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Originally Posted by the urban politician View Post

This is just more gibberish from a bunch of silly activists. Too many overly educated people with nothing better to do--their grandparents probably worked on an assembly line, small shop, or farm and did something productive. Now we just have idle people who sit around wondering what cause to "fight" for next, even though nobody asked for it.
no, the prior generation worked on an assembly line so that hopefully their children wouldnt have to work on an assembly line, and could instead use their god given brainpower for higher level complex tasks and thoughts. giving a shit about our impact on the world and re-evaluating previously accepted practices which were simply blindly followed for either no good reason/convenience/or pure ignorance is certainly one of those. the most revolutionary and prescient people of a given era are typically the ones engaging in critical thinking and giving us things we didnt ask for...our society has enough sheep.

if you can design buildings to prevent billion of other living things from being slaughtered on their way to migratory nesting grounds, you would not want to do that...why? in typical Skyscraperpage fashion though, a reasonable proposal by any measure is met with the usual lugheaded responses from the usual lugheaded posters. never change.

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