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Old Posted Apr 11, 2022, 4:52 PM
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Downtown Albuquerque News reported this morning about Jim Long's plans for another hotel and two market-rate apartment buildings in the Sawmill Area on the northern edge of Old Town. The hotel would have 120 rooms and the apartment buildings combined would have about 220 units. All three structures would have ground-floor commercial space. He hopes to begin construction on the projects early next year.


Heritage Hotels and Resorts, the company behind Hotel Albuquerque, Hotel Chaco, and the Sawmill Market, plans to build two new apartment complexes and a new hotel in what would be a major new set of developments in an already-booming Sawmill neighborhood.

The apartment complexes, which combined would add an estimated 220 market-rate units to the area, are to be located on the southeast corner of Bellamah and Twentieth. Some 100 of them would come fully furnished and targeted at short-to-medium-term renters, with the rest designed for traditional long-term leases, possibly up to ten years in length, Heritage CEO Jim Long told a gathering last week at which he gave a first look at the projects.

The 120-room boutique hotel, located just west of the Sawmill Market, would take on a different vibe in its architectural style and decor than Hotel Chaco: "This will be a little bit louder, a little bit more interesting," Long said.

All three structures would feature ground-floor retail - but no national brands - and "self-contained" parking lots or structures that would not border the street, he added.

The past two years have not been kind to the hospitality and tourism business, but Long is clearly bullish on the Old Town and Sawmill area. He said that Hotel Chaco, which opened in 2017, "has become very successful," and that Sawmill Market, which opened just a few days before the 2020 lockdown began, has been "a really fantastic addition to the district."

"This is the place people want to be," he said. "They want to experience Old Town."

The plan is to begin construction of all three buildings during the first half of 2023, staggering the groundbreakings into two-month intervals. Each is expected to take two years to build. The businesses that presently occupy the apartment complex construction zone - Mama's Minerals and Spur Line Supply Co. - will be moved to other spaces for the duration, Long said.

This is really exciting! Especially if all the other projects in the area pan out. Remember the plans for the Sawmill Arts Center and the affordable apartment building just east of these new planned apartment buildings. Also the Explora early childhood learning center that is planned just to the southeast of this area.

Jim Long has always said that he had plans for market-rate apartment buildings in this area. Below is a master plan for the area produced by Moule and Polyzoides a few years ago. It showed the potential for new structures in the area. The hotel site west of the Sawmill Market wasn't yet envisioned.


Here's a nice recent aerial pic of the Sawmill Area from the Sawmill Market's website. The apartment buildings would go on the lower right corner of the pic over the parking lot. The hotel structure would go to the left side of the view, west of the Sawmill Market itself.


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Old Posted Apr 12, 2022, 4:57 PM
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Northrop Grumman has broken ground on a new 25,000 sq ft facility at Max Q that will create an "undetermined" amount of new jobs. It's expected to be completed early next year.


As New Mexico’s space economy continues to blast off, Northrop Grumman is investing in that sector's future with a new facility.

The Virginia-based company, which has a focus on defense, security and aerospace, announced today that it is building a 25,000-square-foot facility in Albuquerque. The stand-alone building will be part of the future Max Q multi-use development located near Kirtland Air Force Base.

“This expansion will enhance our ability to support our customers’ missions as their national security space needs evolve,” Troy Brashear, VP of national security systems for Northrop Grumman, said in a press release. “In addition to creating new aerospace jobs, we look forward to working alongside our local customers as Albuquerque flourishes as a hub for advanced space technology initiatives to protect our country.”

Northrop Grumman’s facility will support not only Kirtland but also “customers across the company’s enterprise in space system mission management and operations and cybersecurity," the release stated. Northrup Grumman expects construction to be finished in February 2023.
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Old Posted Apr 19, 2022, 3:33 PM
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KOB-TV has a story about how the Development Review Board is trying to handle the boom in development in Albuquerque and the number of projects they are dealing with lately. They will now split their weekly meetings into two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.


In the agenda for this week's DRB meeting a new apartment project was revealed for the UNM campus, and the next apartment project by Jay Rembe for his Country Club Plaza development was also introduced for consideration of approval.


The UNM project is going to replace an old fraternity house. I'm not certain whether it will be open to the general public or if it will be a student housing project, but below are the site plan, massing and proposed layout for the project. It will have between 36-39 units in three stories above a partially underground parking level, owing to the slope of the site.

The Country Club Plaza project is The Clyde, which was previously detailed in Jay Rembe's Downtowner submission to the 1st and Silver RFP last year. It was also the project that was supposed to go on part of the Albuquerque Little Theater's parking lot. However, the project now is planned to be located on the north side of Central Avenue, across from the existing Country Club Plaza developments. I don't know what caused the change in plans.

The Clyde will have 34 units in a 4-story structure with 1,700 sq ft of ground-floor commercial space fronting Central Avenue. Parking and residential vehicle access will be behind the building to the north.

Downtown Albuquerque News in reporting recently about the name change and renovation project for the Hyatt Regency noted that there will now be two projects in Albuquerque named The Clyde in honor of Mayor Clyde Tingley, the hotel and this apartment project. Note the discrepancy in the number of apartment units for The Clyde from the earlier announced project, possibly due to the change in sites. I also was envisioning a compound of buildings when they used the word "village" to describe the project previously.


In nod to Tingley, Heritage rebrands Hyatt as "The Clyde"

The hotel group announced this week that its prominent Downtown core property would be renamed for the former New Mexico Governor and Albuquerque Mayor. The rebranding comes with a two-year renovation project.

It may not be the only such historical tribute in the works: Developer Jay Rembe filed paperwork with the city in late 2020 saying that he was working on plans for "a village of 41 small apartments" across Central from the Country Club Plaza also to be called The Clyde. Reached this week, Rembe declined to comment on the naming situation except to say that "it is great to see a new rebrand paying tribute to our history. Jim [Long, the Heritage CEO] and his team do a great job and he is a great steward of New Mexico."
Another of these small apartment building projects that I've been keeping my eye on is currently waiting for approval of its building permit application. It was submitted last summer. It will be located on Rio Grande Boulevard in the North Valley on the site of a dilapidated old apartment complex which was demolished. It will have 36 units in 3 stories above an underground parking level. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find renderings for the project, but below is a pic of the old apartment complex on the site and the cleared lot as it is currently. An interesting thing to note from the building permit application is that Scott Anderson is listed as the architect. He has designed Michael Dreskin's projects, including Cascade Crossing, which has an underground parking level as well. That may give us an idea of how this project will end up looking like. It also makes me wonder if Michael Dreskin is involved in developing this project. The owner is listed as another person, but his other projects didn't always list him as owner, so who knows.


Another small apartment project that is also awaiting approval of its building permit application is The Overlook at Valley View on the Westside. I've posted about this project before but there has been an update in the plans and new renderings have been produced for the project. It originally was going to have 7 apartments above ground-floor commercial space. The new renderings seem to indicate about 16 apartments now. There will still be 10,000 sq ft of commercial space, including a 5,000 sq ft Anytime Fitness location. The building permit application for this project was submitted earlier this year in January.


There's also a planned small infill apartment project in the Heights at Chelwood Park Boulevard and Copper Avenue NE. It will have 10 units in two 3-story structures. The address for the project will be 12710 San Jacinto Avenue NE. A building permit application was submitted in February and is currently under review by the city.


Finally, another small apartment project that I've been meaning to post about is one that will be located just south of Downtown proper in Barelas. It's a 7-unit project in a 3-story structure on a vacant lot on Iron Avenue west of 6th Street. It's next to the four small homes that the Greater Albuquerque Housing Partnership built in about 2016 to offer affordable home ownership in the neighborhood. The building permit application for the project was submitted in January and is currently under review by the city.


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Old Posted Apr 20, 2022, 2:34 AM
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The owner of the Hotel Zazz posted a video on her Instagram account yesterday showing the new mural being painted on the front of the building. She also shows some of the other exterior renovation work and painting being done at the former University Lodge.


I was glad to see this and see that it is indeed following the rendering that was released in the Forbes article last month.

And she currently has Instagram stories up showing the mural work up close and as of today. Watch them before they disappear!


Here's another Instagram story that she linked to showing the view of the hotel today from across the street


The mural is being painted by Mauricio Ramirez, who also did the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera mural in Downtown Albuquerque. Check out his Instagram account, he has done a lot of neat murals across the country.



The owner also posted another video on her Instagram account last week, showing the lobby demolition and renovation work. Obviously the hotel isn't gonna be ready this month, like the Forbes article stated, but it's great to see that the renovation project is indeed fully underway!


Here's another post she made earlier this month with videos showing more of the renovation work, including the pool area.


Another post last month where she shows the windows being replaced.


In one of the pics from that post you can see that the exterior mural design motif is also being carried over into the interior. Below is a post made today on the Hotel Zazz Instagram account showing one of the renovated rooms displaying the design motif above the bed.


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Old Posted Apr 22, 2022, 7:20 PM
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Albuquerque Business First has a story about Legacy Development's current and upcoming projects in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. It includes a nice construction pic of the Markana Uptown project, which is up to the third level of concrete and steel construction on its south side. I believe on top of this will be wood framing for the upper 5 levels of the structure.

A great thing to note from the story is that almost all of the rest of their projects in Albuquerque are scheduled to get underway before the end of the year, including the Markana Flats in Uptown on the other side of I-40. I'll just quote the snippets about the Albuquerque projects. That will also help comply with the rules for not posting articles in their entirety.

The story mentions an accompanying slideshow of renderings for the projects, but as of right now there isn't one.


Legacy Development & Management plans for 2022 include nearly 1,000 units spread among projects in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

The multifamily and hotel projects are in various stages of development, said Legacy's president and CEO Aleem Kassam. View the accompanying slideshow to see renderings of Legacy's ongoing projects.

▪︎Markana Uptown: Preliminary work on the 243-unit project began last October, though a timeline for completion has yet to be set.

▪︎Peaks by Markana: Construction is underway on Phase I of the project, which totals 120 units. The city of Albuquerque issued a building permit for multiple family buildings at 6700 Modesto Ave. NE on March 29 as part of The Peaks by Markana project. The project is estimated to be about 21,564 square feet and cost about $14 million. The work will be done by Pavilion Construction LLC and Humphrey's & Partners Architects LP.

▪︎Peaks by Markana Phase II: This 120-unit project, planned for the Northeast Heights between San Pedro and Louisiana boulevards, was heard by the Albuquerque Development Review Board in March. Kassam expects Phase II to break ground in June.

▪︎Markana Flats: The 151-unit apartment complex will be constructed in an empty lot located next to the Metro Center office building along Constitution Avenue between Louisiana Boulevard NE and Mesilla Street NE. Kassam expects to break ground in the fourth quarter of 2022.

▪︎Sunport Hotel: While it remains in the planning stages with the city of Albuquerque, Legacy has plans for a five-story hotel that will encompass 112 rooms across 73,595 square feet near the Albuquerque International Sunport. The project remains conceptual at this point, Kassam said. The hotel would be located off Sunport and University boulevards at 1500 Sunport Ave. SE, down the street from Interstate 25.

Here's a pic and a link to the video of a different version of the Markana Uptown 3-D animation that I posted before in this thread. It's from the architect's LinkedIn page and was posted back in February. It shows a monochromatic gray coloring for the building, instead of the brown accents from the other version. I'm not sure which is the version that is being built, but we shall see!


Here's a pic from earlier this month of the Peaks by Markana first phase construction.


Here's a site pic from an earlier article by Albuquerque Business First about the Peaks by Markana second phase.


And here's a site pic from an earlier Albuquerque Business First article about the planned Sunport hotel.


Here's another rendering of the Markana Flats apartments from Legacy Development's website. Unfortunately, it is tiny, but it's different than the others we've seen before. I've tried finding a larger version but to no avail.


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Old Posted May 2, 2022, 4:02 AM
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A new tower crane has gone up in Albuquerque for the Markana Uptown project. A poster on Twitter posted the pic below this past week. The mobile crane is still apparently in use as well at the site, as you can see it in the upper right corner of the pic.


The poster and people commenting didn't seem to know what project the crane was for. Poster claystorm, whose social media posts I've linked to before, thought it might be for the nearby Element Hotel project, but you can see the Hilton Garden Inn, which is directly south of the Markana Uptown site.

I do wonder if the Element Hotel project will also get a tower crane. Both projects have fairly tight sites they are working with, which seems to be the deciding factor for whether a tower crane is used for shorter projects like these, in the 5-8 story range.

I've been hoping and looking to find pics of the Element Hotel construction but haven't had any luck. It's had several inspections already and from those it looks like it's doing foundation and footing work but maybe also some vertical work already as well.


As a bonus, here's a nice pic showing the view north from the Hilton Garden Inn over the Markana Uptown site and towards the mountains. This view will be changing significantly when the project is completed and there's a 7-story structure in front of the hotel!


Albuquerque Business First last week had a story interviewing Heritage Real Estate's new Vice President, Jackie Apodaca. She talked about new projects for Park Square in Uptown and Albuquerque Plaza in Downtown Albuquerque. Albuquerque Plaza will be getting a new co-working space called "The Firm" and Park Square will be undergoing a renovation that will bring in new upscale commercial tenants and amenities.


Jackie Apodaca just started as vice president with Heritage Real Estate Co, and while her role is still being defined, the list of priorities is long. Particularly at some of Heritage's premier Albuquerque real estate.

Apodaca comes to Heritage by way of residential brokerage Coldwell Banker Legacy. Her resume also includes marketing and project management experience at The Walt Disney Company, Mattel and Omnicom Group, according to a news release.

She believes her real estate experience, financial analysis and ability to connect clients to the right property align with her new role at Heritage, which oversees the acquisition, leasing and management of offices, retail, hotels and more in New Mexico.

The marketing experience will come in handy as Apodaca considers a redesign of Heritage's website and marketing brochures.

Apodaca said Heritage has plans to bring in some new tenants at its Park Square office park in Albuquerque's Uptown, and plans for a co-working space at the WaFd Bank Building in downtown.

These developments are in the preliminary stages and timelines are still being finalized, she said.

Apodaca spoke with Albuquerque Business First on what led her to Heritage and where her role and her responsibilities will look like as VP.

Albuquerque Business First: What are some of the projects/developments you'll be overseeing for Heritage?

Jackie Apodaca: One of the projects I am working on is a redesign of a portion of the 19th floor of the WaFd Bank Building that will be called The Firm. It will be a premium co-working space where we will provide the finest amenities New Mexico’s Class A office space has to offer. Businesses and individuals will be able to rent luxurious offices, desks, and conference rooms for both short-term and long-term needs while taking advantage of the exceptional on-site benefits and amenities. 

I will also be supporting [Heritage president] Suzie Lubar with the planning and development of a major renovation at Park Square, where we will be bringing in high-quality, local vendors including the incomparable Gruet Winery, a high-end men’s clothier known as Eternity Men, a high-end women’s clothier known as Eternity Women, a wellness studio, and two mini-food hubs featuring fresh, curated food and beverage options for our Park Square tenants and the broader community.

Fabletics recently opened at ABQ Uptown. The Fabletics Men Instagram account posted pics of the Albuquerque location to mark the occasion.


The Fogo de Chão restaurant at Coronado Center also recently had its grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony. It's been open since last summer but put off its grand opening due to the pandemic. The Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce posted the video below of the ceremony on its LinkedIn account. I've also included a few pics of the restaurant hosted on Google.


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Old Posted May 2, 2022, 5:20 AM
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Downtown Albuquerque News on Friday had a pic of the at-grade crossing construction at Marquette Avenue. The project is running behind schedule but progressing.


KRQE earlier this month had a story about the Rail Trail expansion study for the pathway north and west to the Sawmill Area. The study came up with a preferred option to elevate part of the trail where it leaves the mainline of the BNSF tracks and curves west along the railroad spur. It seems the name "Spur Line Trail" is what they have settled on for this part of the trail.


Video Link

The study produced the images below visualizing what the elevated line and overall trail in this area could look like. There are two different styles for the renderings, one inspired by the Rail Yards structures and the other a more general, late-1800s railroad Steampunk style. Below also is a link to the page for the project on the city's website with a link to the study.


Downtown Albuquerque News recently also had a bit of an update about the Arrive Hotel project. It linked to an article that offered some exciting news, in that it stated the hotel in Albuquerque will apparently indeed end up having a full-service restaurant included. Remember that the restaurant had been cut previously as a cost-saving measure. Some bad news is that they said there hasn't been much work happening lately at the site after the initial interior demolition work.


Hotel Blue owner still saying it will open in 2023

We haven't noticed much work on the building lately following an initial burst of interior demolition, but parent company Palisociety told Hotels Magazine recently to expect an opening of it and six other spots around the country this year.

Palisociety, the Los Angeles, California-based hospitality company founded by Avi Brosh, announced its expansion plans for 2022 and 2023 with the launch of six new hotels across its signature brands Palisociety and ARRIVE, along with the debut of a new brand, Le Petit Pali.

With 14 properties currently in operation, Palisociety’s collection of hotels operate under three brands — Palihouse, Palihotel and ARRIVE. Slated to launch in 2023, the Le Petit Pali properties will be designed as a bespoke bed & breakfast offering to complement the group’s current portfolio. The brand will debut with three hotels in California, scheduled to open in summer 2023.

Besides the all-new brand, Palisociety is looking forward to the addition of six new hotels:

ARRIVE Albuquerque: The redesigned and renovated 1960s hotel in downtown Albuquerque will feature 135 rooms, an indoor/outdoor signature Italian restaurant, pool lounge, patio and meeting space. Expected to open in 2023.
The building permit for the project hasnt actually been issued. I'm wondering if that's why work hasn't progressed past the demolition phase. I hope the city isn't holding up this project unnecessarily.


Here's a pic of the hotel structure from last month which shows the construction fencing and a bit of the exterior exploratory demolition that was done to reveal the original hotel walls under the later renovations that were made over the years.


Here also is a recent pic of the Imperial Inn, which is progressing. It's had a few inspections performed on its building permit this past month.


The building permit for the new structures on the site hasn't been issued yet, though.


The project's financier recently posted on its website and social media accounts about the $5.8 million loan it made for the project. The posts include new renderings that I had never seen before.


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Old Posted May 4, 2022, 4:09 AM
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Below is information in a post I made over at SSC replying to poster Cactus Hibs who asked if anybody had information or updates about the Highlands East project. I thought I'd post it over here as well:

The most recent tidbit about the project that I've seen was in an Albuquerque Business First article back in mid-March about Titan Development’s new apartment project in San Diego. I meant to post it back then but never got around to it, especially since it wasn't really about a project in Albuquerque, but it did have some information about the Highlands East project.


Albuquerque's Titan Development has bolstered its out-of-state presence, adding a San Diego apartment project to its portfolio.

Titan, in a joint venture with Santa Fe-based Thornburg Real Estate Ventures and Southern California-based Malick Infill Development, broke ground on a 94-unit development Monday in San Diego. The 53,805-square-foot project will be called 4250 Oregon. The partners expect construction to be completed in June 2023, according to a news release.


With Titan's 4250 Oregon project underway, Rogers said the company will turn its attention to the 228-unit Highlands East mixed-use development. As of January, Titan expected the project to break ground in May. Rogers said he's "hoping for some news" in the next two-to-three months.
We're now in May, and as you can see from that quote, we may see movement soon on the project if that timeline pans out. Below is the Albuquerque Business First piece from January linked to in the quote above. It highlights the Highlands East project as one of 10 projects to watch in Albuquerque for 2022.


Highlands East

The next step of the Highlands master-planned community will be a mixed-use residential and retail project: Highlands East. Developed by Titan Development and Maestas Development Group, it will be one of the city’s Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency’s priority public-private redevelopment projects in 2022. Highlands East will have 228 multifamily units and 4,000 square feet of retail space at the ground level. As of Jan. 4, Titan Development’s Amy Calderon said a groundbreaking was planned for May.

Another Business First article from that time, back in mid-March, that I meant to post offered some information and news about projects on Mesa del Sol, including the Gateway Apartments. The expected timeline for the apartment project groundbreaking came and went and I don't believe it has broken ground yet. But I expect it will get underway sometime this year. The story also mentions a small grocery store in the works for Mesa del Sol, which would be really great and exciting if it comes to fruition!


Mesa del Sol

Netflix is embarking on a second billion-dollar expansion at Mesa del Sol following its purchase of Albuquerque Studios in 2018. Filming has been underway since then, but the California streaming giant is further stretching its local reach. Netflix’s known projects include a 120,000-square-foot office building, a 50,000-square-foot special effects warehouse, a post-production facility, 10 sound stages, dedicated space to construct sets and more.

Another California-based company, Kairos Power, began construction on a manufacturing campus at Mesa del Sol in the fall of 2020, where it plans to make as much as a $125 million investment. The company’s Albuquerque laboratory is designed to test its high-temperature salt technology, according to its website.

The International School at Mesa del Sol — a charter school that teaches those in Kindergarten through 12th grade — is also nearing completion.

And while construction on hundreds of homes continues, the retail component is in its early stages.

In December, longtime friends Stephen Stone and Walter Schuler, who are the owners of Five Mountains Brewing, confirmed they were headed to the first floor of the Aperture Center — an 80,000-square-foot building at Mesa del Sol — for the development’s first on-site brewery. They expect it to open in late 2022. Mesa del Sol LLC managing partner Steve Chavez said a 6,000-square-foot grocery store is another development set to come online soon.

At full build-out, Mesa del Sol LLC CEO David Campbell estimated the community could have up to 37,500 residences with a population of 100,000 people.

“We’ve had a good year. We’ve continued to build and develop new homesites. I’d say we have approximately 400 homes that are currently occupied,” Campbell said. “We’ve got 180 lots that have been developed now, on which houses are about to be built. We’re going from 400 to about 580 [homes] this year.”

Campbell said a groundbreaking will be held in late March or early April for a 314-unit apartment complex at Mesa del Sol.

Michael Fietz, president and managing member of Westway Homes, said Mesa del Sol is the place for Westway to “raise its banner” as a startup homebuilder because it got in early. The company was founded in 2018, and in 2019 it broke ground on 136 new residential lots, which was the first residential activity at Mesa del Sol in years.

Other homebuilders have since started to build at Mesa del Sol like Pulte and Abrazo Homes.
Below is yet another article from Albuquerque Business First at the end of March which looked at three major development areas in the Albuquerque metro area, including Mesa del Sol. The story brings up the possibility of a new soccer stadium for New Mexico United at Mesa del Sol, which would be my preferred option now that building it in an urban setting in or near Downtown is pretty much off the table. Building it at Mesa del Sol would help with the development momentum there and probably would also accelerate and prioritize the building of a new interchange at Bobby Foster Road and I-25 for a more direct connection to Mesa del Sol from I-25. I think it could also help Mesa del Sol more fully realize its New Urbanist vision that is being ignored lately (eg, new homes are now being allowed to have front-facing garages in the development).


A trade school to support local construction companies in Rio Rancho; new, big-space fulfillment and distribution centers to add to what already exists along Atrisco Vista Boulevard on Albuquerque's far westside.

Maybe a new soccer stadium that overlooks the city of Albuquerque at Mesa del Sol.

For these master-planned developments in the Albuquerque Metro, the "backbone" is in place. That means core infrastructure like roads, sewer, water and drainage that a community needs. It also means schools, transportation and health care services, experts have said.


Branding itself as "The City of Future" given its location near Kirtland Air Force and Sandia National Laboratories, Mesa del Sol is in a good position to accommodate users with robotics, autonomous transportation and green energy, said David Campbell.

Campbell, the CEO of Mesa del Sol LLC, has said the development can hold up to 100,000 residents and 37,500 households at full build-out. He added that the development would "love" to be the home of a soccer stadium.

Mesa del Sol is home to Netflix, which is embarking on a second billion-dollar expansion at Mesa del Sol following its purchase of Albuquerque Studios in 2018. As part of the expansion, Netflix is adding about 300 acres at Mesa del Sol to its local portfolio to build.

Ongoing infrastructure improvements on-site include the International School at Mesa del Sol, which is nearing completion and the city of Albuquerque will pump about $8 million into better access to the development. Those improvements include storm drainage, widening roads, and adding curbs, gutters and sidewalks where University Boulevard crosses the Tijeras Arroyo river near Mesa del Sol's entrance off Interstate 25.

The Albuquerque Journal late last year had a story interviewing United owner Peter Trevisani about the team's plans for a new stadium going forward after the stadium bond defeat. He also mentioned the possibility of Mesa del Sol for the new soccer stadium. He also mentioned the that the nearby Indian pueblos may be interested in partnering with the team for the project. I think that would be a disaster to locate the stadium far away from most of the urban area and on a reservation. I also don't imagine much spillover development and economic activity could be spurred by such a deal. I appreciate the financial help they could provide to build the stadium, but really, we've seen how disastrous building facilities like this in the middle of nowhere can be with the former Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho.


Back to the Lab for the short term, back to the drawing board for a permanent home.

That’s New Mexico United’s current outlook in the wake of Albuquerque voters rejecting a bond issue last month designed to fund a downtown stadium for the USL Championship soccer franchise.

United owner/CEO Peter Trevisani said the club still intends to construct a soccer-specific stadium in the Albuquerque area and has no plans to relocate. “We’re not going anywhere,” he said.


Trevisani estimates stadium planning and construction to be a three- to five-year project and said he is weighing numerous options. Relocation is not among them.

Trevisani mentioned several sites for a potential stadium project, including Albuquerque’s West Side and the Mesa del Sol area, where United has locker room and practice facilities. Trevisani said local casinos have also expressed interest in a potential partnership, but he said those discussions are preliminary. He declined to name the casinos.
Mesa del Sol is somewhat inconvenient to get to now and sort of out of the way, but it's at least beginning to develop into a key area and activity center for the metro area, with great potential for future improved connectivity. And in the context of the entire metro area it's not really in the middle of nowhere, more like in the middle of it all. Again, I think Mesa del Sol is now the right place for a new soccer stadium, all things considered.

As was mentioned above, Mesa del Sol is already the site of the team's practice facilities. Below are pics from earlier this year of the field house being built at the facility. It will include offices, a locker room and training space.


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Old Posted May 10, 2022, 12:59 AM
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KRQE had a story last week about Winrock Town Center. It says that the park construction will be breaking ground next week on the 18th. They interview Scott Goodman and Darin Sand of Goodman Realty for the story. They also say that the dual-branded hotel and apartment projects at Winrock will get underway later this year.


Video Link

Below is a link to the post that Scott Goodman made on LinkedIn recently, re-sharing the Goodman Realty post with info graphic for the ground-breaking ceremony. In it he says that it's one of many such ground-breakings this year at Winrock.


This is very exciting! If the marquee and major projects at Winrock Town Center really do get underway this year, to go along with the Element by Westin Hotel, Markana Uptown and Markana Flats projects, then this year will really be transformative for Uptown. It will be right up there with years in the eighties when the Sheraton and Marriott hotels and most of the office buildings were built. It will mean over 600 urban-style apartments and nearly 300 hotel rooms added to Uptown, plus a major draw in the park!

Below is a pic looking to the east towards Winrock Town Center from the Marriott Hotel that was taken and posted on Instagram earlier this year.


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Albuquerque Business First last week had a look at the former Hyatt Regency hotel as it begins its two-year renovation project and transitions into The Clyde Hotel. It's part of Business First's regular "The Inside Look" feature, looking at development projects in Albuquerque. It includes pictures looking at some of the changes that have already been made to the hotel and its public spaces.


A landmark building along Albuquerque's skyline now reflects one of the state's most prominent figures over the last century.

Last month, the Hyatt Regency became The Clyde Hotel. The hotel is named after Clyde Tingley, who served as chairman of the Albuquerque City Commission, which was the equivalent title of mayor in 1925. Nine years later, Tingley was elected as New Mexico's 11th governor.

The rebrand stretches beyond a name change for The Clyde Hotel, which is owned by Heritage Hotels & Resorts. Heritage's rebrand pays homage to Clyde and his wife Carrie with their photos on a timeline that outlines Clyde's life and political career. Heritage renovated a restaurant on-site and named it after Carrie Tingley.

The lobby, hotel bar and hotel rooms will all be renovated with a refreshed look. The ground-floor renovations will start in the coming months and the hotel rooms will be touched up over the next two years, starting in 2023.

The background: Heritage wanted to own the hotel because of its landmark status and being visible among the city of Albuquerque's skyline. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Heritage reevaluated how it can highlight and elevate the property while paying homage to Albuquerque's past. Heritage relied on historic context from museums in the state, archives and a PBS special on Clyde and his wife Carrie or inspiration in the renovations and rebrand to The Clyde Hotel. Heritage's VP of sales and marketing Molly Ryckman said Heritage last renovated the hotel in 2018 with a focus on the meeting spaces.

The details: The exterior of The Clyde Hotel already reflects Heritage's rebrand which became official April 1. Inside the hotel, there is a timeline that outlines Tingley's life and political career. It starts when he was born in 1882 in London, Ohio and continues up to his death in 1960. The timeline is bookended with old headshots of Clyde and Carrie Tingley. As you walk past Carrie Tingley's headshot, there is a door to a soon-to-be-open restaurant aptly named Carrie's,

The hotel lobby will get a fresh look as well the 1922 Bar & Lounge in the lobby, capping off Phase 1 of the ground-floor renovations. Upon completion, each of the 392 rooms will be renovated in the 20-story building for Phase 2.

The status: Carrie's is weeks away from opening and serving customers. Heritage will start renovations of the lobby and the bar later this summer which will likely take a couple of months. The renovations of the hotel rooms will likely start the following year, which Ryckman expects to take about a year to complete.

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The new grocery store on Mesa del Sol is indeed underway and scheduled to open this summer. Albuquerque Business First has a look at the new Mesa Market, which will be located on the ground-floor of the Aperture Center. The grocery store will have 6,000 sq ft with a coffee bar and outdoor patio. The project developer says it can grow as Mesa del Sol grows. A barbershop and salon is also in the works. The story also mentions the new microbrewery which is in the works at the Aperture Center and expected to open later this year.


Mesa del Sol residents often have to drive 20 minutes to stock up on groceries.

In a few months, the owners of a future on-site grocery store plan to mitigate that problem for the growing community. Mesa Market will be a 6,000-square-foot grocery store located on the ground floor of the mixed-use Aperture Center. The space will also include a coffee bar and outdoor patio.

Separate from the grocery store, but in the same building, will be an additional 2,000 square feet reserved for a barbershop and salon.

Kiki Salcido, owner of Mesa Market and K2 at Simply Real Estate, hopes to replicate the feel of a farmer's market within the store. His inspiration came from grocery stores in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Los Angeles. He said he wants to cater to the out-of-staters who have come from those markets, namely to work on projects for Netflix. Albuquerque Studios, which is owned by Netflix, is a short walk from the 80,000-square-foot Aperture Center.

Salcido said the Mesa Market has been in the works for a little over a year. Initially, he said, lower traffic counts made it hard to bring a grocery store to Mesa del Sol. But as more developments have emerged, and support has continued to increase from residents and workers — and from Mesa del Sol developer Steve Chavez — Salcido decided to move forward with the venture.

"The goal of making it a small market is to be malleable with the community. If it grows, we can grow," Salcido said. "Since Hollywood is coming here, we want to match that energy."

Contractors will pour concrete in the next week and Salcido wants to open Mesa Market within 90 days. HB Construction is the general contractor and Scharles Wilder is the architect. Salcido said the investment in Mesa Market is more than $1 million.


The buildout of Mesa Market will coincide with the buildout of Five Mountains Brewing — the first on-site brewery at Mesa del Sol. The owners of Five Mountains Brewing expect to open the brewery later this year in another suite located in the Aperture Center.

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