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Old Posted Jun 30, 2020, 4:25 AM
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Originally Posted by MN/WI View Post
Thanks, I was guessing it was this past season of Westworld. They did a wonderful job of many future cities including and mostly LA.
Right I agree, and the Westworld's LA is an improvement on the 'Her' one. LA is one of those cities that is always open to interpretation, so much open 'pre-developed land' for development, so vast the possibilities are endless among long timescales..
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Old Posted Today, 9:28 AM
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After the arrest of Huizar, do we still think 333 S. Figueroa (the LA Grand Hotel) is happening?

And anyone know if 927 S. Figueroa Street (Figueroa Center) will become a reality as well?
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Old Posted Today, 5:59 PM
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Questions on the status of projects for my development map

Hey! As I am sure most of you have seen I have been working on a development map for LA for like 4 years now breaking projects down into the following categories: UC, Approved, Proposed, Not Likely, and then removing any canceled or dead projects.

I am not actually an Angelino, so it can sometimes be hard to get up to date news and I can't go check the sites myself. That's why I am asking you all if any of you know about the following projects as I am unsure of their current status.

Currently Marked as UC:

-Cambria Hotel: I remember reading it was going to break ground but I haven't heard anything since.

-Grand Ave: Obviously UC, but I can't find any official floorplans/ elevations for it, so my models aren't fully accurate. Any info about those would be nice.

Currently Marked as Approved:


-Fourth and Hill

-Olympic and Hill Tower

Currently Marked as Proposed:

-Olympic Tower: I've heard from some people that it was approved, and others that it is dead, so I'm not sure where to put it.

Currently Marked as Not Likely:

-Berry Shy's stuff (SB Omega/Hill Street Lofts/Hill Street Lofts): I really like all of these projects as infill, but they all have been around for so long and have had no progress. Is there any news at all about them?

-525 S. Spring: I worry that it is dead given it has been like three years since the last news.

-1120/ 1115 S. Olive: Manly here because I can't find any renders or height, but there also hasn't been much news. If any of you know anything about them or have any renders please let me know because this are two of the most exciting projects to me.

-1201 S. Grand Ave: Also can't find any up to date renders for this

-1600 Figueroa: Any official dimensions/ EIR information would be nice because I have no idea the dimensions of these buildings.

-1335 S. Grand

-Lucia Tower Site

-Onyx Phase 2

-Shenzhen Towers


Not on my Map

-Medallion 2.0: Assumed dead.

-Alexan: I have also assumed this one is dead, but if there is counteracting news that would be nice to hear.

-Grand Phase 3: Don't even know if this is a thing.

-LA Times Printing Plant Site: It was sold, but no idea what for.

-2159 Bay Street

-234 N. Center St.

-12th and Broadway / 2nd & Central / Main Street Garage Site / 732 S. Main / El Pueblo Parking Lot Site: All lots that were sold, but I can't find any developments for them.

Sorry for all the questions, but any news about ANY of these projects, or feedback on what I have marked them as would be fantastic and mean a ton! Thank you all so much, it has been an honor working on this map and I want to make sure it is as high quality as possible, and don't plan on stopping any time soon.
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