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Old Posted Jul 13, 2020, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by wchicity View Post
Am I the only one that can't fathom the LA-Vegas high speed line? I understand the limitations in terms of cost, etc., but what is the point of building it to Victorville? Do they really think people from LA are going to trek all the way up to Victorville just to get on a train? At that point you might as well stick to driving all the way or just take one of the dozens of 45min flights to Vegas from any of the LA airports.
Why are they stopping at Victorville seems fairly obvious to me. It costs too much to build the HSR line with private funds through the mountains and through suburbia of southern California. They would rather build 90% of the new HSR rail line with private funds where it is cheap to build and look for the remaining very expensive to build 10% to be built with public funding.

The public funded CHSR lines will go through Palmdale on the line between LA and SF and San Bernardino on the line between LA and SD. From Victorville, they can branch out to both Palmdale and San Bernardino, then hopefully they can interline on the public funded CHSR lines all the way into downtown Los Angeles.

The only thing I'm thinking they are doing wrong is building the private funded line to Las Vegas first. If they were doing it last, or at the same time as CHSR in southern California, no one would think they were terminating in the middle of nowhere. Maybe they are thinking having a half built line will convince the government of California to finish it faster?
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Old Posted Jul 14, 2020, 8:29 PM
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A connection to Palmdale seems the most likely to me. Cajon would be more useful probably, but also much more expensive. While I'm ok with some public dollars helping the line fully connect to LA, it shouldn't be a large expenditure as there are much higher priority projects.

As far as national priorities: I feel like CAHSR is one, Texas Triangle another, the Chicago hub, and a dual tracked program of immediate NEC triage projects along with planning and build out of a 'from-scratch' HSR line (not necessarily following the legacy path).
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