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Originally Posted by someone123 View Post
Here's a picture of the recently-resorted St. Paul's Building on Barrington Street in Halifax. I think it used to have a cornice and clock on top, but it's still interesting without those details.

It is from the 1890's. The one on the left is circa 1830 and the one on the right is circa 1760. The visible foundation stones were supposedly taken from Louisbourg.

Here are a few pics I took of the building on the weekend:

The buildings next door received some sprucing up as well:

Lots of interesting brick/stone detail remains on the St. Paul's Bldg.

Don't recall seeing this type of brickwork before, where the corners of the bricks were cut in a rounded shape to create the appearance of columns or rounded features above the windows. Is anybody here familiar with it? Would they have been pre-shaped by the brick maker, or done on-site by the builder? Either way, they give a nice effect. You just don't see this kind of detail much anymore...

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