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Old Posted Sep 12, 2019, 2:34 AM
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Why are ethnic, religious minorities in "liberal" cities often more conservative?

... relative to non-minorities, that is.

For example, in cities like San Francisco, NYC, racial minorities (eg. socially conservative and family-oriented Latinos, Blacks, Asians etc.) can be more conservative (sometimes fiscally too, for instance not so big on AOC or Bernie-style socialism) than the white "liberals". Same goes with religious minorities -- in cities, groups like Hasidic Jews, Latino Catholics, Muslim immigrants are the more socially conservative religious ones than the more mainline Protestants or secular people that are "not a minority". So, the liberal cities' "religious right", if you even want to call it that, is ironically religiously diverse.

In places ranging from San Francisco, NYC, Toronto and elsewhere, you often have the mix of super-left non-minorities who are farther left on social/economic issues than their minority counterparts.

Is this a mobility or sorting thing?

Is it because minority groups themselves have less mobility and stay within the cities, but non-minorities who are conservative leave and sort themselves out into the suburbs or small towns? Socially conservative non-minorities (eg. white conservative Christians who have had families in America for many generations) can easily leave expensive, liberal cities because they feel more at home elsewhere like suburbs, rural areas, small towns, or other states, whereas socially or religiously conservative minorities (eg. Hasidic Jews, religious immigrants, and churchgoing black families who moved to now-liberal cities generations ago during the Great Migration) may not feel as "at home" outside the city, as minorities, and so they stay adding to the city's demographic make-up, alongside their extended family groups?

Is it an assimilation thing? Many kids of people who live in liberal cities assimilate to the liberal norms based on the public school system and the social culture around them (very tolerant to LGBTQ, very environmentalist etc.) but the children of certain more socially conservative minorities often have a home culture that discourages assimilating to this kind of culture? But even so, the younger generation often still does (e.g. the socially conservative immigrant and his/her rebellious daughter/son is a common trope).
So, when the millenial/gen Z and later (perhaps their own kids) generations of racial and religious minorities grow up, they will eventually be more similar to secular "white" liberal culture, even if their parents are Baptist/Catholic/Conservative Jewish/Muslim etc.?
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