YORK | 71 Smith Street | 210 FT | 19 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 155 Remsen St | 185 FT | 18 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 560 7th Ave | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | Memorial Sloan-Kettering CUNY | 450 & 350 FT | 23 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 160 East 125th St | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 12 West 55th St. | 245 FT | 22 FL

NEW YORK | 451 10th Ave. | 700 FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 11 East 31st Street | 33 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 448 11th Avenue| FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 76 South St. | 206FT | 18 FLOORS

NEW YORK | Williamsburg hotel | 440 FT | 40 FLOORS

NEW YORK | Concourse Village / The Bronx | FT | 2X 30 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 23 East 22nd Street | 335 FT / 107 M | 24 FLOORS

NEW YORK | Tryon Center (Broadway & 190th St) | FT | 42, 39, 33, 23 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 528 West 39th Street | FT | FLOORS

NEW YORK | 270 Spring Street | 320 FT | 30 FLOORS

Under Construction:

NEW YORK | 445 East 68th St | 320 FT | 17 FLOORS
NEW YORK | Tishman LIC Towers | 590 + 504 + 374 FT | 53 + 44 + 33 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 50 West Street | 783 FT / 239 M | 63 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 170 Amsterdam Avenue | 185 FT | 20 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 56 Leonard | 821 FT / 250 M | 57 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 30 Park Place (99 Church St) | 937 FT / 285 M | 82 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 551 10th Avenue | 556 FT | 52 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 10 Hudson Yards (Coach Tower) | 895 FT | 52 FLOORS
NEW YORK | Citypoint (Phase 2) | FT | 19 & 30 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 590 Fulton Street (250 Ashland Place) | 568 FT | 51 FLOORS
NEW YORK | Avalon Willoughby West | 596 FT | 58 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 605 West 42nd St (Atelier II) | 656 FT | 61 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 855 6th Ave l 479 FT / M l 43 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 115 Nassau St. (5 Beekman) | 687 FT | 47 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 23-01 42nd Rd | 481 FT | 44 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 461 Dean St (Atlantic Yards B2) | 322 FT | 33 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 220 Central Park So.| 950 FT | 65 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 250 E. 57th ST | 715 FT / 218 M | 59 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 7 Bryant Park (1045 6th) | 450 FT | 29 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 610 Lexington Ave | 712 FT / 216 M l 66 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 733 8th Ave | 324 FT | 29 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 625 W 57th St. (Pyramid) | 467 FT | 32 FLOORS
NEW YORK | Tribeca Royale (19 Park Place) | 292 FT | 21 floors
NEW YORK | 205 East 92nd St (Ruppert Playground tower) | 388 FT | 36 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 50 (10) UN Plaza | 570 FT | 44 FLOORS
NEW YORK | Hunter's Point South | XXX FT
NEW YORK | 520 Park Ave (45 East 60th) | 780 FT | 52 FLOORS | DEMO
NEW YORK | 953-961 First Ave | 370 FT | 34 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 400 Park Ave South l 476 FT / 145 M l 42 FLOORS
NEW YORK | The Hub (333 Schermehorn) | 607 FT | 44 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 133 Greenwich St | 356 FT / 108 M | 30 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 551 West 21st Street | 290 FT | 19 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 577 9th Ave | 363 FT | 29 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 15 Hudson Yards | 910 FT | 70 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 301 East 50th St | 342 FT | 29 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 42-12 28th Street | 647 FT | 58 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 43-25 Hunter Street | 509 FT | 50 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 616 First Ave (con ed redevelopment site) | 470 FT | 40 & 49 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 150 Greenwich St. | 977 FT / 297 M | 72 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 303 East 51 St | 360 FT | 32 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 21 West End Ave | 529 FT | 45 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 626 Flatbush Avenue | 236 FT | 23 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 286 Ashland Place (BAM Tower) | 364 FT | 32 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 101 West 28th St | 296 FT | 28 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 33 Beekman Street | 385 FT | 34 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 237 East 34th Street | 210 FT | 23 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 44-41 Purves St | 308 FT | 25 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 160 Madison Ave | 452 FT | 42 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 34 E 51st St. | 295 FT / 87 M | 21 FLOORS
NEW YORK | One Riverside Park | 345 FT | 33 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 30 Fletcher Street | 302 FT | 31 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 6 Water Street | 298 FT | 29 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 136 W. 42nd St (Hotel) | FT | 30 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 35 XV (31 West 15th St.) | 355 FT | 25 Floors
NEW YORK | COLUMBIA U Medical and Graduate Education Building | FT | 14 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 180 Orchard St | 262 FT | 24 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 218 West 35th St | 432 FT | 40 FLOORS
NEW YORK | 24 John Street | 206 ft | 21 Floors

NEW YORK | 220 West 41st St | 298 FT | 30 FLOORS
NEW YORK | The Charles | 398 feet | 34 floors
NEW YORK | 222 East 40th St | 395 FT | 37 FLOORS
NEW YORK | Flushing Commons

Jersey City:

Project Development Map: http://data.jerseycitynj.gov/dataset...nts-7.6.17.pdf

JERSEY CITY | Hudson Exchange West (6 block development) | 12 Towers |
JERSEY CITY | 500 Summit Ave, Journal Square | FT | 42 FLOORS
JERSEY CITY | 99 Hudson St. | 990 FT | 95 FLOORS
JERSEY CITY | 33 Park Ave | FT | 44 FLOORS
JERSEY CITY | One Journal Square (City Center Towers) | FT | FLOORS x2
JERSEY CITY | Liberty Rising | 1000+ FT | 95 FLOORS
JERSEY CITY | Journal Square | Phase 2 & 3 | 633 FT/728 FT | 60/70 FLOORS
JERSEY CITY | Powerhouse Tower | 400 FT | 40 FL
JERSEY CITY | San Remo | 200m | 61 fl
JERSEY CITY | 688 Montgomery St | 275 FT | 22 FLOORS
JERSEY CITY | Hartz Mountain - Journal Square | 130 FT | 13 Floors
JERSEY CITY | 235 Grand St (Liberty Harbor North) | FT | 45 FLOORS
JERSEY CITY | 30 Journal Square Plaza | FT | 40 FLOORS

JERSEY CITY | 110 First St | 375 FT | 35 FLOORS
JERSEY CITY | 70-90 Columbus | FT | Two @ 50 FLOORS
JERSEY CITY | 401 Washington Blvd | FT | 38 FLOORS
JERSEY CITY | Urban Ready Living | 713 FT + FT + FT | 69 + 70 + 65 FLOORS
JERSEY CITY | 160 Morgan St (Provost Square P1) | FT | 38 FLOORS
JERSEY CITY | 65 Bay Street | FT | 50 FLOORS
JERSEY CITY | Journal Square | Phase 1 | 544 FT | 54 FLOORS


NEWARK, NJ | Millennium Project | ~ 1000 FT | 80 FLOORS
NEWARK, NJ | One Theatre Square | 22 FLOORS
NEWARK, N.J. | 40 Rector St | FT | 23 FLOORS
NEWARK, N.J. | Prudential | 313 / 370 FT | 20 / 21 FLOORS


My Other Encyclopedia Style Compilations:

1) NEW YORK | MID/LOW RISES | General Developments Updates/Compilation
2) FLORIDA | HIGH/MID/LOW RISES | Updates/Compilation (Whole State)
3) SHENZHEN | Projects and Developments
4) TEXAS | Cities Compilation and Directory 2015 Version
5) GLOBAL SUPERTALLS | Supertall Compilation From Every Country

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1st post update:

1) Added a list from the CTBUH for every complete project, proposed, constriction and on hold in NYC. Range: [98m , 600 m ]

2) Added some extra references for other compilation threads in the nyc metro including jersey city, newark/elizabeth, transit news, supertall thread.

3) Added some more links. Finished with the nyc threads for proposed and approved. Will add contruction threads for non supertalls later on.

Other than that, updates on new projects or construction updates will use the same organization that I have on my mid/low thread.

Help is needed, so feel free to contribute with new updates!!

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Fantastic, look great already!!
Time permitting I will support this thread whenever I can. Also, I linked my own thread to your mid/low- and highrise compilations.
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Thanks Hunser.
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Note: These are the lesser known highrises, independent of the SSP threads that we have for other skyscrapers/major highrises. All of these are 13 floors or greater. Many of them are unknown, but are rising or are in the pipeline. This will be the first of many highrise sets.


505 West 43rd Street

Per the project’s EAS statement, the development will comprise “a new platform above the Amtrak railroad right-of-way and an approximately 181,000 gross square feet (gsf) development (the ‘proposed project’) containing 160,000 gsf of residential uses consisting of approximately 107 residential units (approximately 148,614 square feet of floor area), of which approximately 26 units (or 22,492 square feet) would be permanently affordable, located in two segments.”

In terms of form, “[the] southern segment would rise to a height of 15 stories (154 feet), and the northern segment would rise to heights of 14 and 15 stories (144 feet and 154 feet). The ground floor would contain lobby, accessory recreation space, bike rooms, mechanical space and an accessory parking area containing 23 spaces.”
NEW YORK | 1918 First Avenue | FT | 14 FLOORS

Draper Hall, located at 1918 First Avenue, combines new construction with a substantial rehabilitation to provide affordable senior housing in East Harlem. Located between Metropolitan Hospital and the East River, the building is an excellent example of modern, mid-20th century architecture. The slender 14-story white-glazed brick tower, originally built for nurse dormitory residences, sits atop a two-story podium housing that once housed nurse training school. The tower is being expanded to allow for double loaded corridors and 201 gracious, well-lit one-bedroom apartments. A low, blue-glazed brick wall screens a beautiful private garden off First Avenue. Contributing to housing the city’s underserved, the facility will have a new senior center providing on-site services and amenities to residents of Draper Hall and to the surrounding community.

142,000 sf

NEW YORK | 351-355 Broadway | FT | 19 FLOORS

Toll Brothers City Living closed on an assemblage of two adjacent parcels in Tribeca this week, and is planning to bring 98 condominiums to the site, The Real Deal has learned. The 19-story building at 351-355 Broadway will span 193,000 square feet and sit between Franklin and Leonard Streets, on Tribeca’s eastern edge. The two parcels were purchased from separate owners, though Toll declined to disclose the total acquisition price.
538 West 58th Street

NEW YORK | 15 West 96th Street | FT | 22 FLOORS

Sackman Enterprises is the developer, and the building’s total size measures 60,402 square feet. The community facility portion will fill 14,529 square feet while the remainder will be split between 16 condominiums, averaging nearly 3,000 square feet apiece.

That will make the units at 15 West 96th Street some of the largest amongst new developments in New York City, and given the dearth of new product on the Upper West Side, prices will likely be astronomical.
The Upper West Side/Central Park West Historic District stops on the southern side of 96th Street, meaning 15 West 96th Street can proceed as-of-right, another rarity for new projects on the Upper West Side, which has some of the strictest land use rules in Manhattan.

In terms of appearance, the building will be slightly taller than its neighbors, but its envelope and facade should match nicely. The current renderings lack detail on what materials will compose the exterior, but given the product, brick or limestone would seem likely. Balconies round out one corner of the tower component, and their metalwork is nicely complemented by the project’s gridded windows.
NEW YORK | 100 Greenwich Street | 235 FT | 25 FLOORS

A few blocks south of the World Trade Center, at 100 Greenwich Street, Sam Chang once had plans to build a 32-story hotel, designed by favorite architect Gene Kaufman.

But the hotelier decided to shift his focus to 99 Washington Street, around the corner, which has since been completed and wears the dubious crown as the world’s tallest Holiday Inn. He sold the 49-foot-wide parcel spanning 98-100 Greenwich in January 2013 for $19 million (a good deal for Chang, given that he picked it in 2006, near the height of the last market cycle, for $15.2 million).

The tower is set to rise 25 stories and 235 feet into the air, and is being developed by Bharat Patel’s Sun Moon New York LLC. It will contain 192 hotel rooms spread over nearly 68,000 square feet of usable commercial space, with eight units on each floor above the ground level (which will also have a restaurant) and an average room size of just over 350 square feet.

Per on-site signage, completion is targeted for spring 2016.
175 West 95th Street

STATUS: Selling
SALES STARTED: December 2014
222 East 44th Street

Per the DOB, the actual 222 East 44th Street will stand 41 stories and 449 feet tall, with 429 units, twenty percent of which will be affordable. Though no formal completion date has been announced, demolition permits for the existing structures (which also span 212-214 East 44th Street) were approved last July.
20 East End Avenue

This new 17-story building, being developed by Corigin Real Estate Group and Florida East Coast Realty, will rise over the rubble of a research building purchased two years ago from the City University of New York for a reported $61.75 million. The prices for 43 units will range from $4.5 million for the smallest apartments, at 2,000 square feet, to $20 million for the penthouses, prices that now sound almost reasonable compared with those commanded by buildings on Central Park South and 57th Street.
NEW YORK | 7-13 West 76th Street | FT | 21 FLOORS

339 Fifth Avenue

The nether-regions between Midtown and the booming NoMad corridor have been sprouting large apartment towers in recent years, defined by overtly glassy product like 170 Madison Avenue. But now, on the corner of 33rd Street and Fifth Avenue across from the Empire State Building, a more contextually-minded building may soon rise (full-size rendering at link).

Pi Capital Partners is planning a large residential tower with a formal address at 339 Fifth Avenue, and while no details have been finalized, renderings depict a 24-ish story building that has a decided resemblance to an icon on the edge of Central Park.

The development’s final appearance has not yet been decided, but the location merits design more attractive than the towers that will soon line two corners of the intersection at 33rd and Madison, just one block to the east. And although the current plan for 339 Fifth Avenue clearly draws heavily from 15 Central Park West, it is still far more attractive than nearby projects, which would look more at home in a Sunbelt metropolis.

339 Fifth Avenue would meet the sidewalk on all sides, with slight setbacks after the second floor, and the tower would be whittled further after the sixth level. Above, the massing resembles a scaled-down version of 15 Central Park West, though the crown may be slightly more austere.

Another development may soon rise around the corner at 4 East 34th Street, which has 100,000 square feet of extra air rights. As for Pi Capital’s project, their website describes the current building as “a prime corner, 5-story commercial building with 60,000 square feet buildable before FAR bonuses.”
542 Neptune Avenue

Rubin Schron’s Cammeby’s International today filed plans with the city for a 40-story, 544-unit mixed use building on Coney Island.

NEW YORK | 711 West End Avenue | FT | 16 FLOORS

The owner of 711 West End Avenue, a six-story rental building at 95th Street, plans to build an eight-story, 65-unit addition atop the current structure, and a new website appeared, offering renderings and details about the development. At first read, it seems like the site was created by the developer in an attempt to assuage concerns of the current tenants, but West Side Rag reports that it was actually created by a tenant after a meeting with the developer "to provide a portal for information and updates from the developer." The site details how the new building will be constructed and what improvement current tenants can expect, and it makes a point to say that there will be no "poor door." Kaled Management currently runs the building, and they will be working with developer P2B Ventures. PBDW Architects will design the addition.
NEW YORK | 42-06 27th Street | FT | 18 FLOORS

New York Lions Group’s Albert Shirian is planning an 18-story residential tower in Long Island City, according to a new permit application filed with the city today. Shirian’s plans for the site at 42-06 27th Street, right by the Queensboro Plaza subway stop, call for a roughly 90,000-square-foot tower that will house 110 units. The building will include a 8,645-square-foot commercial component, as well as a 55-car parking lot. The developer bought the property in 2005, together with an adjacent lot a year later, for a total of $8 million. NY Lions Group could not immediately be reached on Friday morning.
NEW YORK | 16 Brighton 1st Road | FT | FLOORS

In Brooklyn Heights, the issue is a dilapidated, low-rise, 62,000-square-foot building on a prime lot at Cadman Plaza, combining a neighborhood branch and a somewhat orphaned business library. It would make way for a 38-story tower with 132 market-rate apartments
NEW YORK | 450-458 Fulton Street | FT | FLOORS

152 East 87th Street

The plan from Allan Garage (a subsidiary of investment research and brokerage Gordon Haskett & Co.) to convert its 152 East 87th Street from a 515-space garage to a 150-space garage with 60 condominium units on top has been approved by the Board of Standards and Appeals, and there's also an initial rendering, via the Daily News. Those 60 units represent a significant decrease from the original permits, which called for 95 apartments. However, the height—19 stories—has remained the same
153 Remsen Street

11 Stone Street

41-20 27th Street | FT | 15 FLOORS

An LLC has filed applications for a 15-story, 99-unit mixed-use building measuring 135,105 square feet at 42-20 – 42-26 27th Street, in Long Island City. ODA Architecture is designing, and an existing two-story building must first be demolished.
43-22 Queens Street

141 Willoughby Street

NEW YORK | 1050 Sixth Avenue | 283 FT | 24 FLOORS

The filings indicate a total scope of 56,784 square feet, to be split between 61 units. That works out to an average of under 1,000 square feet per residence, likely indicating apartments, though with a roof height of 283 feet, average floor heights of 12 feet will yield lofty ceilings.
NEW YORK | 27-01 - 27-07 Jackson Ave | 160 FT | 15 FLOORS

27-01 Jackson Avenue: Dutch Kills Associate has filed applications for a 15-story, 88-unit mixed-use building of 72,328 square feet at 27-01 Jackson Avenue, in Long Island City; commercial space will amount to 7,090 square feet. Raymond Chan is designing, and an existing gas station must first be removed.
NEW YORK | 1 Flatbush Avenue | FT | 19 FLOORS

1010 Park Avenue

NEW YORK | 20 South Second Avenue (Library Square) | FT | 17 + 19 FLOORS

North of the Bronx, the city of Mount Vernon is in many ways more similar to New York City than to anything else in Westchester County, with its dense housing stock and diverse population of African-Americans, West Indians, West Africans, and Brazilians. And now it might soon be getting some New York-style density, in a new mixed-use development that would include a pair of 17- and 19-story apartment towers.
NEW YORK | 100 Vandam Street | FT | 24 FLOORS

4 West 37th Street

A 22-story hotel is coming to the Garment District at West 37th Street. Plans filed with the Department of Buildings last month call for a 198,201-square-foot structure. Nobutaka Ashihara Architect is designing the building. The hotel will have 120 rooms as well as a 98,000-square-foot community facility, according to the permit application. State Bank of Texas CEO Chan Patel and his sons, Sushil and Rajan Patel, are developing the site.

The 14-story hotel, a collaboration between Yotel and Synapse, will be located at 646 Lorimer Street, near Meeker Avenue and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. The street level of the building will host retail, with a roof garden at the level of the BQE and the hotel rising above that. The top levels of the structure will house six to eight condos with views of the East River and Manhattan.
NEW YORK | 200 East 60th Street | FT | 14 FLOORS

At 200 East 60th Street (also known as 1009 Third Avenue), a new 14-story mixed-use building is planned for the 25-foot-wide lot, with the developer listed as Nick Tsoulos with Astoria Blvd. Realty LLC.
9 East 30th Street

Castellan Real Estate Partners is planning to construct a 21-story residential building at 9 East 30th Street, according to the developer.
NEW YORK | 611 Thwaites Place | FT | 13 FLOORS

535 Greenwich Street

The renderings on the site reveal a 26-floor, 116-unit condominium, on an L-shaped lot to be developed by Cape Advisors. And while these designs are not yet confirmed.
NEW YORK | 15 West 96th Street | FT | 22 FLOORS

Sackman Enterprises has filed applications for a 22-story, 16-unit residential building totaling 60,402 square feet — which includes a 14,529 square-foot community portion — at 15 West 96th Street, on the Upper West Side. SLCE Architects is designing, and the existing five-story townhouse passed pre-demo inspection in November.
NEW YORK | 846 Sixth Avenue | 316 FT | 24 FLOORS

FXFowle has filed applications for a new 24-story and 316-foot tall residential building, which will span the lots of 846-850 Sixth Avenue, at the crossroads between NoMad and Herald Square. Alchemy Properties is developing the site, and the project’s construction floor area will total 105,973 square feet, the majority of which will be divided between 52 residences.
NEW YORK | 134-37 35th Avenue | FT | 15 FLOORS

Farrington Realty has filed applications for a 15-story, 148-unit mixed-use building of 201,840 square feet spanning 134-21 – 134-37 35th Avenue, in Flushing.
NEW YORK | 16 East 30th Street | 199 FT | 19 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 306 West 40th Street | 283 FT | 30 FLOORS

The structure will stand 283 feet tall, with ceilings averaging under 10 feet per floor, totaling 118 rooms. While the FAR of 17.9 is substantial, the lot is only 25 feet wide.
NEW YORK | 285 Schermerhorn Street | FT | FLOORS

The permit filing calls for 106 apartments spread over a bit more than 84,000 square feet of residential space (plus a 6,600-square foot retail space at the base), whose 800-square-foot average unit size we said suggested rentals.
NEW YORK | 576 Baltic St (337 Butler) | 148 FT | 13 FLOORS

The 13-story hotel planned for the site would rise 148 feet into the air, with JWC Architect Engineer, founded by Chris Cheng Gu, is listed as the architect on the permit application.
NEW YORK | 234-236 East 23rd St | 210 FT | 20 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 321-323 West 35th St | 288 FT | 25 FLOORS

Building Height (ft.): 250
Building Stories: 25
Dwelling Units: 150
NEW YORK | 507-515 West 28th Street | 2 x 163 FT | 2 x 13 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 1520 Boone Avenue | FT | 14 FLOORS

The 14-story building will contain more than 260,000 square feet of residential space, yielding an average unit size of 900 square feet, with each floor containing anywhere from five to 25 apartments.
NEW YORK | 71-17 Roosevelt Ave | FT | 15 FLOORS

permit application for a 15-story building with 139 apartment units. There will be 95,000 square feet of residential space, 8,400 square feet of ground-floor retail space and 19,000 square feet for medical offices on the second floor. Amenities include three recreation rooms, an outdoor space and parking for 167 cars. Gilman Architects are responsible for the building design.
245 West 34th Street

241 West 28th Street

A 15-story residential development will replace a parking lot at 241 West 28th Street, according to a permit application filed with the city today.
NEW YORK | 4 West 37th Street | 210 FT | 22 FLOORS

Over the week, a new building permit application was filed by Nobutaka Ashihara Architect for a 22-story hotel at 4 West 37th Street, on the edge of the Garment District.
NEW YORK | 23 East 39th Street | 250 FT | 27 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 41-32 27th St | 150 FT | 15 FLOORS

41-32 27th Street: An LLC has filed applications to precede construction of a 15-story and 46-room hotel of 34,409 square feet at 41-32 27th Street, in Long Island City; an existing two-story structure was approved for demolition in September, and Arc Architecture + Design Studio is designing.
NEW YORK | Ridgewood Tower | FT | 13 FLOORS

Applications were filed last week to demolish three commercial buildings at 3-36 St. Nicholas Ave, 3-50 St. Nicholas Ave, and 54-27 Myrtle Ave, near the Myrtle-Wyckoff station. The owner is listed as Meir Babaev of AB Capstone, via Ridgewood Tower LLC. No new building applications have been filed as of yet, but the C4-3 zoning would permit a residential building as large as 13 stories and 82,000 SF with 120 dwelling units, or a commercial or mixed-use building up to 115,000 SF.
NEW YORK | 333 West 38th Street | FT | FLOORS

The 21-story hotel tower will have 79 rooms, divided over 28,000 square feet of usable commercial space, for an average unit size of about 350 square feet. The ground level will have, oddly enough, two rooms in addition to its lobby. Four rooms per floor will be packed into the 24-foot-wide lot from the second through 18th stories, and then three per floor from levels 19 through 21, topped by a rooftop deck.
NEW YORK | 41-21 - 41-31 28th St | 185 FT | 16 FLOORS

Last December, Queens Brownstoner reported that a vacant warehouse at 41-21 28th Street sold for $17 million.1 Demolition started earlier in the month pursuant to a permit that was approved on October 28 by the Department of Buildings. According to permits filed with the DOB, plans call for a 16-story mixed used building with 120,000+ square feet of residential space for 166 units and 675 square feet of commercial space.2 The building is zoned for a FAR of 6.56.
NEW YORK | Fort Greene: African-dance Tower | FT | 19 FLOORS

Building permits show that a 19-sory residential tower will rise on the spot, bringing ground-floor retail and another 157 apartments to the rapidly transforming area.
NEW YORK | The Boerum (265 State Street) | 210 FT | 20 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 88 Schermerhorn Street | FT | 20 FLOORS

SDS told the publication they’re going to build a 20-story condo on the lot between Boerum Place and Court Street. The developer is also working on the 29-story Vos Hotel at 95 Rockwell Place.

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NEW YORK | 828 East 149th Street | FT | 14 FLOORS

There, Newman Design filed an application for a new 14-story affordable housing project, just west of where Prospect Avenue, Southern Boulevard, and East 149th Street converge, developed in conjunction with the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development. The 225,000-square foot building will be quite hefty, with the square footage of a small skyscraper, but will be arranged with squatter and bulkier massing, filling about half the lot but meeting the sidewalk without any apparent setbacks.
NEW YORK | 219-223 West 77th Street | 185 FT | 18 FLOORS

The new property at 219-223 West 77th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue, is slated to hold 25 apartments and rise 185 feet. There will be a total of 79,899 square feet, with 1,624 square feet allotted for ground-floor commercial space. Parking will span about 3,000 square feet, documents show. Architecture firm Goldstein Hill & West was hired to handle design.
NEW YORK | 188 11th Avenue | FT | 19 FLOORS

188 11th Avenue: Skybox/Chelsea, LLC has filed applications to begin foundation work on a 19-story and 11-unit mixed-use building of 72,091 square feet at 188 11th Avenue, in West Chelsea; an existing two-story building had to be demolished, and KOOP is designing.
NEW YORK | 54-62 Fulton St | 236 FT | 23 FLOORS

Large Rendering: https://nyocommercialobserver.files....ton-street.jpg

Steven Brauser, who filed for the permit application with the Department of Buildings, has partnered with Socius Development Group to erect an 130,000-square-foot rental building at 56 Fulton Street, at the corner of Cliff Street. The 23-story, 120-unit building will be called Exhibit, Scott L. Aaron, a principal at Socius, told Commercial Observer.
1 Flatbush Avenue | 210 FT | 19 FLOORS

It calls for a 19-story, 210-foot residential building of 160,000 square feet of total construction area, with a substantial retail component. The building would contain a bit more than 123,000 square feet of net residential space divided over 157 apartments, for a very rental-sized unit average of under 800 square feet. The developers will set aside 20 percent of its units as below-market housing in exchange for a slight density boost and tax breaks, as part of the city’s inclusionary housing program.
NEW YORK | 229 Lexington Avenue | FT | 14 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 81 Fleet Place | FT | 15 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 100 University Place | 309 FT | 23 FLOORS

100 University Place’s design has not been revealed, but the 23-story tower will stand 309 feet tall, making an impact on the relatively short neighborhood skyline. While no completion date has been announced, construction would appear imminent, given demolition’s progression on the existing structure.
NEW YORK | 308 West 40th St | FT | 13 FLOORS

Plans filed today now call for a 13-story commercial structure of nearly 27,000 square feet of total construction floor space. Gene Kaufman has been swapped out for Nobutaka Ashihara, a New York-based architect who’s designed a number of hotels in Manhattan, from Midtown to the Financial District, and generally produces higher quality designs than Kaufman.
NEW YORK | 501 Voorhies Avenue | 333 FT | 30 FLOORS

Now, we know: architect Perkins Eastman has filed for a new building permit at 1501 Voorhies Avenue, and the tower will reach a whopping 333 feet into the sky, hitting 30 stories at its peak. The project – situated on an oddly shaped parcel adjacent to the Brighton Line elevated structure, overlooking the Sheepshead Bay express stop – will be 280,000 square feet in total, mostly residential but with a 15,000-square foot commercial space.
NEW YORK | 2300 Cropsey Avenue | 273 FT | 24 FLOORS

The nearly 350,000-square foot building at 2300 Cropsey will contain 170 apartments – we’re guessing condos – divided over 200,000 square of net residential space, for a roomy but modest unit size of almost 1,200 square feet. There will be 60,000 square feet of community facility space, likely marketed towards doctors, with 337 garage parking spaces and a surface lot that will hold 32 stalls.
NEW YORK | 27-21 44th Drive | 282 FT | 26 FLOORS

Yet another tower will soon join the Long Island City boom: a new building application has been filed for a 26-story, 145,000-square foot building coming to 27-21 44th Drive, in Court Square, with Silvercup Properties as the developer.
NEW YORK | 233 West 125th Street | 300 FT | 26 FLOORS

Aufgang is the project’s architect, and the 26-story building will stand 300 feet tall; interiors will be split between a 172,067 square foot residential component, divided between 192 apartments, and a 203,120 square foot hotel.
NEW YORK | 27-19 44th Drive | 282 FT | 27 FLOORS

The first permits are up for yet another Court Square tower, this one coming to 27-19 44th Drive. Coincidentally, permits were filed for a 26-story tower right next door yesterday, and the buildings will actually be the same height, with both standing 282 feet tall.
NEW YORK | 531 6th St | 150 FT | FLOORS

Before they're gone, gone, gone, take a moment to appreciate the buildings New York Methodist Hospital has targeted for demolition.

The hospital, which has owned the handsome properties for decades, plans to tear them down and construct the Center for Community Health, a 486,000-square-foot building that would be 150 feet high.
NEW YORK | 285 Schermerhorn Street | FT | 14 FLOORS

The land hasn’t traded hands yet, but a new building application filed with the Department of Buildings has revealed the developer for 285 Schermerhorn Street: Second Development Services, or SDS. The Brooklyn Heights-based firm plans to double the size of the existing office building, bringing it to 14 stories, and turning it into a 106-unit, 91,000-square foot apartment tower.
NEW YORK | 19 Beekman Street | FT | 23 FLOORS

The scheme may be modified once the development site is sold, as it is currently listed with Massey Knakal for an unspecified price. Per The Real Deal, Ronnie Oved bought the property for $11.2 million in late 2012, and it sits directly across the street from 8 Spruce.
NEW YORK | 2230 Broadway | FT | 20 FLOORS

The building will be 20 stories tall, and it appears from the retail floor plans that it will have two above-ground and two below-ground floors for retail establishments. Food establishments will be allowed. The bulk of the building, as expected, will contain luxury apartments, many of which will have balconies. We don’t know yet whether they’ll be rentals or condos. The Larstrand, another Friedland project, is a rental property. Rose Associates will manage the building.
NEW YORK | 6-14 W 22nd | FT | 2 x 14 FLOORS

Architect Morris Adjmi has a penchant for charming the Landmarks Preservation Commission. So, while his proposal for two connected structures at West 21st and 22nd streets was not approved the first time it was presented to the Commission back in September, it would not be denied twice. Adjmi took the LPC's advice and narrowed the windows at the 22nd Street base in order to give it a more vertical look and also increased the ratio of metal to stone. "The applicant has [done] everything we asked," commented commissioner Joan Gerber. Commissioner Michael Devonshire remarked that it was "nice to see a building in the hands of a master." The plans were approved unanimously.
NEW YORK | 271 lenox road | 150 FT | 15 FLOORS

Building Height (ft.): 150
Building Stories: 15
Dwelling Units: 55
NEW YORK | 299 Livingston Street | 17 FLOORS | 158 FT

Building Height (ft.): 158
Building Stories: 17
Dwelling Units: 37
NEW YORK | 47 West 55th Street | 138 FT | 13 FLOORS

This hotel development located just off Fifth Avenue has a lot size of 37.6x100 ft with a 30,000 sq. ft of build-able area. The building has 13 stories and a height of 138 ft. On the first floor is the hotel lobby and a restaurant with a rear open terrace. The hotel has 77 guest rooms with six rooms per floor. There is a large open terrace with a bar on the top floor a and 30 ft long lap pool. The developer requested a building with a classical facade that would blend well with the neighborhood. There is a highly recessed limestone facade with cornices and trims which evokes a rich past and will add to the luxury feel of Fifth Avenue.
NEW YORK | 60 Water Street | FT | 17 + 9 FLOORS

The building will be ready for occupancy by the first quarter of 2015, and Two Trees will begin leasing this fall. Rents have not been released for the market rate units, but the 58 affordable units will start around $500 for a studio. LEESER Architects and Ismael Leyva Architects created the building, which consists of a 17-story tower, a shorter nine-story building, and a 50,000-square-foot school. As the rendering shows, the 300-seat middle school runs along Front Street and Dock Street, with the residential buildings fronting on Dock and Water Streets, giving the building its address, 60 Water Street. The ground floor on Water will also be home to retail.
17 John Street

Real estate crowdfunding startup Prodigy Network closed on the acquisition of a 15-story rental building at 17 John Street for $85.3 million. The sum included more than $25 million in crowdfunded equity. Prodigy, led by Rodrigo Nino, is in the process of converting the property into a 23-story, 191-unit extended-stay hotel. The building, nicknamed a “cotel,” aims to fuse a hotel, co-working space and LinkedIn-esque environment that offers extended stay suites, networkin events and collaborative work environments.
177 N 9th Street

NEW YORK | 8-12 Maiden Lane | 24 FLOORS | 246 FT

Permits list the developer as Thomas Wang, of WL Group Construction, which is based in Flushing. Kaufman is the architect of record, and the 75,467 square foot project will be split between 192 rooms. Ceiling heights will be relatively generous compared to average new hotels, with the 24-story building rising 246 feet.
NEW YORK | 501-511 West 43rd St | FT | 16 + 15 FLOORS

The Elad Group is anxious to build a residential building on a vacant West 43rd Street lot with 15- and 16-story towers over Amtrak lines, but the developer needs special permits to build over the tracks and to have some regulations waived. With only generic designs as placeholders, Elad's plans were met with resistance from Community Board 4 during a meeting this Wednesday. The board said that Elad is rushing the permitting process and that the request to breach height limits is an order too tall.
NEW YORK | 2 North 6th Place | 398 FT | 40 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 34-46 Vernon Boulevard | 2 X 18 FLOORS | FT

So it seems like old building applications must be updated before work starts. Previous plans with the DOB called for an 18-story building with 232 units; other reports said the developers planned two 20-story residential towers, which the rendering, probably outdated, supports.
NEW YORK | 68 Charlton Place | FT | 22 FLOORS

Looks like third plan's a charm for Extell's project at 68 Charlton Place; it seems the developer has decided to stick with its proposal to develop a 22-story residential building with 91 market-rate co-ops and 25 affordable apartments.
NEW YORK | 117 Livingston St | 210 FT | 21 FLOORS

The 21-story, 210-foot building doesn’t approach the size of the 825-footer in Manhattan, but it occupies a very visible location on Livingstone Street at its busy confluence with Red Hook Lane and Boerum Place, the primary Brooklyn Bridge approach. The residential tower is being planned by Quinlan Development Group (also responsible for 267 Pacific and 153 Remsen nearby, as well as One Vandam in Manhattan), with Ennead Architects as the permit’s applicant.
NEW YORK | 42-31 Union St | FT | 18 FLOORS

Just outside of the heart of downtown Flushing, a very special mixed-use hotel and medical building has started to rise. A glassy stack of 18 floors of class-A commercial space, the tower is an exceedingly rare instance of a developer asking the city to build less housing and more commercial space than allowed by the zoning code.
NEW YORK | 242 Broome St | 160 FT | 14 FLOORS

Building Height (ft.): 160
Building Stories: 14
Dwelling Units: 55
1580 Nostrand Avenue | 214 FT | 23 FLOORS

As large-scale new development has pushed deeper into Brooklyn, Hello Living is often on the bleeding edge. The firm, based in Crown Heights and led by Eli Karp, has pressed further into Flatbush than most other developers, with projects at 651 New York Avenue, 271 Lenox Road and 2415 Albemarle Road.

Now Hello Living is poised to add another project, even deeper into Flatbush, to their portfolio. Their architect of record, Vincent Martineau, filed for permits this morning for a sizable project at 1580 Nostrand Avenue.
59 Franklin Street | 18 FLOORS | 185 FT

Bonjour Capital has filed applications to construct a new 18-story building at 59 Franklin Street, in Tribeca, between Church and Broadway. The architect of record is Goldner.

Permits reveal a total scope of 89,080 square feet, and the building will be entirely residential, divided between 89 apartments.
Royal Plaza Condominium

New Building
134,000 SF
14 stories
52 residential units
Medical Offices
Indoor parking garage


132-35 41 Road
Queens, NY, USA
340 East 24th Street | 14 FLOORS

Mr. Shaoul’s Magnum Real Estate and 40 North will build a new 146,000-square-foot, 242-unit dorm for the School of Visual Arts on the site, at the corner of 24th Street and First Avenue, according to previous reports. Ismael Leyva Architects will design the building.

The planned 14-story structure is one of many dorm projects in the pipeline for Magnum, Mr. Shaoul has said.
525 Greenwich Street

17 East 47th Street

The eight-story Mercantile Library at 17 East 47th Street may be in for a vertical extension, as renderings for an enlargement have been posted to architect George Boyle’s website, outlining the possibilities for the future “Merc Hotel.”
42-16 Queens Plaza South | 14 FLOORS | 170 FT

Multiple Dwelling Classification:
Building Height (ft.): 170
Building Stories: 14
Dwelling Units:
NEW YORK | 36-16 Main St. | 15 FLOORS

The new building, which is being designed by JWC Architects Engineer DPC, will be a 15-story residential development, according to Department of Buildings records.
221 West 29th Street

While the initial documents indicated the height would be 15 floors, that number has seen an increase, and the building will actually stand 21 stories tall.
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Smile NEW YORK | 88 Schermerhorn Street | 280 FT | 27 FLOORS

Originally Posted by chris08876 View Post

NEW YORK | 88 Schermerhorn Street | FT | 20 FLOORS

88 Schermerhorn Street

MAY 26, 2015

Last year, Second Development Services paid $11 million for a four-story, turn-of-the-century walk-up at 88 Schermerhorn Street, between Court Street and Boerum Place in Downtown Brooklyn. By November, demo permits had been filed, and now plans are in the works to build a 27-story condo development on the site.

A new building application filed on Friday calls for just 23 apartments spread across 39,040 square feet, for a spacious average unit sized at 1,697 square feet. Apartments will begin on the third floor, and each floor will hold one condo until the 25th and 26th floors, which will be one duplex apartment. The penthouse duplex will have its own private roof deck, and an apartment on the third floor will get a terrace as well.

The building will rise 280 feet into the air on the 33-foot-wide site, which is currently home to one of three connected barrel-front apartment buildings. It looks like the other two buildings at 82 and 86 Schermerhorn will remain, since neither has changed hands in the last 15 years.

The developer is able to build tall because the property sits just inside the Special Downtown Brooklyn District, where zoning encourages high-density residential and commercial development and generally doesn’t require parking.

The architect of record is Think Architecture and Design, who have worked on Pratt’s Myrtle Hall in Clinton Hill and the Chinese-developed Oosten condos on the South Williamsburg waterfront. SDS, based around the corner on Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights, is also developing the 29-story Vos Hotel at 95 Rockwell Place and a 14-story tower at 285 Schermerhorn Street.

Curbed was the first to write about the permits, which went up Friday afternoon.

current site via google maps
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Great idea for a thread! It's about time a thread like this was created for NYC
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This is spectacular.

From my head via my fingers.
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NEW YORK | 38 West 36th St | 226 FT | 22 FLOORS

Construction is making rapid progress at 38 West 36th Street, where a Peter Poon-designed hotel is about to begin its vertical ascent. The project’s developer is Executive Hotels, and it will house ‘Le Soleil,’ which will supposedly “reflect stylish sophistication and the warmth of old world elegance.”

Completion of 38 West 36th Street is expected in March of 2015, and the 162-room hotel will rise 22 stories.
NEW YORK | 644 East 14th St | 120 FT | 15 FLOORS

Permits indicate that 644 East 14th Street will total 61,789 square feet, including 8,578 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor. The remainder of the first five stories will host a ‘community facility,’ which will span 18,937 square feet, and apartments will sit above; the structure will stand 15 stories tall, with 34,274 square feet of residential space divided between 50 units.
NEW YORK | 34-36 W 38th St | 199 FT | 19 FLOORS

A proposed design by Atelier & Co for the Bryant Park Jade Hotel's planned lobby.
NEW YORK | Lenox Terrace (132nd-135th Streets) | 5 x 16 FLOORS

As of right, Olnick would be able to build five new 16-story buildings with two-story commercial spaces along the perimeter and 218 above ground parking spaces, but they want a rezoning so they can build bigger. With a rezoning, Olnick wants to build six new towers up to 28-stories tall with taller retail spaces that could accommodate box stores. The proposal would add 1,100 apartments, 20 percent of which would be affordable, a landscaped park, and a 548-space underground parking garage. Currently, there is no application for a rezoning on file with City Planning.
NEW YORK | 310 West 40th St | 401 FT | 42 FLOORS

The 401-foot tall hotel, with 287 rooms, will sit on the 4,937-square-foot lot between Eighth and Ninth Avenues, Department of Buildings and PropertyShark records indicate.
NEW YORK | 959 First Avenue | FT | 30 FLOORS

Permits indicate the mixed-use structure will have 197,127 square feet in total, and 9,569 square feet will be dedicated to ground floor retail. The remainder of the project will be divided between 114 residences, and the 30-story building’s pinnacle will stand 333 feet above the street.
NEW YORK | 50-52 Bowery | 245 FT | 22 FLOORS

As we reported two weeks ago, the DOB approved permits to finally construct the 229-room hotel. Alex Chu is the owner-developer of the project and Peter Poon Architects is behind the design you see above. Meanwhile, it appears that excavation work is already underway
NEW YORK | 135-35 Northern Blvd | FT | 17 FLOORS

In addition to the apartments, plans call for the 17-story building to contain 23,000 square feet of retail space and 385 parking spaces. The decision to turn the building from rental to condos was motivated by Flushing’s shifting terrain.
NEW YORK | 433 First Ave | 162 FT | 11 FLOORS

NYU’s page on the site indicates the new building will span 170,000 square feet, which permits corroborate; the structure will stand eleven stories and 162 feet tall, allowing generous ceiling heights.
NEW YORK | 326 West 37th St | 221 FT | 22 FLOORS

The brand is TBD, but it'll stand at 22 stories and house a gym, meeting room, and ground-floor restaurant or bar space.
NEW YORK | 133 Third Ave | 164 FT | 16 FLOORS

NYU The owner of the building that NYU leases the dorm from subsequently sued to halt the project here near East 14th Street, but the city apparently sided with the developers… the DOB ok'd permits for the 16-floor residential building as Curbed reported last March.
NEW YORK | 27-45 Jackson Ave | 196 FT | 22 FLOORS

When all is said and done, the building is projected to be a 22-story building on the existing 20-foot-wide and 200-foot-deep lot.
NEW YORK | 8-16 Nevins St | FT | 25 FLOORS

While no permits have been filed, the existing structures are apparently occupied by tenants with short-term leases, and demolition will be simple. Despite the lack of DOB filings, The SBJ Group’s page on the development gives all the necessary details, and indicates the tower will total 135,000 gross square feet, split between 136 apartments, in addition to ground-floor retail. Bushburg’s high-rise will also include an affordable component, allowing the developer to build beyond the lot’s potential under current zoning, which would otherwise limit its scope to 90,000 square feet.
NEW YORK | 320 West 36th St | 246 FT | 25 FLOORS

Upon completion, the 250-room hotel will stretch 25 stories and have an 80-foot atrium at the front of the building. The lodging is slated to open at the end of 2015, according to the Observer.
One SoHo Square

One SoHo Square will measure 768,000 square feet, standing nineteen stories in total. Completion of the renovation and expansion is expected in the fall of 2015.
NEW YORK | 29-26 Northern Boulevard| 473 FT | 45 FLOORS

Per the DOB filings, 29-26 Northern Boulevard will total 382,120 square feet. 13,579 square feet will be dedicated to ground-floor retail, while the remainder will be divided between 415 apartments. The building will stand 45 stories and 473 feet tall, making it one of the most prominent towers in the Court Square vicinity.
NEW YORK | 150 Charles St | 176 FT | 15 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 1165 Broadway | FT | 27 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 93-43 Sutphin Blvd | FT | 24 FLOORS

The 24-story hotel will bring more than 200 new rooms to the area, a sit-down restaurant and a business center, according to the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, a local nonprofit development group, which owns a portion of the hotel site.
NEW YORK | 145 Central Park North | 143 FT | 13 FLOORS

According to a DOB permit filed on March 5th, the firm wants to expand the one story church to a 13 story residential building with 24 units. David Howell is named as the architect in the permit.
NEW YORK | 245 West 34th St | 178 FT | 17 FLOORS

Permits are up for a 17-story mixed-use development that will rise at 245 West 34th Street; the architect of record is Gene Kaufman, and the developer is Cornell Realty Management LLC.
NEW YORK | 809 Broadway | FT | 15 FLOORS

Now, ODA Architects has revealed a trio of new renderings for the mixed-use, 15-story project it has planned for the Greenwich Village site. Like the rendering that appeared in November, the new renderings are a touch on the tiny side and one appears to be a freshened up version of the one released in the fall.
NEW YORK | 320 West 36th St | 246 FT | 28 FLOORS

According to a DOB permit filed on March 14th, 2014, the developer is looking to build a 28-story hotel at 320 West 36th Street. The architect listed in the permit is Stonehill & Taylor, a firm that’s designed several hotels in the past, including The NoMad, the Ace Hotel and the Crosby Street Hotel.
NEW YORK | 432 West 31st St | 212 FT | 21 FLOORS

A 21-story, 240-room hotel could grace 432 West 31st Street in the Hudson Yards area.
NEW YORK | 203 West 79th St | 174 FT | 16 FLOORS

The first permits have been filed for a new 16-story building at 203 West 79th Street; the architect of record is Morris Adjmi, and the project’s developer is Anbau Enterprises.

203 West 79th Street will stand 174 feet to its pinnacle, and the filings indicate the structure will be mixed-use, with an emphasis on ultra-high-end residential. The building will measure 67,265 square feet in total, with 5,088 square feet to be dedicated to retail space; the remainder of the site will be residential.
NEW YORK | 350 West 40th St | 315 FT | 35 FLOORS

Per the DOB filings, 350 West 40th Street will stand 35 stories tall, but ceiling heights will be incredibly low, as the tower will only rise 315 feet to its pinnacle. That does make sense given its scale and the size of rooms, which will be tiny; the 177,729 square foot development will be divided between 594 ‘dwelling units,’ aka cabins.
NEW YORK | 405 East 60th St | 162 FT | 16 FLOORS

Renderings of the new Ronald McDonald House depict a 16-story structure that will be fairly simple, with aesthetics characterized by large, floor-to-ceiling windows. 405 East 60th Street traversed ULURP early last decade, and the site has all the allowances needed for the new development, though DOB permits were disapproved in 2008. Nevertheless, those documents revealed the new RMH will have slightly over 90,000 square feet of space, with 74 units.
NEW YORK | 81 Fleet Place | 156 FT | 15 FLOORS

An on-site rendering of the project reveals a fairly typical design, and the facade will be a mix of brick and glass. Permits indicate the development’s first floor will be dedicated to retail, with 13,000 square feet of space; after a setback, the residential portion rises above, and 81 Fleet Place will have a total of 205 units, spanning 159,785 square feet.
NEW YORK | 221 West 29th St | FT | 20 FLOORS

Fresh permits are up for a 20-story building at 221 West 29th Street, revealing a change of plans; the latest round of filings indicate that the tower will stand 20 floors. Previously, BuzzBuzzHome reported that the project would only rise 15 stories, per a plan exam from January. The architect of record is Goldstein Hill & West, while Ironstate is developing the site.
NEW YORK | 25 West 38th St | 254 FT | 26 FLOORS

The 27-story Aloft New York Midtown Hotel at 25 W. 38th St., by Starwood Hotels, will open in the fall of 2016 and will also include a restaurant and lounge, officials announced this week while releasing new renderings of the project.
NEW YORK | 68 Charlton St | FT | 22 FLOORS

Extell Development's plans for 68 Charlton Street have changed once again. The development, which was originally supposed to be a 35-story hotel, was later changed to a 13-story condo tower. Now Extell has announced that they will instead build a 22-story residential building with 116 total units—91 market-rate co-ops and 25 affordable apartments, the Villager reports.
NEW YORK | 41-42 24th St | 228 FT | 21 FLOORS

Permits indicate that 41-42 24th Street will have total approximately 319,000 square feet, and 8,707 square feet will be dedicated to the commercial component.

Construction firm Lettire’s website has additional information on 41-42 24th Street, and its planned completion date is 2015.
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NEW YORK | 470 4th Ave | FT | 14 FLOORS

Demolition on all properties on the 12,690-square-foot site at 470 Fourth Avenue is slated to start in the next two months. The developers plan to build a multi-family, 107,000-square-foot rental building with ground-floor retail. The structure would rise 12 to 14 stories.

The site offers nearly 80,000 buildable square feet, spanning 120 feet of frontage along Fourth Avenue and just over 100 feet on 11th Street.
NEW YORK | 145 East 47th St | 226 FT | 22 FLOORS

Permits have been issued and renderings have been posted for a new hotel coming to 145 East 47th Street; the tower will stand 22 stories, with 93 rooms in total, as Curbed reported last year. C3D is the architect of record, and the developer is 145 East 47th Street LLC.
NEW YORK | 149-151 East 78th St | FT | 16 FLOORS

Plans are moving forward for a 16-story residential development at 151 East 78th Street. The site comprises two townhouses — bought back in 2012 — as well as the former Ackerman Institute, which spans 149-151 East 78th Street. Renderings appeared late last year, and permits for the new building indicate the developer is Spruce Capital, while the architect is the highly-acclaimed Peter Pennoyer.
NEW YORK | 17 West 24th St | 167 FT | 18 FLOORS

Plans for an 18-story hotel at 17 West 24th Street are evidently making progress, after demolition permits for the site’s existing structure were filed last week. Previous filings from 2012 indicated that Kaufman would be the project’s architect, and Suzuki Capital LLC is developing the project.
NEW YORK | 560 7th Ave | FT | 23 FLOORS

El-Gamal and partner Murray Hill Properties are purchasing the New School's former Midtown building, which also holds an 83-year-old synagogue, with plans to construct a 20- to 23-story retail and hotel tower and rebuild the religious institution.
NEW YORK | 200 East 39th St | 213 FT | 19 FLOORS

NEW YORK | 36-18 Main St | FT | 14 & 12 FLOORS

Community Board 7 approved a variance for a 12-story hotel and a 14-story office tower planned at 36-18 Main Street in Downtown Flushing.
NEW YORK | 29-37 41st Ave | 308 FT | 30 FLOORS

The V-shaped site at 29-37 41st Avenue comes with plans for a 30-story, 242-unit condominium tower with 29 parking spaces. The proposal for the 174’ by 222’ lot is pending Department of Buildings approval. There’s also the possibility of an as-of-right 15-year tax abatement. The total buildable square footage is 204,938.
NEW YORK | 1047 Amsterdam Ave | 149 FT x2 | 15 FLOORS x2

NEW YORK | 292 Fifth Ave | 206 FT | 20 FLOORS

Fresh permits reveal a 20-story hotel and residential building is about to begin rising at 292 Fifth Avenue, in the booming NoMAD neighborhood. The existing structure will soon be demolished, with permits for that portion of the job filed in early January. The architect of record is Rawlings, and the developer is DDG.
NEW YORK | 18 West 56th St | 196 FT | 16 FLOORS

Renderings have been posted for a hotel that is about to begin rising at 18 West 56th Street; the building will stand 16 stories and 196 feet tall. Stonehill & Taylor is the architectural firm of record, while Firmdale Hotels is developing the site.
NEW YORK | 100 Barrow St | 153 FT | 15 FLOORS

The Church of St. Luke in the Fields is joining the recent trend of nonprofits turning toward real estate development to beef up their bank accounts. The Villager reports that the West Village church wants to build a 15-story, 46-unit apartment building on its property at the corner of Greenwich and Barrow Streets.
NEW YORK | Compass Residences (172nd St/Boone Ave) | 10 Buildings | 15 FLOORS

A new ten-building residential development in Crotona Park East in the Bronx — the largest private real estate project in the borough to date – kicks off construction Thursday.

The Compass Residences, a 1,300-unit affordable housing development on the corner of 172nd Street and Boone Avenue, is being developed by a group that includes Signature Urban Properties, GTIS Partners, MBD Housing and Monadnock Construction, according to a release from the Department of Housing Preservation and Development. The first phase, which kicks off Thursday, will create 237 units of affordable apartments on the industrial site. The entire project should be finished by 2019.
NEW YORK | 105 West 28th St | 309 FT | 30 FLOORS


Occupancy Classification: R-1 - RESIDENTIAL: HOTELS, DORMITORIES
Building Height (ft.): 309
Building Stories: 30
Dwelling Units: 364
NEW YORK | 34 East 51st St | 295 FT | 21 FLOORS

On-site renderings have been posted for the SOM-designed 34 East 51st Street, which will stand 21 floors and 295 feet. The project’s developer is Sedesco, and the building will add nearly 60,000 square feet of office space to Midtown East.
NEW YORK | 538 West 58th St | 202 FT | 18 FLOORS

Another site on the far West Side is moving along; permits indicate 538 West 58th Street will soon become an 18-story hotel with 230 rooms, measuring 62,544 square feet. The architect of record is Gene Kaufman, and the developer is Barone Management. Sam Chang is also involved, and the project has apparently been upsized since last year, when it was originally slated to have 208 rooms.
NEW YORK | 12-18 West 55th St | 245 FT | 22 FLOORS

What’s going on at 12-18 West 55th Street? The site between Fifth and Sixth avenues has lain fallow for several years, but a new 22-story mixed-use development could rise there, based on permits filed early last year.
NEW YORK | 221 West 29th St | 152 FT | 15 FLOORS

Ironstate Development is plotting a new 15-story residential project at 221 West 29th Street.

The building, located between Seventh and Eighth avenues, will have 67 apartments. The site is currently used as a parking lot. The architect of record is Goldstein, Hill & West, according to the plan exam application filed January 7th.

The 152-foot-tall project will have storage, bike storage and parking for 12 cars.
NEW YORK | 151-161 East 86th St | FT | 21 FLOORS

The same developer behind super-luxe Noho condo conversion the Schumacher has just snatched up a prime corner lot at the insanely busy intersection of 86th Street and Lexington Avenue. The Real Deal reports that Stillman Development plans to scrap what's currently two non-exciting, low-rise commercial buildings and build "a 210,000-square-foot mixed-use tower with retail on the first four floors of the building and high-end residential units up top."
NEW YORK | 227-235 East 44th St | FT | 22 FLOORS

Here's where it gets relevant: now a joint venture between the two wants to erect a 22-story tower on the spot. Permits filed with the Department of Buildings show 20 residences and office space earmarked for the structure, which is between Second and Third avenues. The two parcels at 227-235 East 44th Street went through a legal kerfuffle late last year, but now that that's all tied up and Yeffet is involved, plus the permits have been filed, keep an eye out for construction to start.
NEW YORK | 206-210 West 77th St | 185 FT | 18 FLOORS

And now, permits have arrived for the proposed 18-story luxury building between Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway.

The 80,802-square-foot project will have 2,317 square feet of retail on the ground floor, according to the plan exam application filed January 9th. Goldstein, Hill & West is the architect of record.
NEW YORK | 232 7th Ave | 170 FT | 16 FLOORS

Renderings are up for a new 16-story and 49-unit mixed-use project at 232 Seventh Avenue. The existing structures are about to be demolished, with permits for their removal already approved; the developer is ‘Chelsea 7 JV LLC’, and the architect is C3D.
NEW YORK | 308 East 59th St | FT | 16 FLOORS

A new 16-story building will soon rise at 308 East 59th Street; the property will be a mix of residential and commercial space. The site’s developer is ABS Partners, and C3D is designing the project, with a page on the firm’s website giving additional details.
NEW YORK | 41-23 29th St | FT | 18 FLOORS

A developer could build up to 18 stories with 80-rooms on the property in question. Tom Winter, of Tom Winter Architect, designed the hotel rendered above as an example of what’s possible.
NEW YORK | 21 West 20th St | 156 FT | 15 FLOORS

A new 15-story residential building is under construction at 21 West 20th Street; the project’s developer is Gale International, and the architect of record is Beyer Blinder Belle. Permits were just approved on the 10th, and excavation is already well underway.
NEW YORK | 120 West 41st St | 257 FT | 26 FLOORS

Work is beginning on a new hotel at 120 West 41st Street, one of several new developments rising on 41st Street. Permits indicate the structure will stand 26 floors and 257 feet, and contain a total of 130 rooms.

NEW YORK | 54 Fulton St | 236 FT | 23 FLOORS

A 23-story mixed-use development will rise at 54 Fulton Street, on the corner of Cliff Street, according to a plan exam application filed December 23rd. The architect of record is Goldstein, Hill & West. The 120-unit building will measure a total of 101,736 square feet.

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Much Appreciated.

I like the cut of your jib.
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ummm wow... What a herculean effort on your part!.. Thank you so much for this!

The amount of projects within just the city limits is just absolutely insane! So much so that no one person can truly keep track of them all. Many here that I'm seeing for the first time.

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Thread Update:

1) For the 2014/15 cycle, the highrise sets (1-5) covered most of the unknown highrises.

These sets, along with the SSP projects in the first post account for a bulk of the highrise/skyscraper projects for 2014-15.

2) The thread will now shift to a similar fashion as the mid rise thread with updates on new developments and news.

3) Still need to add the construction project links. But I'd say the front page or 1st post directory is about 90% complete. Remember to use it as its way quicker than searching for a thread the old fashion way. Control + F, keyword, enter, and it will appear.


Feel free now that the sets are complete to post new projects or general highrise news. For new projects, please include a title for it with the address. If the feet or floors are not known, leave it as FT or FLOORS but an address helps immensely. Its what makes these highrise sets or individual projects easy to organize as its easy to search for.

- Chris E.

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This will be an awesome thread! So much info just on the first page.
Such a compilation was badly needed.
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Smile NEW YORK | Ritz-Carlton (Battery) | 449 FT | 38 FLOORS (Conversion)

Full Apartment Conversion: Millennium Point

Two Lower Manhattan hotels are facing headwinds. At the March 3 meeting of the Battery Park City Committee of Community Board 1, committee member Tammy Meltzer said, "I've heard from one of the people on the board at the Ritz-Carlton that they are actively seeking votes to boot the hotel, and to turn the entire building into apartments." Committee member Jeff Mihok added, "they're trying to sell it for $790 million." Committee chair Anthony Notaro continued, "not only does the building want to sell, but the hotel operators want out."

The Ritz-Carlton building houses both residential condominiums (in the tower section of the building, which is called Millennium Point) and a hotel at the structure's base, which contains 298 guest rooms. The hotel was originally scheduled to open days after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, but did not launch until the following year. Although widely lauded for its high quality of accommodations and service, the hotel has struggled financially since the date it opened, with the 2008 real estate downtown and Hurricane Sandy further clouding its business prospects.

Elsewhere, the W Downtown Hotel, located at the corner of Washington and Albany Streets in the Financial District, is seeking to convert four floors of hotel rooms to apartments. Like the Ritz-Carlton, the W Downtown is an apartment tower with a hotel at its base.

Floors 23 through 26 of the hotel are currently used for extended-stay suites, but the Moinian Group (developer of the property) wants to sell the 32 units as apartments. A spokesman for the Moinian Group, which is trying to sell the four floors to a single purchaser, did not respond to requests for clarification about whether these units would be marketed as rentals or resold as condominium units. (The residential tower at the W Downtown contains both rentals and owner-occupied apartments.)

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Smile NEW YORK | 2401 Third Avenue and 101 Lincoln Avenue | FT | 6 X 25 FLOORS

Project: Assemblage at 2401 Third Avenue and 101 Lincoln Avenue

Towers: 6 x 25 FLOORS

Keith Rubenstein's Somerset Partners and the Chetrit Group have joined forces to buy up five acres of land along the Harlem River waterfront in Mott Haven, and plan to turn the industrial stretch of the South Bronx into a residential community with "as many as six 25-story towers with market-rate apartments and ground-floor retail space," according to the Journal. The assemblage, at 2401 Third Avenue and 101 Lincoln Avenue, cost the developers $58 million and is expected to spark a wave of development that will finally turn Mott Haven into the gentrified wonderland of real estate magnates' dreams. "Once the Somerset [Chetrit] project gets under way, I think you will see a total turnaround of this area," the director of special projects for the South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corp told the Journal. "I think you will find this area becomes Williamsburg meets Dumbo." (Guess that makes it the Next Next Next Next Next Williamsburg, or something like that.)

Elected officials, led by Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., who calls the Somerset-Chetrit project a potential "catalyst," have been pushing for a large-scale redevelopment of the South Bronx, which would cost $500 million and necessitate a substantial investment in infrastructure improvements. Last month Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the city would make a $200 million capital investment in the Lower Concourse, and the development appears to be following. In turn, Bronx residents have begun organizing and protesting the impending price hikes and displacement that are sure to follow.
wsj: http://www.wsj.com/articles/reviving...rk_real_estate
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Smile NEW YORK | 75 Nassau Street | 498 FT | 40 FLOORS

Project: 75 Nassau Street

Lexin Capital is riding the Financial District’s residential boom with permits filed today for a 197-unit tower at 75 Nassau Street.

The ODA Architecture-designed building will rise 40 stories and will have retail space on the first two floors, according to permits filed with the city’s Department of Buildings. There will be offices on the third and fourth floors.

According to the building permit, the high-rise will top out at 498 feet
, nearly half the 800 feet that previously was reported. The residential portion will measure 189,780 square feet with another 39,203 square feet of commercial space. There will be eight apartments each on floors seven through 20, and three apartments on the 22nd floor. Floors 23 through 38 will have four or six apartments, according to plans filed with the city. Metin Negrin’s development company paid $63.4 million total for the land and air rights. It acquired 75-81 Nassau Street, where the building will rise, for $46 million from the Century 21 department store company, which is owned by the Gindi family. Lexin paid another $17.4 million for 83 Nassau and development rights at 85 Nassau.
March 10, 2015
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Smile NEW YORK | 357 West Street | 140 FT | 12 FLOORS

Project: 357 West Street

Developer Ian Schrager closed on the purchase of two development sites at 355 and 358 West Street for a combined total of $48.5 million, according to property records filed with the city today. Weinberg Properties sold the single-story retail building at 355 West Street for $37.2 million. The lot has a total of 41,000 buildable square feet. At 358 West Street, William Gottlieb Real Estate sold its three-story commercial building for $11.3 million. That property has 12,250 buildable square feet. Schrager is reportedly planning a 12-story, 88-unit residential building for the site, to be dubbed 357 West Street, on the Hudson River-facing lot in the West Village. The project will also encompass parcels at 156 Leroy Street and 359 West Streets, though it is unclear how much Schrager paid for those properties.
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Chris, do you want to add
Unofficial New Jersey Transit / Metro North Railroad 2050 Proposals and Plans to the Useful NYC Metro Compilation Thread list?
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