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Old Posted Jul 3, 2008, 12:42 PM
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Since SSC has died again I'll put this here. It may be part of the reason that demolition for the V-Building hasn't started yet...

In February 2000, following a call-in inquiry, planning permission was granted in
outline by the Secretary of State for the Arena Central scheme. It comprises the
redevelopment of the site bounded by Broad Street, Bridge Street, Holliday Street
and Suffolk Street Queensway and land south of Holliday Street. A mix of uses is
proposed and the scheme includes a new tower of up to 175 metres height. All
matters were reserved except for access.
A Section 106 agreement was signed at that time, which required the developers to provide the following:

1. A £5m contribution towards public transport improvements.

2. £1m to be paid upon the implementation of development on the site and two further payments of £2m to be paid on completion of the tower, the confirmation of the Transport and Works Act Order for Metro between Snow
Hill and the site or within five years (whichever occurs first).

3. £50,000 towards a feasibility study of public transport improvements.

4. A commitment to enter into a highways agreement to implement off-site highway works.

5. The provision and maintenance of shopmobility services.

6. The provision of public toilets.

7. Public art to a minimum of £100,000 in value.

8. A scheme of CCTV coverage.

9. A minimum requirement to construct residential floorspace.

The former NCP car park site south of Holliday Street has since been developed with a new residential building. In 2004, your Committee agreed an extension of time for the submission of reserved matters pursuant to the outline consent until February 2010, with the legal agreement essentially unaltered.
In October 2007, members approved the tower reserved matters phase (the V building) and agreed an updated masterplan for the scheme as a whole.


The context for the payment of the planning obligation has changed since 2000. The understanding then, when the scheme was predominantly leisure based, was that the leisure and retail elements would be constructed first, followed by the tower. The developers have stated that the V-tower could now be the first building constructed (although this is now uncertain in that the proposed office building phase fronting Broad Street could now commence first).
In addition, the original masterplan envisaged the construction of new deep basement areas on the site. The updated masterplan approved in 2007 included the retention of existing basement parking areas and the adaptation of existing basement structures. The applicants are considering the possibility of remodelling existing underground structures as an advanced works contract in association with the office plots provided on the Broad Street frontage and to deliver the permanent arrangement for undercroft parking associated with that phase.
Lastly, since the Transport and Works Act powers were secured for Metro in 2005, the terms of the existing legal agreement require the developers to provide a single payment of £5m towards public transport improvements. (It has been agreed that this payment would continue towards the funding of the Gateway Project). This would, they state, have a significant impact on their cash flow arrangements compared to the originally anticipated staged payment process. They also state that there is a strong disincentive to undertake substructure works (which would currently trigger the payment of the transport contribution) so far in advance of securing the financing of the office construction or agreeing office tenants.
The developers have therefore requested that your committee give consideration to a supplemental agreement in respect of the following:
1. Amendments to the phasing of payment of the £5m public transport contribution. This would be on the basis that £1.5m would be payable upon implementation of the ‘first building’, then £2m and £1.5m respectively on implementation of the ‘second’ and ‘third’ substantive new buildings on the site. The first, second and third buildings would be defined as each having a minimum gross internal floor area of 10,000m2. The public transport payment would be index linked from the date of implementation of the substructure works.
2. The exclusion of the proposed substructure works from the definition of ‘implementation works’ in the existing agreement. This would allow those works to be completed without triggering the first payment (The ‘implementation works’ definition in the existing agreement allows demolition,
site clearance, site preparation works, setting out of services and the construction of access roads to be completed without triggering payment).
The request for these amendments is a response to changes in circumstances since the original grant of consent in 2000. Whilst it would result in the receipt of the first payment at a later stage than is required by the current agreement, the £5m overall requirement would still be secured. The revised payment trigger arrangements would also increase the likelihood of this major city centre regeneration project proceeding in the current circumstances.
That the Chief Legal Officer be authorised to prepare and seal a supplemental agreement to that attached to application number C/04238/90/OUT, as amended by application number C/04693/04/FUL to include the following:
1. Amendments to the phasing of the £5m public transport contribution as referred to above.
2. The exclusion of the proposed sub structure works from the definition of ‘implementation works’ in the existing agreement.
From here http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/democra...endaID%3d36657 It'll be decided on the 10th.
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Old Posted Jul 4, 2008, 12:43 PM
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3 Contractors for the Library have also been shortlisted be decided at the end of the year.
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Old Posted Jul 4, 2008, 2:10 PM
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Yeah I saw that somewhere as well.
So when are you coming back sim?
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Old Posted Jul 14, 2008, 12:01 PM
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Unfortunately, Tubeman has a immature vendetta against myself which will make it impossible to do so.

The fact he knows next to nothing about what the forum is set up for he needs his kicks from elsewhere and unfortunately for him and his ego he needs to inflict power to make himself feel better.
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Old Posted Sep 24, 2008, 9:30 AM
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Lots of interesting titbits.

Some old and some new.

* 30 storey tower by Kuwaiti investors in Birminghams Digbeth area.

* Deutsche Bank are due to announce a major investment and elnlargement in city.

* Concept designs have been released by Dutch practice Mecanno for the citys new Library which will be the largest public library in Europe. Lots of glass boxes topped onto one another.

* New designs have been released by FOA for Birmingham New Street Station.

* Snow Hill towers have been re-phased. Current development is sterile and they will concentrate on Snowhill Two which is a 75m office block to help bring in revenue.

* Re-commencement wont start till Easter 2009 at the earliest.

* Colmore Row (165m) tower has been put forward for approval although distinct changes will take place including the lowering of light mast.

* NEC Arena 7th largest in Europe has struck a new sponsor deal and is now known as the LG arena.

* V Tower has been delayed indefinately.

* VTP 200 is being re-designed. (Although my sources state any planning wont happen for a while as funding is sparse)

* ISIS have delayed two schemes in Birmingham. Including one of the largest in Eastside.

* Cube is progressing well although trouble might not be to far away.

* All in all ... not good times for major residential developments in the city as is the case for all cities across the UK due to the credit crunch.
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Old Posted Oct 12, 2008, 6:42 PM
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Snippets of Regal Tower - Broad Street

The first images of Regals Mixed Use Tower along Broad Street have been found, it comes on strong indications from the council of a major investment along the golden mile with a multi-billion pound make over of the area.

Schemes include numerous high-rises, although with the current economic climate its difficult to determine what will happen with alot of them. A review of Cumberland House has also been indicated.

Anyway. Here are the first renders. They plan to start 2009 with completion before the 2012 Olympics. Its rumoured Regal will announce Hilton as the flagship hotel chain. There will be a 54th floor skybar.

A £150 million hotel boasting one of the tallest towers in the city is being planned for Birmingham's Broad Street.

The luxury development with a sky restaurant and conference facilities could be built between Sheepcote Street and the Novotel within the next four years.

Developers Regal Property Group have planning consent for a restaurant and 130 apartments on the site where the progressive synagogue once stood.

But now it is hoping to add to the original plans by including a luxury hotel, with a tower reaching the heights of Birmingham's tallest buildings.

At 122m tall, Beetham Tower, the Radisson SAS hotel near to New Street station, is currently the tallest building in the city. The proposed 50-storey high V tower - on the corner of Broad Street and Queensway - is expected to surpass this height but could be beaten by the Regal hotel.

Roger Holbeche, head of Regal in the UK, said: "We haven't made a formal planning application.

"Discussions are on-going, but they are very positive and are likely to lead to an early application."

The scheme includes conference facilities for up to 1,000 people to complement those of the International Convention Centre.

The Big Bite, a listed building formerly the Left Bank restaurant, would also be incorporated into the development.

If all goes to plan the luxury hotel with conference facilities and apartments above could be completed by 2011.

Mr Holbeche explained: "What we're trying to do is create something within the hotel which plugs the gap in the market.

"There will be ballroom facilities and conference facilities, maybe for up to 1,000 people. Naturally delegates would be stopping on site with the facilities on site.

"We are looking at building something absolutely top quality - one of the bigger buildings in the Birmingham arena.

"Whether it will be as tall as the tower of the proposed V building remains to be seen. It's not quite at a stage where we can say that."

John Lamb, spokesman for the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, said: "I think any iconic building is welcome and obviously it brings the possibility of there being jobs - not only in construction but also in the running of the hotel."

He added if planning permission were to be granted for the hotel, it would relieve an existing lack of hotel accommodation in the city and could attract big events.

In addition, he said this could help attract Chinese Olympic athletes for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

"We already have the US track and field team and there is a big bid to get the Chinese delegation, which is enormous," he said.

"Sometimes you just can't get a hotel room in Birmingham. It will give the city a chance to attract big events."

Broad Street manager Mike Olley also welcomed the proposals.

He said: "We want exciting ideas for Birmingham - we want things that will get people investing the area.

"That can only be good for jobs locally."
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Old Posted Jun 8, 2016, 8:40 PM
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Hotel Under Construction in New Birmingham District

The heart of Birmingham is pulsating with a new urban district that is pumping 1.2 million square feet of mixed-use development into a 9.2-acre site. The transformative project by Arena Central Developments Limited, a joint venture between Miller Developments and Pro Vinci Asset Management, includes an extensive landscaped public realm.
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Old Posted Feb 17, 2017, 7:42 PM
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Three Snowhill an Integral Part of Birmingham's "Big City Plan"

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