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One of the oldest buildings still standing in downtown Edmonton is currently undergoing a massive restoration; the old Land, Timber, and Registry Office, which has long housed the Elizabeth Fry Society.

Stripping off stucco applied in 1949, the building is apparently being reverted to its original 1893 appearance. One of the first brick buildings in Edmonton, this humble structure was built when the city was still a small frontier town located in the North-West Territories, with only a population of 700. Designed by Thomas Fuller, it is the oldest Federal building in the province. In 1913 a new land titles building opened next to the downtown courthouse, rendering this one obsolete. It would become the Victoria Armouries, housing the 19th Alberta Dragoons during the First World War, and the Edmonton Fusiliers during the Second.

All of these photos were taken last Sunday and since then there has been quite a bit more progress. The flat roofed annex portion, closest to the camera in the first picture, has now been almost completely stripped.

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