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Old Posted Feb 24, 2012, 7:50 PM
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WTC 9/11 South Tower Question

So I recently watched the tragic documentary, "Inside the Twin Towers", and I have some nagging questions about the horrible moments inside the towers before their collapse. What bothers me is this, it's pretty clear the North Tower was hit higher up and more straight-on than the South, severing all stairwells and elevators. No one from the 92nd floor and above escaped the North Tower. However, the South Tower was different. The plane hit lower down, at more of an angle. It impacted right around the 78th floor skylobby, and the impact zone went up to about the 84th floor. As we all know, miraculously, one stairwell in the South Tower, Stairwell A, survived the impact intact. Several people on or shortly above the imapct zones in the south Tower escaped, notably, Brian Clark, the fire marshall from the 84th floor, and Stanley Prainmath, the office worker who Clark rescued from the 81st floor. Even some people who were on the impact floor of the South Tower, floor 78, escaped. But the documentary said Stairwell A was intact all the way down. So why did so many people above the impact zone in that tower not escape? It seems noone from the 84th floor or above escaped the South Tower. Not Melissa Doi, (RIP), who called 9-11 from the 83 floor, frantic to get out, but who apparently couldn't find a way out. And not Kevin Cosgrove, (RIP), the man who called 9-11 from the 105th floor begging for rescue. So how did Brian Clark and a few others from the 84th floor find Stairwell A?

Was it just a massive communications failure? If more in the South Tower had known about Stairwell A being open, maybe many more could have escaped, unlike in the North Tower, where the people above the impact zone were doomed. I guess the smoke was so bad and spread so fast they just couldn't move or find their way out. So sad. And noone could have guessed the tower would ever collapse. It's just so tragic that more people weren't made aware that there was a way out in the South Tower.
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Old Posted Feb 24, 2012, 8:21 PM
Khurram Parvaz
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^ I PM'd you.
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